Friday, 23 May 2014

Still Waiting for the Magic Pill?

By P'taah

Channelled through Jani King, May 2014

Greetings, My Beloved Ones. You know the global consciousness of your species is reaching out with a fervent desire to know more of itself and the universe it resides within.
Once, in your recent past, this burning desire for knowing was the province of your scientists, philosophers and mystics. No longer. Humanity is coming of age and all peoples, regardless of race, education or social structure are to some extent touched by this yearning.
In your Western world, never before have there been such numbers of people, from all walks of life, caught up in the excitement of metaphysics and the science of unknown realities. Given your cultural heritage, much of your searching for "enlightenment" in the realms of unknown realities involves struggle and rules.
Many of you have taken what is, for your society, new concepts and wrapped them in the rules and idea-constructs of your old religions, based on fear and superstition. Others of you are tapping into fear based stories of aliens and conspiracies and dire predictions of the fate of your earth and her people.
Some of you are waiting for the magic pill or potion to get you there, and even somebody else to do all the hard work for you. Well, all of this is absolutely valid, and most exciting, however it will not bring you closer to the knowing, the "enlightenment".
What is enlightenment? It is simply the realization that who you are in every moment is a Perfect, Eternal Expression of Creation, separate from no thing and no one, in this universe or any other.
Well, the words are easy to say but mean nothing unless you can feel them, own them. Enlightenment is about Love. Love is another word for God/Goddess, All That Is. Love is the building block of all life, existence. Love is who you really are. It is the TRUTH of you. All that is not Love is simply the manifestation of fear which separates you from Love temporarily. So you may say that Love is about your heart.
It starts with how you perceive yourself. As you create your own reality in every moment, so your reality will reflect back to you your beliefs and ideas about who you are. When you can honestly examine every facet of who you are, have love and compassion for the fears that create the temporary separation from the feeling of wholeness, so you begin the first steps of healing and nurturing yourself. This is an act of Love by which you demonstrate your awareness that you are indeed a sacred expression of the Creator Force.

None of this is about struggle, rules, or discipline. It is simply learning to accept the truth of you. And where fear intervenes and obscures the truth, be still and reach inside yourself to the tiny child that resides therein, the child who believes it is not worthy of love or loving and does not know that it is worthy of all wondrousness simply because it exists.
Open your heart and reach for the child that you are with love and compassion. Wrap that tiny one in Love and see the fear transformed into Light. Only by embracement can you effect transformation. Only by owning the fear can you embrace it, then the child whose name was Fear may be transformed and separation vanquished.
As you become more and more aware of every facet of you, so indeed the reality reflected back to you will change. We know how hard you all try not to judge anyone in a negative fashion. However, we say to you, regard those judgments as a Divine tool by which you know who and how you are in that moment of judgment. Those judgments tell you there is something in your belief structure which needs attention, a little fear which needs to be embraced.
When you look outside yourself, you will see in this new reality that everything in your world which is discordant is the result of somebody's fear, somebody's temporary separation from love. Thusly you may show forth from your ever expanding heart more love and compassion than you dreamed possible. You will come to realize love, not only for those who are familiar or think the way you do or are 'safe' to love, but for all who cross your path for you will know that they are truly you.

Give thanks each day for the Miracle that you are and the miracles which you and your species co-create in every moment. Look about you at nature and the glories therein. You are separate from none of it. It is most beneficial if you allow yourself a little time each day to be still and connect yourself to nature, to your universe, to the Unified Field of Consciousness. Any one or all of these is most harmonious.
Each one of you is a unique and precious jewel, even those you would judge to be a scourge to your world. You are not separate. Without any one of you the fabric of your universe would not be the same.
Each one of you has a unique and wondrous tone which is an internal part of the music of the spheres. Each one has elected to come to this plane for this grand and wondrous adventure called Human Life and you have chosen thusly time after time for millennia after millennia.
In this time frame you have made the choice for a specific mission: to come to know who you truly are; to be Human realized in the fullest potential, realized in LOVE.
Beloved Ones, there is no end to Love. As you come more and more into this reality of Love, as your heart becomes more and more open, as you come more and more into the knowing that you truly are a Perfect, Eternal Expression of Creation, the natural result is the expansion of consciousness into that state you refer to as Enlightenment. It is simply a state of beingness.
When you stand heart-to-heart with ones who were previously unlovable and gaze into their eyes, you will know that you are looking into the eyes of God/Goddess, reflecting back to you the truth of who you really are. The Multiverses will sing in jubilation and your brothers and sisters of all the dimensions and civilizations beyond this world will join the celebration, for you will have finished this glorious game and be ready to go on to new adventures and journeys of the heart, of love.

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