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Monstaville Book III. Appendix II

Appendix II

“And now, here we are in another mercury retrograde cycle...For me personally, this has to be the 18th or 20th retrograde that I have witnessed in the stillness…translation: since I have been banned from living an external life. A little over a week into this reflective period I got to thinking that this jail sentence has been so much more than ‘doing time’ for us...more realistically, it is has been a process of ‘releasing time’...which is so ironic because being the observer of our lives (as opposed to participating in them) for so many years has offered us the ability to watch so much condensed his-tory pass us by in such a short period of time...yet, because of our stillness and inability to move forward, we also feel an undeniable sense of no-time...that nothing is moving at all, and the phrase ‘going nowhere fast’ has brought on an entirely new meaning.”
– Lauren C. Gorgo (‘OS IV: the divine-human upgrade,’ 3 September 2010,

‘Mother Mary - A Life of Lessons’ by Mother Mary (channelled through Sheryl Pedersen, 23 January 2010,

I know that many of you are still going through challenging times and I wish to address this and assure all of you that this is a temporary time of transition.
Change is happening drastically and quickly and all of you are responding to these energetic changes in your own unique way. For some of you the challenges are more in your body, for some it is more in your mind and emotions and for some it is mostly in life events and situations. What is now changing are the areas of you that are the most out of balance.
The new energies that have come onto the planet are forcing your energy system into balance. And when I say force, do not get the idea that this is being done without your consent for that is not the case. Those of you who are awakening at this time have chosen this as your life path as part of what you have come here to do this time around. It is part of what you signed up for.
Now more on that topic. You all plan what you will accomplish while on earth during each incarnation. Your main areas of study are learning specific things that you are curious about and learning more about love. You all have chosen a major area of study - your specific choice, and have to take the same general credits in love.
The situations that have arisen during your lifetime tend to focus on your area of special study. For example, your specialty is mastery, learning to master your life and your gifts. To learn this, you choose a family and situations where you feel like a victim, where your gifts are not acceptable to others. Then you spend your life learning first what mastery is not, and then what mastery is.
By the time you are finished this learning, many choose to leave and go home to plan for your next term of study be it in human form or not. Most of you graduate having completed this learning and some of you decide that this is too difficult and you decide that you will no longer pursue this area of study.
There is no judgement of right or wrong for you are doing this learning only for your own soul's benefit and not for any other. It is like a child learning to ride a bike. It's not wrong that it takes them a few weeks and it is not right that they learn in a few days. They just learn and all the challenges along the way are just part of the learning process.
This is like your lives. There is no right or wrong in what you do as you learn what you came to learn. You choose the speed of learning by how much you practice these lessons and you are in charge of what you do or don't do to help you learn. Like studying at university or riding a bike, the results that you get are often a reflection of how much time and effort you put into your study and practice.
What is happening now for many of you is that you have decided that you want to quickly finish up your studies so that you will be ready to start teaching what you know to others. The lessons are coming quickly which is causing the distress that many of you feel. As you learn, your energy system changes which you may feel as physical, emotional and mental symptoms as you adjust to the new frequency that you reach when you finish each lesson.
There is a window of opportunity in the next two months to fast track many of your lessons which many of you have chosen to do. If it is going too fast, just ask for help to slow it down. If it is getting too challenging, just ask for help to make it easier on you. If you just can't take it anymore, ask for grace to smother and comfort you as you need a rest.
There is no right or wrong way to get through this time of change. For most of you just letting things be and progress as they are is the best solution, asking for help from you guides and angels when you need help. They long to help you and need to be asked.
By the spring, you will be like the butterfly emerged from your cocoon of learning. University will soon be over and it will be time to begin teaching others what you know. And just as you have special areas of learning, you will have special areas of teaching. This will come to you step by step as you let go of trying to figure it out and just trust your inner guidance to steer you in the right direction.
Know that the challenges are temporary and you have a choice in how you experience this time of change. There is an abundance of help and many of you will be moving into a new way of being and may experience life changes that reflect your new status as a graduate, ready to teach.
Blessing on your journey, Mary, your divine mother.

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