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Monstaville Book II. Chapter 40


"Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself."
- Harvey Fierstein.

6 June 2005.

Some people thrive on adrenalin, so they react to anything or even try to cause trouble. Others do not, so they have to work more to get into gear and then it is unfamiliar territory. Are you prepared to go all the way, to actually be physically violent? Can you afford to do that? What are the consequences? Some people do not think or care about them. Others need to let off steam behind the scenes rather than confronting those with aggressive attitudes and who are bent on power. It does not feel natural. If one is not assertive, but capable of being aggressive and releasing anger when relaxed then it feels safe and comfortable when there is no danger of confrontation or defeat with potentially harmful consequences. They become nervous. But that anger might be displayed indirectly. Direct confrontation just does make people nervous. It is not the action of it. It is the nerves and emotions, the anticipation. But, sometimes, one needs to stand up for oneself or even give people a lot of aggravation in order to avoid future grief.

An aggressor throws the crude power of their ego at you. But, these types of people often wait until they have generated power hoping to ‘run you’ with a display of power that will have the very effect of making you feel nervous. They do it when they’re with their mates, showing off, deriving energy through a group, or gang. They attack when they are feeling strong in order to deter you from attacking them when they feel insecure and vulnerable, which could be most of the time. One action, or one powerful display or the constant display of same power. They prefer those whom they know will not or cannot fight back.

People who are unable to control themselves may seek to control others for fear that their weakness makes them vulnerable and that others may, likewise, use whatever power they can get their hands on for their own selfish purposes. Displaying power that others do not have is opportunism. A person might not always have it but expresses it when it is there and the effect lasts because people on the receiving end do not realise that the other is insecure and afraid inside. A bully relies on this attitude so they can get their own way permanently. The victim is afraid that he or she will do it again but does not realise they can only behave in such an overbearing way when they have or feel that power. Naturally, if one is always giving power away and not seeking help or applying one’s will, even towards prayer, the bullying might be relentless. If you have no external power you need to use internal power to counteract it. Otherwise, of course, you will be slain most unpleasantly.

When you withhold your attention from someone who is expressing something negative, you are hiding from them and suppressing your spirit. By rejecting them, you are rejecting your own Self. When you only give your attention to people partially, you are giving your ego an opportunity to react. When you give your attention fully, your spirit dances and expresses its power through love and through joy.

The Third Millennium. Living in the Posthistoric World by Ken Carey (HarperSanFrancisco, New York, U.S., 1991).

‘Communicate with your adversaries and miracles can happen.’

p.78-80. In the fields of thought that surround this planetary sphere, for those with ears to hear, radiates the essential wisdom of the wisest of those who have gone before. In these fields there is a message circulating from the elders of your species tree, a message intended for your global village of today. If it could be clothes in words, what the grandparents, the ancestors say, it would be something like this:

                ‘Do what we have always dreamed of doing but did not quite achieve. You do not know, young ones, what we had to work against and how much easier we have made it for you. We feel as though we have almost done it. Go one step beyond. Do what we have almost done.
                Create a world where our descendants will not have to struggle and fight as we have struggled, as we have fought - a cooperative world, a peace-filled world. Create it first in your hearts and homes...
                Do not throw away your caution. Do not open yourselves to those who would exploit you or deprive you of your rights. But please, live with less fear than we did. The rights you enjoy today are here to stay. Armed struggle is not essential to the procurement of you daily bread. This much we have given you. There are still those who would take advantage of you, but they are fewer and less powerful than they were in our time. The communication tools you have today make it far more difficult for those who would abuse power. Perhaps the most important lesson our lives have taught us is this:
                You are always better off communicating, with friends, with enemies - it makes no difference. Be open, honest. State your views as clearly as possible. Do not be afraid of giving away secrets. It is best to have no secrets; they are the source of much mistrust. Share with others who you are, your goals, your ambitions. We have found that on those occasions when we have communicated with our adversaries, miracles have occurred. Across national borders, across racial lines, across economic and social barriers, breakthroughs of understanding have occurred. We came to respect those with whom we spoke and they came to respect us. These are the friendships that have served us well in our lives.
                Agreement is less important than respect, for with respect agreement may one day occur, but without it agreement is impossible. Honesty and openness will earn you respect. The times we fought when we did not need to fight, we lost both the fight and potential friends. Count everyone a potential friend, then do what you can to make that friendship real. Communication is a power much greater than confrontation. Do not lose sight of that.

