Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Energy of Judgement

By the White Beings

Channelled through Natalie Glasson, 20 September 2010

We, the Celestial White Beings bathe you in our heavenly pure white light, let the purity and simplicity of our light wash over and through you. We hold the qualities and love of the Creator and we wish to share these with you now so that we may all link as one, binding our energies in unity. To link our energies and to share our light with you is such an honour as you are all special souls of love with numerous wonderful and glorious gifts and abilities; you are the Creator after all. We, the Celestial light beings see you as your truth and love you as the Creator.

There is so much that we could share with you, so many words that we could say to inspire wisdom and spiritual achievement but today we wish to come forward with a channelling concerning the energy of judgement. There are many meanings to judgement. It can be to form an opinion, to guess, to estimate, to criticise, to think, to review or to build an authority over another or about yourself. With the word judgement holding so many meanings and references it is important to truly understand our meaning of judgement.

To master your energy, emotions and mind there is a need for you to evaluate and review your own energies, intentions and feelings, therefore understanding yourself more fully and realising in which areas greater care is needed or greater focus upon positivity and the light. To review your energies is a positive action that allows you to release baggage, unneeded habits and belief systems. Essentially you are brushing away the mud to reveal the beauty and perfection within you which is naturally your truth. Positive evaluation of one's energy brings forth positive results of growth and self understanding. This cannot be labelled judgement as it has no negative connotations or energy but is simply a positive action of growth. When we begin to evaluate the energies of another in the same way this can be helpful for our own perception of energy but it can also be seen as an act of judgement. One must take control of their own energies before they hold the right to evaluate the energy of another, even then humans on the Earth have such personal and individual spiritual and physical experiences, meaning that as a human you can never truly connect or understand the feelings of another human due to the physical separation. It is important to remember this and realise that a person's spiritual development is their own unique journey, as an onlooker of this you can only truly support and encourage another, rather than judging their energy believing this will inspire their growth. There is a very fine line between judgment and positive assistance of one's spiritual growth.

The way to ensure that you release the habit of judgement is to ensure that you always exist within and as the light of the Creator and that all actions, thoughts and feelings towards others are born from love.

Sometimes people can be inspired by the Creator or their soul to think a judgemental thought and express it to another, but this is usually to instigate a new surge of growth. They may not even realise their position but their actions will have a positive effect on the other person, maybe even offering a period of clear thought and clarity because it was guided by the will of the Creator. Judgment can be so harsh when we come from a place of fear or pain but judgment is needed on the Earth because it is a process of thought which offers greater understanding but only when its core energy is love of the highest vibration.

It is important to analyse your own energies, the energies you experience in your reality as these are an expression of your inner equilibrium and presence as well as reviewing the energy of the Earth wondering in what way you may add to the positive light of the Earth. Judgment has been given a negative meaning but this is because a power or ability of understanding has been used as a tool of pain and suffering for many. This must now be dissolved and we must begin to alter the meaning of judgement as this will alter the energy of the Earth.

If we imagine that every person on the Earth is judging themselves for half a day, judging the world for the rest of the day and this is occurring every day then the negative energy that is being built is tremendous just from this one action. When you judge you are not seeing a person through the eyes of love but through the eyes of fear and separation. Judgment must be replaced with an action, feeling or thought of acceptance and understanding, with a love and a compassion for another. Remember that you can view yourself through the eyes of fear and separation if you allow yourself to, but this will only cause you further feelings of division from the Creator. It is important to vow to yourself that whenever you look upon yourself or another that you view from a place and through the eyes of love. Your eyes, body, soul, emotions and mind are naturally loving, when you allow them to be. It is simply an acceptance of the love that you hold and can share with others that is needed. With this existence the energy behind judgement dissolves and becomes positive and so the words, thoughts or actions of judgement alter and follow a path of expressive love to all and yourself.

It may seem unusual to think of altering a word and its meaning but we must remember that everything on the Earth holds an energy. Every word that you use and take for granted in your reality holds an energy that is either positive or negative; when used it adds to the energy within your being, reality and the Earth. Negative words and their actions such as judgment, hate and fear all hold a powerful energy because they have been used over years with every person adding their energy and negative experiences to the words. Every time we think or act in fear we are adding to the energy of fear on the Earth, we are also collecting the fears of others from the past into our own energy, essentially doubling and empowering the energy and influence of fear on the Earth. Imagine if we were able to detach from the energy that the words and their actions hold so that there came a point when we used the word fear or said a judgement about ourselves but that the negative energy behind these words had been completely released so that they had no power. Imagine if fear and judgment became a concept of the past and we only offered loving assistance and support to each other; imagine the power that love would hold. When we say the word love to ourselves we can feel its power and the energy of love that exists on the Earth from the past. If you say fear, hate or judgement to yourself try to evaluate if this holds a greater strength than the word love. Truthfully it is love that holds the strength as love is the truth of the Creator but the illusions of the human mind can allow fear to be perceived as the powerful energy as it holds a great hold upon many. When you can feel the strength of love you will be able to acknowledge that the energy and presence of love is building within and around you.

Our message to you through this channelling is that your actions and thoughts can heal the world as well as aiding your mastery and connection with the Creator. We wish for you to love all as you love yourself. If you don't believe your love of others holds a great strength then you must look within you to see if your love for yourself is true and committed. Often when we hold judgment or fears of or towards another it is because we are unable to love ourselves wholeheartedly. Love yourself wholeheartedly and you will see your thoughts and actions towards others change. It is important to also realise that energy is created from every action and thought you create; this energy acts as building blocks to your own reality and charges the energy already in existence on the Earth.

This is something that we hope you will agree needs deep contemplation to understand that every word you speak and think affects the energy of the Earth and your reality. The responsibility lies with you; this has always been the case but as you are evolving now there is a need for you to become aware of this and accountable of your own energy and the building light of the Earth.

We are here to assist you in this project, we are here to lend our light and love, just simply ask us to pour our pure white light into your being and we will come to your side.

With celestial blessings,

We are the Celestial White Beings

Autumn Faerie by livingrope

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