Friday, 17 May 2013

What is it really - Enlightenment?

By P'taah

Channelled through Jani King, May 2013

P'taah: What is it really - Enlightenment? It is simply that knowingness that you are indeed the Perfect Eternal Expression of Creation. In that awe, in the joy, in the love of being, you know yourself to be separate from nothing and no one. It is called being whole. It is called humans being Gods and Goddesses realizing their own divinity.

Does that sound like fun? It is not serious stuff you know. It is not about being good. We promise you this - it is not about being good! It is about being who you really are. And being who you really are is about choice because you have choice in every Now - love or fear.

And you have will to impel yourselves along the path of that choice of love. You have choice to stop when you find yourself reacting in fear. You have choice in every Now and sometimes you forget. That is all right. Sometimes in your despair and in your pain you forget the grand truth. And that is all right.

It is not to judge yourself. It is not to berate yourself. It is simply to reach inside to enfold the beingness of you in the arms of love and compassion and say, "I have always reacted in fear. The child within me still sometimes does not know that I am a Perfect Eternal Expression of Source and reacts in the same old way in the eons and eons of time.

When we say to you we are aware of your courage, beloved ones, because indeed you are breaking the attitude of 26,000 years of coming forth time and time again in the same old despair and misery. And sometimes it is difficult for you. We know. You get caught up in your day-to-days, in the complexity of the stories that you create, and you forget indeed that it was you who wrote the stories.


The thing that is stronger than anything is the yearning within the breast to really know Love. The yearning within the breast to see your whole world reflect that which is the knowing deep within you of how it may be. The yearning within your breast to see humanity reach forth to be the golden light, to be the stars in the firmament, to be all that you can possibly be. To see your world sing in harmony where there is not ever one child not treated with love, honor and compassion. Where there is no starvation, no war, no lusting after power.

Is it a possibility? It is really a possibility? Yes, it is. You carry the seeds of that within you. All of you do. All of you carry the seeds of this awesome idea. You have known it. You have lived it. You hold the power!

This is not simply some idea-construct. Look at your world. Look at what is occurring now in your world. and we say the more that you focus on violence, on war, on starvation, the more you bring it forth. Hating violence and war brings more violence and war. Loving peace and harmony brings peace and harmony.

You know all of this. Truly you know it. There are parts of you in this Now that exist in those realms that have not ever known violence and war! You are eternal beings. You are Expressions of the Source. You exist in all realms.

You hold the wondrousness here in the heart of you. And no matter what in all of those thousands and thousands of years, that knowing has never not been with you! Your choice: love or fear. And you make the choices in every Now moment.

You can choose to express the beauty that you are or not. If you choose not, that is all right. That which is termed this Age of Enlightenment - it is already. That which is termed the shift from this dimension of reality termed third density to fourth or fifth density or dimension already is and you already exist in these realms! Not consciously at this moment but you do and now you recognize the intellectual possibility of it. Hmmm? You do or else you would not be sitting here in this Now.

You recognize the intellectual possibility and some of you indeed have felt the knowing within the breast of you, however briefly - the feeling of non separation. Even the memory that you have known somewhere, sometime, this glory. It is not really separate from you.

The only thing that keeps you in the separation from the knowing is a tiny little fear. The fear that you are not enough. We say this to you, if you were not enough, you would not exist. You would not be here in this plane of reality. If you were not enough, how could you exist? You could not! You could not! The mere fact that you exist at all shows you that you are worthy of all wondrousness. That is good, eh?


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