Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Judgement (mind) vs Feeling and Integrity

Message from P'taah - November 2014

Channelled through Jani King

Q:  P'taah, what are the best things that we can do for each other so that healing can occur? 

P'taah:  To love each other. There is nothing else. If each of you would display the love that you would desire for yourself, then you would all assist each other. Of course, the truth is that the healing can only take place within oneself. But, of course, to assist, to be there to nurture and to support, it is simply to love and to display this in whatever way is appropriate for the situation.

Q:  Can I ask you something about that?

P'taah:  Indeed.

Q:  Okay. I know that I have a lot of judgments and I also know that I love people. But sometimes I get to the point where if people talk too much, it bothers me. And I say, "Okay, that's a mirror for me to look at because maybe I talk too much. But then I don't...

P'taah:  Beloved, let us just interject here for one moment. The mirror is in the feelings that come up as a result of these exterior activities.

Q:  Okay.

P'taah:  So, what is the feeling that comes up when people talk too much?

Q:  I get either bored or I get frustrated or I think. "Good grief, they're talking too much. Can't they let someone else share?" It's a feeling that their ego is speaking. That all that I am hearing is a mechanical, egotistical chattering.

P'taah:  And so the feeling is?

Q:  The feeling is frustration, I think. Let's see, the feeling is "I don't really want to continue, I don't want to be there. I'm done."

P'taah:  Well, that is all right.

Q:  It is judgment. I mean, I'm judging them.

P'taah:  You know, beloved, the judgment is where you make it wrong. Where you say, "Well, that is all right. You can do what you want to do but you know, I am bored and I do not wish to be here."

Q:  Oh, that's wonderful.

P'taah:  You see?

Q:  Yeah, being authentic with how I'm feeling.

P'taah:  Everybody has a right to say what they want. When you make it wrong for them to say what they want then that is judgement. And most of that is really about powerlessness, you know? But where you can say, "Look, you know, I acknowledge your right to be however you want to be. I acknowledge your right to talk all day if you want, but it is not my desire to take part in that." 

Always it is about personal choice and it does not have to be about negative or positive judgment. But where you do have a really negative reaction, then it is to look at what that is really about. Very often, you know, it is about that somebody thinks that they are more important than you.

Q:  So then I am thinking I am not important enough or that I should be more important in their eyes.

P'taah:  Indeed. Even the little feeling underneath, "Well I know more than you, so I wish you would be quiet."

Q: (Excited) Yes, P'taah, you've got it! That's it! That's it! That's really good. Okay, thank you. Now I can look at that more clearly. Thank you.

P'taah:  You know, beloved ones, to be the love is also to be the love for you and to acknowledge truly that which you fear, no matter how you dress it up. And not to make it bad or wrong. If your children were babies again and if you saw them reacting in a way that showed their fear you would not berate them. You would embrace them and say, "It is all right, beloved. Nothing to be afraid of; You are totally loved," would you not?

Q:  Yes, yes.

P'taah:  So why cannot you do that with yourselves. With those little parts of you that are still the child, still, the little ones, still afraid. That is showing the love. And as you become more and more adept at doing this for yourself, then so it is you become more and more adept at being this for other people. To recognize also that you are a gift for other people.

Q:  That's beautiful. Harder to see for us, I think, but certainly that's very true. Thank you, P'taah. Thank you so much.

P'taah:  As you more and more treat yourself with love, more and more acknowledge the truth of you, that which you judge to be negative as well as that which you judge to be positive, so you are creating more and more the balance. So you are creating more and more health. It is simply required that you live with attention. 

The habitude is not only to think negatively very often, but the habitude is also to brush aside and not to acknowledge those aspects about yourself that you really do not want to acknowledge. The stuff that you feel is perhaps naughty or bad, not up to standard, does not exemplify a Goddess or a God in bud, ready to flower. 

Whereas the truth is until you can acknowledge it, accept it and embrace it, you cannot flower. You will forever remain a bud and that is all right, because after all, buds are perfect, You see? Does it make sense to you?

Q:  Yeah. It makes perfect sense. P'taah, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

P'taah:  Indeed. It is always such a joy to have this opportunity to reflect back to you all that which can assist you in your day-to-days to have more fun, to have more delight, to have more intensity of joy. And to remind you that one of your major missions in this life is to find more and more ways to express love. 

All right, my beloveds. It is sufficient unto the time?

Q:  Yes, it is sufficient unto the time. Timing is perfect as always. Thank you.

P'taah:  Indeed, my dear ones. So it is with such love that we issue forth to you all, Namaste. And to remind you that you are eternally cradled in the heart that be I. Farewell for this Now.

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