Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Truth About Ascension Work

By Melanie M. Wallace

(From a YouTube video, 11 June 2010).

“A lot of people are feeling chaos in their lives…I myself have gone through some tremendous shifting of old patterns and even paradigms. What ends up happening is if we resist these invitations from our higher selves to shift out of old ways of thinking, relationships, jobs, locations even, we can be met with a lot of chaos, a lot of tugging because we’re not in alignment with where we’re supposed to be.

Ascension work is not for wimps by any means. You know, people may have the understanding that ascending is, you know, all harps, and calm and peaceful. While it can be that, it’s a lot of work to get to that point. There is a lot of releasing of old fears and ways of thinking, outdated modes of belief. And, while we’re going through that Ascension, we have to really face things that we may not have wanted to in the past. That is the Ascension. When you clear something, when you release an old relationship or an old habit or way of doing something that doesn’t serve you for your highest good, that is Ascension. When you get to a place of clarity, when you get to a place of divine intersections of [speed?] where you are now not just only living your life for your own truth but also the Divine’s guidance. That is Ascension.

And, while we are ascending on a physical level, on an esoteric level, our planet is going through much Ascension. Gaia is going through an Ascension process in clearing and cleansing. We see that in all of the things that are going on in the world: catastrophes, weather anomalies…

A lot of people believe that ascending is like going to the heavens and being there. Ascension is here, my friends. It’s on this planet. It’s a part of the journey of our humanness, our human being consciousness. We ascend as a planet. We ascend in our consciousness, in the way that we think. More and more people are awakening to feel the call to something new, to something exciting, to something that doesn’t even make sense to most people.

I’d say to that follow your truth. If it feels right then it is right. But you have to make sure that, when you’re following your truth, is it your truth or is it fear? And, you’ll know the difference. You’ll know it. Where do you feel it? Where do you feel it in your body? Where do you usually feel your peace and calm versus your fear? Listen to your centre. Listen to that resonance that’s deep inside of you that will tell you when something is right and when something’s off. A person may have a wonderful guidance and may have wonderful advice but you are your own guru, remember that.

This work is not for wimps. But it is work that nothing can ever replace. It is the work that we are all destined and designed to do. Each individual journey coincides with another, and another and another. We are infinitely and hugely connected as our consciousness changes, as we shift out of old paradigms and beliefs, humanity changes. Consciousness changes on the planet. What a beautiful thing. What an exciting time to live in. and, it may feel hard, it may feel rough at times, and you just want to give up. I know, I’ve been there. No. know that you have the tools to do this work. You have the tools inside of you that are just waiting to be utilised. Take time for yourself, be gentle with this process, because it isn’t an easy one.

So, with that, take the naps when you need to, if you can. Just make time, sometime during the week, to spend in reflection, to spend in contemplation. Especially now, more than ever, it’s very important. Trust that you are divinely guided. Even though it may feel like chaos, it may feel like nothing makes sense, know that in the end it does. Hindsight’s 20:20. So, when you’re going through it, nothing seems to make sense at times. But, know that there is a reason for everything, and a divine purpose, even if it’s painful. There are times when we resist certain things in our lives and certain changes that we need to make that we know we need to make or even sometimes that we don’t need to make but we need to make them. I call those the ‘cosmic 2x4s when you kind of get hit over the head, like ‘Hey, wake up!’

This intent that we will have a more gentle process in our awakening so that we don’t get a lot of those cosmic 2x4s because they’re not the best thing.

In all things, trust, trust your journey. It is my wish that, as we ascend individually and as humanity as a planetary whole, that we will find joy, we will find bliss in living in the One Movement.”


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