Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Mysterious Evil Spirits: Siren Snake


Aka The Monster Memoir Snake

Directed by Zhang Sheng and Ge Wen Zhe, 2017

Screenwriters: Zhang Sheng, Ge Wen Zhe and Liu Lingqi

Starring : 毕梦格 / 林晨 / 韩明霖 / 麻家铭 / 李之浩 / Bi Meng / Lin Chen / Han Minglin / Ma Jia Ming / Li Zhihao

Long ago, there was a book called Mystic Sketchesit which recorded the battle between people and demons. The war lasted for aeons  and both sides lost countless lives. In an effort to win the war, some people created special jade pendants that provided them with magical powers. The combined the auras of both Earth and space. These jade pendants were worn by people known as 'Capturers' who were able to use them to kill millions of demons. Since their victory, demons dare not appear in the human world.

A thousand years later, two snake demons named Jin Mang and Mo Man, who are sworn sisters, return to the human world, boldly but unwisely. All because Jin Mang wishes to find her true love in the human world. To this end, she steals the 'red line' from the Master and wears it as a bracelet on her human form. She and Mo Man stealthily attend a college solely so that she can find the right guy, the one who is her destiny. She quickly finds him on the campus and the adventure begins...

I believe this is a modern version of an ancient story in which a snake demoness assumes a human form and goes in search of her true love who is a Taoist scholar.


"There is a magical book called Xuanmo Notes, recorded in the book between the clan and the fairy battle, the existence of the clan clan catcher, they use jade as a weapon to fight with the fairy, the two sides after the war, the fairy exits world. A thousand years later, the spiritual snake sisters Jin Mang and Mohito came to the world for searching for true love. Jinmang fell in love with the painter Ji Jiangning and Mohito had the emotional entanglements with the deceased monsters. However, Uncle Duan Chang found the truth, Love in the face of fate of the tragedy will pay the unthinkable price."


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