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Monstaville Book I. Appendix VI

Appendix VI

<this appendix is indicated in the Conclusion>

‘The Andromedans & Mentoring Humanity’

A talk by Alex Collier


Earth Transformation: Super-Healing, New Science, Consciousness & Contact Conference

9 January 2010
Note: this excerpt is the end of Alex’s talk. Transcription from Exopolitics Journal 3:3 (June 2010)

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In the late 50s, the United States government signed a treaty with an extraterrestrial race who they believed to be benevolent, and agreements were reached and there were terms to that treaty. Shortly after that treaty was signed and agreed upon, the extraterrestrials broke the treaty, because technologically they are far more advanced than we believed they were. So the government was tricked into it, however, we called that up upon ourselves. We brought that experience to us because of our treatment and our behaviour with treaties. Just ask the Native Americans, we signed 263 treaties with the Native Americans, and we broke 263 and it goes on and on and on. So if you need proof of karma there’s one for you, we drew that to us, because we haven't walked our talk. We talk about it, we sing about it at sporting events, you know we beat our chests but we haven't walked it at all, it's in our face ladies and gentleman, it’s in our face.

And once again America is at the forefront of this. This economic crisis in the end will be a godsend because what will happen is the ridiculous laws and restrictions and regulations we have put on ourselves will all fall away because there will be nobody to support them. That’s number one. Number two, what makes us great is that we think out of the box, we create something out of nothing, we create solutions to impossible problems. That's what's made us great. We need to re-embrace that spirit, that wild spirit that freed the world, that changed the world. It doesn't mean that we cannot share that spirit with other nations, because other nations are getting there. Hell, Russia is as free as we were 25 years ago. Now, they're changed so dramatically, they realised what they were doing no longer works - there's a lesson there. Putin was very specific: don’t go to communism it doesn't work. This is not about politics this is about control. This is about control, it's about you, it’s about me, it’s about us, it’s about our kids; it is time to create something.

All you need to do, all I've been asked to tell you is to consciously intentionally start thinking about what the world looks like, what a new world looks like, the way you want it. Do you want centralised government? Do you want a monetary system? Do you want to use fossil fuels? Do you want free energy? What is it that you want? We cannot allow a handful of people to decide the direction of all of humanity. They are only going to be self-serving, this is our responsibility, because this is our reality. We’re creating this together, and if we embrace that, if we take responsibility for creating all of that reality, we can change this so fast it will blow your minds! Because we're all extremely powerful, look at what we've done, look at what we’ve done already, it’s stunning!

An experience that I had…when I go on board [an Andromedan ship], they’re fifth density beings, immediately that I come onboard, a belt is put on me and essentially what the belt does is that it holds all of my atoms together, so that I don’t I'll fly apart because I’m a third density being. My vibration is very slow compared to them, this belt regulates it, regulates the speed of my atoms so that I can actually coexist with them. Now what’s fascinating about that, what's fascinating about fifth density as a third density being is that my body is moving before my thoughts are. In other words, if they start walking, I'm walking before I start to think about walking, because I’m now I’m connected directly to my higher self, to my soul. I’m not waiting for my ego to click in and say ‘okay start walking.’

The other thing that was very, very difficult, I’m going to give Joan Ocean credit for this because she brought it up yesterday in a conversation we had, is you feel like you’re losing yourself, you feel like you’re just dissipating, becoming invisible and you’re actually not. What’s happening is that on a higher vibration your ego doesn’t exist, it falls away, it simply cannot exist in that harmonic, it has no relevance whatsoever. And then what happens is, and it that takes some time to adapt, is you're confronted with who you really [are]. You're introduced to yourself, and at first you don't recognise it because we’re so conditioned to this. You know, we’re so conditioned to all of this, that this is what feels real.

Logically we know we have a soul, when we meditate we get into that space but we're still totally conscious of the fact we are in a physical form. There, in fifth density, my experience has been, you don’t even think about the physical form at all, you're moving, your physical form is trying to catch up to you. It's absolutely amazing. What’s also amazing is that if you close your eyes and see 360° around you. You know exactly what's going on everywhere.

