Thursday, 7 June 2012

A Strong and Noble Heart

By Saint Germain

Channelled through Alexandra and Dan
This channeling is part of a Soul purpose reading with Saint-Germain.
It's reprinted here with our client's permission.

I Am Saint-Germain. I would like you to sit quietly for a moment and feel the rhythm of your beating heart. Why not touch the area around your heart now, and feel how it pulses within your chest? Feel the warmth around it. Take comfort in the regular circulation of blood, oxygen, and nourishment that your heart provides in every moment.

As you focus upon your heart, please allow yourself to breathe deeply. Feel the truly marvelous coordination between the beating of your heart and the cycle of your breathing.

Notice how the in-breath and out-breath work in harmony with the contraction and expansion of your heart -- receiving the oxygen that you need to fuel your body, taking it to the places where it is required, and removing the waste gases that would poison you.

Your emotional heart is alive and well, too, dear friend. It is strong enough to receive, circulate, and cleanse all that you are feeling at this time in your life.

You might have asked yourself at different times, whether your heart can handle so much emotion now. But you know the answer to this. You have a strong and noble heart.

Allow yourself now to feel this strength and to receive in this beautiful chalice that is your heart, the love that we have to share with you today. It is love that comes from your family. Your spiritual family.

It is the love that comes from us, and from all those whose lives you have touched with your strong and noble heart.

Please open your heart to receive this love and know that it is a steady, even flow that comes to you. It is a flow that is there for you each time you take a breath.

Breathe in and receive this love.

A Strong and Noble Heart

You have asked us about your spiritual lineage. I am telling you that you come from the family of those with a strong and noble heart. You come from a family that knows how to stand in remembrance of the Truth.

You came here to Earth in this lifetime at the call of our friend, the archangel Gabriel, who sounded his trumpet for the brave ones to come forth. The ones who would awaken a remembrance of Divinity in the hearts of humankind.

You are one of those who answered the call, and whose courage in taking up a life of discovery was noticed and required.

Now here you are, planted firmly in your life, discovering more of your Divine Nature, even as you assist others to do the same in theirs.

As you do this, you are given opportunities to open the hearts of others and to help them recognize the Divinity you share with them.

You are teaching them about the God Who Lives Within All Things, not by theory or reason, but by the example of your life. By the strength of your character. And by the unseen vibration that issues from your strong and noble heart.

The Discomfort of Healing

Now, it seems you've come to a point in your life where you feel that something needs to change. Something feels stuck, as though it is not moving as it should for you.

You feel that the gateway to remembrance would open widely for you, if you just knew a little bit more.

If you could just manage to encounter more of the information that you feel is critical to your Awakening.

You've remembered bits and pieces about your Divinity. About the God Who Lives in you, as you.

You know that this is your innermost Self. But you desire more.

Now you are ready for a substantial breakthrough. And so, you have created these current circumstances in your life that are pointing you toward changes that can longer be delayed.

As you have told us, you feel that there is no joy. Your personal, family life seems to be stuck. Your professional life doesn't have a coherent and clear shape. And you seek clarity of understanding about how your life should be now.

Well, dear friend, your perceptions are clear, and you know that something needs to change. You do know that you are willing to take the risk, as you have done oftentimes before.

Your only question is, "Am I going to be able to survive this emotionally?"

You know that you need to let all those hidden, forgotten, or suppressed feelings come to the surface. But you fear that it will be too difficult. "Will I be able to endure this pain?" You ask yourself.

This doubt and fear is all very normal. It is no different than the experience of a small child, who will ask her mother, when she is about to remove a thorn from the little one's foot, "Will it hurt, Mother?"

And the answer that is given is this. "Perhaps a little, my dear. But we need to take it out now, so it doesn't get worse."

In this situation, the small amount of discomfort experienced by the child during the removal of the thorn, is nothing compared to the pain of letting the thorn further embed in the foot, or the complications that an infection might bring.

So the child understands the situation as best as she can.

She trusts the love of her mother, and is willing to endure the small amount of fear and discomfort that will restore her freedom of movement and her joy.

And so it is with impediments to your spiritual progress, too. Sometimes it is necessary to experience the discomfort of healing, in order to prevent more serious wounding to your character.

The Ego and Sub-Personalities

I remind you again, my friend, that you have a strong and noble heart.

It is so strong, in fact, that it can handle all the emotional changes that you will need to pass through in order to birth yourself anew.

Now it is time for you to release these emotions that hurt you, and that you've been keeping inside yourself for many years.

Some of these wounds - these thorns - are even older than this lifetime. Let them be removed.

Trust in the strength of your noble heart to endure the small amount of discomfort that this will bring, and know that all is well.

My friend, contrary to what the voice in your head (your ego) has been telling you, you are magnificent being.

I will say it again. You have a strong and noble heart.