p.115. Self-righteousness defeats the purpose it presumes to serve. Those who fight what they despise with deception only strengthen its hold, sowing the seeds of further deception, which then have no course but to grow and appear in yet another decade or generation, presenting yet another opportunity to be seen clearly and resolved. Resolution on the first occasion requires more deliberation in the short term, for it forces the deeper issues up into the awareness of those who may prefer not to see them.  Yet it is only the path to long-term resolution...
                The end justifies the means only in the logic of deceit. Wherever evil is chosen in any form, it sows everywhere about it the seeds of its opposing evil. In the end it does not deliver; it consumes.
                The choice of love may not always seem the swiftest path to the resolution of difference, but it is the only certain one.

p.118. Justice can proceed with wisdom. Revenge cannot.

Five ways to...keep a cool head when you’re boiling over.

1.             Remember it will finish. Knowing that it is definitely going to end and you will be happy again makes it easier to deal with.
2.            Hunt down the root cause and extinguish it, rather than fighting the fire.
3.            Take time to vent. Speak to someone outside the situation or a supportive friend, or do something that gives you space to think.
4.            Reflect for a moment, then make a decision and get on with it. If you take action and make things happen it will stop you worrying.
5.            Recall how you coped before with worse. You didn’t know how you’d solved it then, either.

                - From The Mind Gym ( ES Magazine (free with the Evening Standard), 8 July 2005.

The final entry on this subject in my journals is an article in The Sun by John Coles (14 July 2005, p.31):

“The former child antiques expert known as ‘Junior Lovejoy’ told yesterday how thugs battered him - because he swapped sex.
                James Harries regularly appeared on TV as a curly-haired, angel-faced 13-year-old with show hosts like Terry Wogan and Oprah Winfrey. He amazed viewers with his knowledge of antiques. But as his TV work dried up, he began to live as a woman and changed his name to Lauren.
                James, now 27, was at home with his family in Cardiff when it was raided by a seven-strong gang of louts. His dad Mark and brother Adam, 29, tried to protect him. But he was felled in the alley beside his house and battered. James, his face covered in nasty bruises, said: ‘I thought they were going to kill me. It happened because of who I am.
                ‘One of them took off his shoe and hit me on the face about nine times. I was beaten to a pulp.’
                James and some of his relatives - victims of taunts in the past - were treated in hospital. Police are investigating and a 17-year-old has been charged with assault.”

~ Respect the difference! ~

 2013 Publicity stunt

"With respect to the ol' transgender community, I didn't have it off with the antiques kid off Wogan. My favourite media lie ever though." - Russell Brand, 4 September 2013

Russell Brand denies fling with Lauren Harries, stating her claims are 'as fraudulent as her evaluation of Ming vases on Wogan'

Comment: Love Lauren, but it's just for attention, Russell won't be horrible to her, so it'll go on for years back and forth.

Retrospective inserts.

I am Me, I am Free by David Icke (Bridge of Love Publications, Cambridge, U.K., 1996).

p.95. You don’t like your life now? Ok, what is it about your sense of self, your imagination of yourself, that is creating it? You don’t deserve to live in poverty or pain. No one does. We are all of equal worth, value and potential. So why are you creating poverty and pain? I don’t care who you are, you are an incredible, astonishing aspect of God. Express that infinity and your life will reflect that. See yourself as small, insignificant, an ‘ordinary’ man and woman in the street, and you will be. You can see life as a series of problems or a series of solutions. It’s a choice and the lives those states of mind create will be very different.

p.98. If we love and respect ourselves and stop seeing ourselves as victims, that sense of self is broadcast in our magnetic vibration. That will attract to us people and circumstances that mirror back that love and respect.