I could feel every one that was around me. I could feel their emotions. I could feel them look at me. I could feel them think about my appearance, what I represented, how I was standing, all of those things. I didn't always hear the telepathic communication because a lot of it wasn't directed specifically at me. When it is, you hear it and it’s like we’re speaking now, and you'd know that it's coming from someone, because they’re looking directly at you. Except their mouth isn’t moving but you're having the dialogue, and for those of you who were medium’s or channels you know exactly what that's like.

We will be moving into all those pieces alright, and we need the mentorship so that we don't freak out and flip out so that we can truly understand how to embrace our essential selves, what it's all about, the whole purpose of going through all of this stuff for humanity, all the thousands of years of tests, trials, tribulations, previous pole shifts, [etc]. All of that was to take ourselves through this exercise to move from third through fourth and eventually into fifth density. That's what this has all been about. It’s all been a school and we all volunteered. None of you were taken from the ship, thrown out the window, and said ‘make it/figure it out,’ it’s not how it happens, and I wish it were cause then we’d have some other excuses, but we don’t, that’s what this is about.

More and more people, probably many of you in this room are going to begin to have contact. It’s going to happen all over the world, it’s going to be picked up exponentially. Many of the races who have been here studying us, and I would suggest that you research the work of Colonel Wendell Stevens because he is the foremost authority on contactees around the world, his books are available. There have been many, many races here studying us, they know us better than we know ourselves, and many of them are stepping forward and are going to be stepping forward to say okay we are going to participate in this process to help move us as along because they understand us. They’ve been here around us, amongst us, they’ve observed us, they know the challenges we have. Many of those specific races have been in exactly the same place as we are now, and they knew how to get through the hurdles. They knew how to get through the traps, or to avoid the traps that apparently we may be stumbling into here.

Again, I know many of you in this room, if not all of you have devoted an amazing amount of time into developing yourselves, into finding your balance, to finding your strength, to finding out who you are or what you are, and to find out exactly where you [are] so that you know where you stand. Bravo, you deserve every accolade there is! The next step for you, now that you’ve been there is to help create the world. What is it that we want the world to look like? It’s us, we have to do this, no one else is going to do this for us.

[It] has to be grassroots level. All it takes is conversation, discussion; you know, if you put out the intention, ‘I need to know about this information’ and you put it out and you keep putting out, even if it's just for 10 seconds a day, you will draw that information and knowledge to you. The right people will come to you. The opportunities will come to you. You have to trust that. I'm learning to trust that, because I’m a guy I still over analyse everything. But my wife is kicking my ass in that direction and making sure I get that (I love you for it).

This is all about us. We have drawn this entire experience to ourselves so we need to own it, and the faster we own it, the more empowered we will become about the process, the more it will make sense to us, the more intelligent we can discuss it and as with this process begins people around you - well, you’ll find yourself in a position of leadership and you'll find yourself being the teachers.

There was a great line in Sterling Allan's presentation, quote where he said ‘If you're one step ahead of the world you’re genius, if you’re two steps ahead your crackpot.’ It was a great line, so I borrowed it, we’ve all been crackpots! Soon we’re going to be geniuses but that's when the real work begins. The idea is to try to [get] everybody else up to speed. Do what you can. Just do what you can. Don’t over extend yourself to the point where you can't keep yourself centred and balanced, you have to keep yourself centred. It's not necessary for you to save the world, or to want to save the world. If you become the example it will reflect and other people will get it around you. The tide is definitely changing, the frequency is changing, again I want to just, I want to put this out one more time. If you have you had two years left to live on earth, what would you do with your life? What would you do? Just think about that. What would you do differently? If you wouldn’t do anything Bravo, you’re there, but if you would do something differently what would you do? What would make you happy? My wife Audra, has a great saying and its ‘we’re all sitting on the G waiting for the O.’

Ladies and gentlemen you are my brothers and my sisters, I love you. I am honoured by you, I want you to know that I have done the very best I could to represent us. I’ve had my stuff to deal with as well, I have my own challenges to deal with as well, but ultimately in the end I have absolute faith in us. The world is not going to end but it is going to change. It has to, and it's going to change for the better, but we need to be the driving force of that change. Humanity has to be the driving force of that change, not government. Do not ever, ever surrender your freedoms and liberties to government, it’s too self-serving and it doesn't create anything, but laws that restrict our freedoms. You know you can't possibly need any more examples of that.

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