Thursday, 20 June 2013

St Germain on Karma and Christ

Excerpts from Saint Germain on Alchemy. Formulas for Self-transformation

Recorded by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

"As we enter the Age of Aquarius, says St. Germain, we are provided with “alchemical formulas whereby we may put on our individual Christhood even while we overcome personified evil and the energy veil of our negative karma, the so-called sins of our past lives.” (p.256). 


By the law of transmutation, calling forth God’s consuming violet fire in the name of the I Am Presence, students of the Ascended Masters’ Teachings all over the world are resolving relationships, transmuting the records of their karma, removing the stain of mortality in the psyche and getting the victory over the ‘beast’ of the idolatrous self.

This great overcoming of Darkness by Light in the individual encounter with the forces of Armageddon was prophesied by Jesus Christ to his disciple John as he wrote in Revelation 12.11: And they – the true saints of East and West – overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.

The blood of the Lamb is the essence, or ‘Spirit,’ of the Cosmic Christ, His Person and His Teaching, both of which have been withheld form the people for thousands of ears by false Christs and gurus, false pastors and prophets – imposters in every field of endeavour, Church and State and in the governments and economies of the nations. Now, through the Ascended Masters and their Messengers, the knowledge of the LORD and the divine mysteries held in the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood for all to see and know the Truth that shall make them free.

The word God their testimony is their witness unto the Beloved I Am Presence – our God with us – and their exercise through Him of the science of the spoken Word whereby in prayer, meditation, dynamic decrees and communion with the LORD. His sons and daughters become the effective instruments of the Universal Christ and His sacred labour.

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