Thursday, 15 November 2012

Increased Light Quotient Attracts More Attention Including Dark

“‘My life floweth through ye, and ye are at one with thy Father. Therefore do I test ye that ye may armour and strengthen them against the day of battle; for now is the time when ye make ready thy weapons and perfect thyself in all knightly exercises, for ye fight an unknown and treacherous foe who riseth up against thee when ye are not aware; who sleepeth not, but waiteth always to strike and to destroy.

As ye seek to rise, the powers of Darkness will gather around ye, for the light ye show is for them a challenge to mortal combat, and they will pursue ye while earth calls ye her child, and the body bears up within its frame. Therefore, my son, know thine own weakness, and that the walls of thy city are exposed to hostile attack, and seek help from Him who seeth the secrets of the heart and understandeth the temptation of the soul, to whom all things are visible and who walketh with ye in the Darkness as in the Light.’”

- St. Francis (The Shining Brother. Recording the spirit return of St. Francis of Assisi and its sequel Francis Speaks Again by Laurence Temple, Psychic Press, London, U.K., 1941, p.108). 

Excerpt from ‘9:9:9 The Fluid Love, Fluid Universe Activation & Air Gates 23-29'

By Master Kuthumi

Channelled through Michelle Eloff, 9 September 2009

“You have earned your right to step into this level of power, and those of you who will make the choice, and who have made the choice to be present with me on Mt Sinai in November, you will receive a higher octave of this light and for the rest of your existence as a soul you will carry that Emerald in your heart, and it is through that Emerald that the core truths of Mother/Father God will flow and direct you.

Before I fully anchor my energy inside of you, you need to bear in mind your light quotient is increasing dramatically as a result of what we are doing with you today. This will attract more attention to you. The quality of attention cannot be always chosen for the darkness is attracted to the light. However, you are strong enough within your own light to withstand those challenges. These challenges will come in the form of ones rejecting you, rejecting the information you present, challenging the structures that you have implemented for your personal life, your work, your spiritual journey. You will see it as resistance, attack and projection but you know what to do, I hope. If not then take the wax out of your ears and listen to what I said at the beginning of the transmission.

This kind of attention cannot necessarily be avoided in the physical, material world. Protecting yourself, however, is a completely different story and this is why I have been granted the permission to step into your bodies, projecting my energy and anchoring an aspect of Solar DNA inside of you. This solar strand keeps you connected to the central light of the heart of the Sun of the Galactic Centre. It is through that thread that you have a singular, clear hotline to God and Goddess. This thread bypasses the inhibiting impressions of the subconscious. You, however, will need to be alert and aware of yourself, conscious of your own reactions and actions in every aspect of life. Catching yourself before you fall into the old paradigm. Allow yourself the space to release and vent that negativity when required, but as I have always said let it be short-lived; do not make it a hobby.”

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