Now let this strength and nobility be seen by your ego and all of your shadow parts, as you call them.

We would call them your unacknowledged sub-personalities.

As you do this, your ego, with its entourage of sub-personalities, may try to tell you that you are too weak for this.

It may try to tell you that you can't endure the drama or suffering that purging your emotions will bring. It may tell you that this is wholly unnecessary and absolute folly.

But know that your spiritual lineage is much greater than any of these things that you fear. You come from the line of the strong and noble heart. And because of this, you know that you can never be victimized by anything that you feel.

Your emotions are just shades and variations of your experiences on Earth. They inform and enrich your life. But they are not Who You Are in truth.

Restoring Emotional Balance

My dear friend, the ability to feel emotion - and even painful emotion - is just another way for you to recognize your Divinity.

When emotions are allowed to flow unrestricted by your fears, then they are always able to find their way back home to your heart.

Emotional flow is "self-correcting."

This means that your emotions, just like your physiological processes, are homeostatic. Their natural condition is one of balance and stability. They exist in equilibrium, if they are undisturbed.

It is only fear that causes unpleasant experiences to persist in your emotional body.

Try consciously and calmly breathing through any difficult emotional experience you are having. This is a wonderful aid to unblocking fear. And always remember that you are safe and loved at all times by the Source of Love, Itself.

Remember your Divinity.

Remember that the Divine Human That You Are, can feel all the richness of emotion, without falling into the paralysis of fear.

Just allow your emotions to be washed clean by the love in your heart, and to be supported by the sacred breath that sustains your Being.

Know that all is well.

Learning to Feel Again

Your ability to feel compassion - not only for yourself, but for the world around you - in no way makes you weak, susceptible, or powerless.

Yes, it makes you vulnerable. But vulnerability is an attribute of your strength. It shows that you are open to the flow of love.

As you open your heart to feel everything that is "out there," you actually allow the fountain of love that is your Divinity to flow through your heart, and through all of your experiences as a human.

When you allow your Divinity to flow and circulate through you, even as the blood that courses through your veins does, you actually release and free the energies of fear that are associated with the misbeliefs of your ego and its sub-personalities.

These shadow parts, as you call them, are nothing but the masks of fear, doubt, and forgetfulness that you wear.

They believe that if you allow yourself to be emotionally vulnerable again, you will be hurt.

They believe this because the only thing they know is pain from the past. That is what birthed them.

They believe they are serving you by keeping you from being hurt by similar incidents or feelings in the future.

But this is misleading, my friend. For they can see nothing else!

No matter what is there, they will interpret it as the only thing they know. Fear and pain.

And in so doing, they will rob you of your joy.

Remember that your shadow parts are nothing more than false beliefs about the nature of reality that are interpreted for you by your ego.

These distorted perspectives are no more related to the nature of Reality, than the ego is related to the Truth of your Divinity. It is up to you to re-educate and re-integrate these shadow parts. These sub-personalities, as we call them.

A Fearful Heart Is Like a Tightened Fist

So, we invite you now to open yourself up to feeling deeply again. Feel everything, fearlessly. You can feel everything without being destroyed by the pain or suffering from the past. Or by your anticipation that it will occur again, if you are not vigilant.

Know that you can feel everything around you, deeply, without being flattened by the confusion around you. You can feel everything again, and open up new lines of communication with your Soul. And as you begin feeling again, you will also open new channels for receiving and perceiving more clearly the guidance that comes from your Divine Self.

As you give yourself greater permission to feel emotion, the wall that your ego has put up to protect you from harm will begin to crumble and fall. And with it, the sub-personalities that act as barriers to your experience of joy, will also begin to tumble down.

Then you will feel your love and joy flow freely again.

As I have said on other occasions, a fearful heart is like a tightened fist. When it is contracted by fear, it cannot open to give or receive love. I am not saying this to hurt you in any way. I am just reminding you of the consequences of living in fear of your emotional self-expression.

Remember that it is perfectly alright to feel your emotions. The drama and fear only creep in when you begin to identify yourself with the emotions that you are having.

Remembering Who You Are

When this happens, remind yourself that your feelings are not Who You Really Are.

You Are a Child of God, and God also. This is the Truth About You.

You can learn to experience emotions for the rich information that they provide you, and then release them easily and effortlessly.

They are there to inform you, that is all. They are not here for you to identify with.

Know that you may experience confusion from time to time, as you start opening up to your feelings again. This is normal.

But with the guidance that you will receive from your Soul, you will soon realize that it is joy that you are inviting into your life again, and not more fear or suffering.

You will come to see the wonderful opportunities that you are creating to feel the world again with the conviction of your strong and noble heart.

And with this, we are complete for today. We are always by your side, and we love you dearly.

Along with the energies of Gabriel and Metatron, and the assistance of Alexandra and Dan, I am Saint-Germain.


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