Saturday, 20 January 2018

Neighbours With Noisy Dogs

This says it all really: dogs in general are a pest in the neighbourhood. Not cats. Not goldfishes. Not hamsters. Just dogs.

Common Pet Problems

"Pet problems among neighbours can range from the most common, such as Persistent Dog Barking, dogs fouling the payment, and Aggressive Dogs when out and about but dogs are by no means the only culprits.  Other complaints include cats straying into your garden and digging it up or fouling it and people who keep birds such as pigeons whose droppings can become both a nuisance and a health hazard. Then, there are also associated issues such as pet neglect."

"VSLVSL - No: Tell the council and get them to tell the owners to do something legally or they will have the dogged removed. We did this. I have no regrets, the neighbours dog was very loud and constantly barking - and it was not acceptable. The council letter made the neighbours take action. People should not have to put up with stress from their neighbours in this or other forms - people should have a Right to live in unstressful environments." - Gelion.


(You can't)

Certain selfish, aggressive dog owners actually train their dog to bark as a weapon rather than utilising ant-dog-barking devices, whistles and shock collars to teach them to be quieter for the purpose of neighbourly peace. "Dogs can be trained using positive reinforcement (food treats, verbal praise etc) to reduce barking." Evidently, they do not appreciate peace and quiet unlike most of us!

Leaving a dog unattended

"It could be worse - you could have a neighbour like mine who has 3 dogs he keeps outside all the time that bark from 2 in the morning till I set off for work at 8. But added to that he now has a cockerel which starts crowing at about 6. No I don't live in the country, I live on a housing estate. Selfish selfish people! :rant:" - Joey.

"You need to phone the council not the RSPCA. The dog isn't being mistreated, but it's causing a noise nuisance which comes under environmental health. They'll probably ask you to keep a noise diary and/or bring out some recording equipment (if they have any available :rolleyes:)." - lolliew.

"What's all this tripe about "dogs bark, get over it"? You can TRAIN a dog you know! Mind you, the kind of people who don't give a damn about whether their dog is barking while they're out probably also don't give a damn if the dog is correctly trained. My parents had a rescue dog and even he was able to be trained - he only barked if anyone came to the door. If a dog is barking otherwise he is poorly trained." - Mathom.

"The answer is very simple, get rid of the dog! You will get no more visits from the RSPCA, you will no longer p*ss off your neighbours and your poor neglected dog wont be left on its own for hours on end pining for its pack (you) thats abandoned it." - waldershelf.


"A dog which is left alone all day is not well-cared-for. Dogs require company." - Heyesey.


"Continuous barking is not a sign of boredom - it's unhappiness at your absence. The dog is suffering psychologically. Unfortunately the RSPCA don't take this into account. Train the dog - you know it makes sense! :thumbsup:" - Don.


"It seems to me that some people own a multitude of dogs for the single purpose of eliciting complaints from neighbours. For myself I can't imagine what function is served by having dogs running around your yard. The whole phenomenon is a mystery to me. Dogs are animals and will behave as such, and that pretty much exhausts what any rational man can say about them. Many dog owners are stupified by the fact that many people are not as enamoured of dogs are they are. Some people - such as myself - look at a dog and see nothing but a creature of appalling stupidity and abject uselessness. The fact that these animals also seem happy to bark endlessly merely throws a further spotlight upon their utter imbecility." -Witham.

"Why don't you move house and take your noisy dogs with you." - stewpot54.

So, there are no excuses for either allowing or making a dog bark loudly and frequently every day, indoors or outdoors, full stop. and particularly not in the company of it's owner(s).


Neighbour complaint to council about my dog barking 24/7!!

"And, finally, if you want a dog that will not bark at all get yourself a Basenji."

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