‘Climbing Through Ascension’ by Debbie Milam (

This week I received so many prayer requests and asked for just as many. There are many of you who are climbing through circumstances in your life that appear to be undesirable. As one who has climbed many times in my life I know how much you want things to change. What I have found though is that the only thing we can change is ourselves, our perspective and our relationship to the circumstances in our lives. There are so many gifts that can be gained through your climb.
                I rediscovered this wisdom last week while doing a walking meditation. I was walking amongst the rolling hills at our health club, covered by the shade of regal Banyan trees I felt enveloped by the majesty of nature. The summer breeze gently kissed my cheek as I began my daily conversation with God. On this particular morning I was exhausted and not feeling physically strong. I asked God why there was struggle in life. In the quiet of my heart his loving words flowed through me.
                Dear child, Fulfilment and inner peace does not happen because life is perfect. It unfolds moment by moment as you embrace and appreciate the fullness of your experience. What causes struggle and blocks you from experiencing complete joy is your desire for people and things to be different than they are. I know it has been hard for you, but keep climbing dear one. For in your climb you have received an abundance of gifts in the past and there are more to come. I celebrate your strength and I honour your courage as I walk beside you.
                As these words reverberated in my soul, I continued to climb up the hills. My legs ached and I was so tired. But when I got to the top what I saw took my breath away. The sun glistened like diamonds on the stillness of the lake, hundreds of tiny butterflies danced on the dew filled grass and dragonflies graced the air with their presence. I was in awe of the beauty.
                This was my gift. I would not have been able to see these wonders from the vantage point of the sidewalk. It was only when I had the courage to keep climbing that I was able to see the magnificence of the moment. Throughout my life, the gifts that have arisen from my climb have been extraordinary. It is the contrast of my experiences that have given birth to my inner strength, my connection to God, a deep appreciation of life, and a profound level of fully present joy.
                Do not be afraid of your climb, embrace it, be present in it and find the gift in the blessings as well as the pain. Then allow your emotions to flow with ease. As with everything in life these emotions will come and go. What remains the same is the inner strength and peace that lies beneath these feelings. When you allow your emotions to arise, accept what is before you and ask God to bring only good from it, a new awareness begins to emerge. It is an understanding that all is unfolding for your highest good in this present moment.
                As you climb you have the choice to experience it as life enhancing or suffering. If you choose to enhance your life through it and make peace with the circumstances you are experiencing undoubtedly something extraordinary will come forth. May you find the strength, peace and courage to allow the highest good to unfold now and always. Peace and love to all.

“In terms of relating to one another; choose love.
Each being chose their activation point based on their aspirations for this lifetime and their sense of what would best serve their soul and the collective intent to ascend. It is essential that you not become distracted by this or other aspects of conflict, but that you focus your energy and orient your perceptions to oneness. You are a soul group that functions as receptors for the emerging codes and directives that carry forth this astonishing transformation and your role is vital.  Play your parts well!
                You are mirrors for this light and love entering the planet; flow and broadcast it with confidence and a profound sense of your grace and purpose in the whole.
                Do not doubt, question, challenge or negate the path of anyone else.  Look only within the mirror of your own life.
                Enter into an ongoing dialogue with that most expansive and wisest aspect of your being - all that you need lies within you my beautiful and amazing creatures of light.
                Awaken to truth that has always been: YOU ARE EVERYTHING YOU NEED. Your landscape is within you and will sustain you through all changes you encounter. You are the hero of your own lifetime and your story, your journey your purpose and mission are of the utmost importance to you and to All-That-Is.  You are essential and your placement on the planet is essential. Your frequency is part of the light grid of the planet, which, like the acupuncture meridians in our bodies organises and flows the energy of the planet! This ascension is a process in which you are involved!
                Participate and orient to this dynamic story!
                Live it with gusto and passion and total confidence. This is how to be a master.
I AM forever at your side and in your inner being aligned with all that you desire. Call upon me for anything. Protection, strength, clarity come from knowing you are source energy in form. Claim this knowing. Know that you are profoundly loved.  
We are ONE.”
- Archangel Michael (channelled through Meredith Murphy, ‘The Holographic Reality of the New Earth is Within YOU,’ 23 June 2010,

“A man doesn't realise how much he can stand until he is put to the test. You can stand far more than you think you can. You are much stronger than you think you are.” - Martin Niemoller (

“Someday, somewhere, somehow - everything will be funny for everyone.” - Robert Stone, (Damascus Gate, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Chicago, IL., U.S., 1998).

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