Friday, 16 October 2015

Dear Antraeus

This is a reply to someone from India who wrote via my website recently to ask me how he could invoke the violet flame to make all his misfortunes go away

Hi Sunjey

Great name. The Sun is the centre, the source of light! Although I expect it means something else in Hindi?

In response to your query, many people in the world are going through very challenging times due to accelerated growth in response to the return of light on this planet. The answer to your problems isn't self-pity or seeking a quick fix. I've been to India, a long time ago, and the poorest people, the harijans, or lowest caste, seemed the happiest because they expected nothing from life and we able to just be. They were gentle, patient, accepting, united and at peace. So I'd say there are lots of people in your country to take inspiration from. India is a country that is rich in spiritual tradition and Sathya Sai Baba endeavoured to remind people of that fact and taught that you should be proud of your heritage and confident as individuals with such deep roots to draw upon. Look at the holy men. Expectation is the root of all heartache.

I myself am about the poorest person I know in England. I live on the bare minimum and people wonder how I do it. Well, I don't spend money, don't go out much and focus on my purpose which is very fulfilling. We are meant to be like suns shining our light wherever we can, creatively, lovingly and generously. And that way we do receive what we need which is how I manage to just about get by. I know there is assistance from the spirit realms. But it would not be so if I were to become a black hole! We are here to serve, to be God incarnate and help to create Heaven on Earth as the Goddess returns through us.

So meditate each day, 'love all and serve all.' You are the maharajah in your world, your life, and the maharajah is a majestic sun that simply wishes to create, love, inspire and serve everyone he encounters. So smile and laugh more and know that your task is to open your heart more and more deeply. That is what all these tests and trials are about, why you chose them at the level of your higher self.

And just because I understand all of this doesn't mean I am happy or that I practise it. I'm struggling to cope too since my life appears to be one long crisis interspersed with brief intervals of more encouraging circumstances. But the beauty of age is that we become stronger and wiser. We must learn to be gentle with ourselves and others, appreciate the better qualities within and see them in others without judgement. But yes by all means ask the angels, masters, gods and goddesses for help. Ask your higher self or God for help at night perhaps. Then if your circumstances do not improve you will at least know that they are karmic and there is a lesson to be learned. They are surely challenging you to change the way you think because your attitude may not be helping. Fear, resistance, reaction, etc only make you feel worse about things. So turn within, and try to be content with your lot and, instead, draw upon the riches within you, the love in your heart, the intuitive wisdom in your soul and the creative power of God that is your core. For only these are real my friend. And no doubt you were partly inspired to write to me so I could give you the advice I ought to be taking myself! Life is a joke. :))

And forget all that stupid emphasis on status that seems to important to men in your country. All cultures have been tampered with and corrupted. We have been conditioned to fit into a small box of what is acceptable for fear of being looked down upon, ostracised or penalised. But we're here to be rebels and warriors now and to turn all that nonsense on its head and change the world. So don't care about what others think. Read some Osho! Always the best source of spiritual inspiration for me. At least in India people feel more than they do here in England. And feeling is way more important than thinking which only binds us to the illusory projection outside of ourselves.

As for the violet flame you are free to ask St Germain to help you with that and with your situation but I personally do not use it much. I only view a column of violet light passing down through my crown chakra to the centre of the earth to assist Gaia then up again and out of my heart, back and front, as recommended by Archangel Michael. I do this during my daily meditation practise. My understanding is that it takes time to really be able to visualise and use the violet flame. It never seemed to do much for me anyway and those articles on the subject that are displaced on my website are what I used to furnish it when I first created it and needed some content.

Anyway best of luck!



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