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Monstaville Book III. Chapter 20


“Let yourself be a little bit crazy. Don’t worry, in time, everyone else will join you. Are you willing to loosen up and be a little bit more experimental in the way you think things need to be done? Alright, have fun with it, no expectation, just play…”
- Bashar (channelled through Darryl Anka,

On Reaction and My Noise-busting Methods (loose notes).

“Through violence, you may ‘solve’ one problem, but you sow the seeds for another.” - Dalai Lama.

“Your seeing has to come back here, not there. There’s nothing to solve there. The mind wants to live out there. But you’re here. It wants you to go out there. ‘The problem is out there.’ ‘It’s him!’ ‘It’s her!’ ‘Look, it’s going…!’ And, as long as you miss this opportunity you’re looking to tell the story: ‘OK, this thing happened and that was Wednesday. And then I called and what time was that? It was the telephone…You get caught in the traffic of the mind. But that which sees this is here. And there is a seer who is reacting to what is being seen. And this seer is not the pure seer. It’s also got conditioning in it. The ego sense in us, the identity, the limited identity also is capable of observing but the difference is that it observes with self-interest. The pure seeing only sees.” – Mooji (Satsang, 17 April 2010).

I have generally dealt with people as gently as I know how to whilst protecting myself. I have endeavoured to persuade them to cooperate and behave more considerately without being negative and aggressive and destructive to myself and others. This I have found very difficult because people can be so proud and selfish and treating them with kindness can be regarded as weakness and actually make them worse. Sometimes, more extreme measures, or more radical threats, seem to be the only things that can work. It’s like trying to keep the slugs off the vegetables growing in the garden: gentle techniques may not be available or effective so you move on to deadlier means of warding them off such as slug pellets because it’s either that or you are just growing vegetables for slugs and snails to eat!

There is a huge difference between reacting negatively and destructively and releasing tension, refusing to hold on to it and suffer. It is the difference between aggression and power. Rather than simply reacting on automatic pilot, whether violently and barbarically or self-destructively as a victim or martyr, one needs to have the desire to find more harmonious alternatives, solutions which cause no real harm either to self or others. There are higher ways of responding that we may simply be unaware of. We must want them, look for them, ask to receive, give them a try.

All I am doing is:

  1. Releasing the tension before it kicks in and ruins my day; refusing to let it linger and make my life miserable. 
  2. Teaching them that their selfish and aggressive actions have direct consequences. An attempt to deter them from continuing, asking if they can take some of their own medicine. That is, does it cause them to feel tension and feel negative? Are they able to release and transcend it?

“Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.” - Deepak Chopra.

If you are getting wound up and holding on to negativity even after shouting, try meditating so that your guides can calm you down and help you to restore your self-control and a more balanced perspective. You can still do something to try and deter them from behaving violently but you have not inflicted your anger on them or on yourself (more importantly). The trick is to avoid focusing on the person(s) involved. All expression must be self-expression. Its purpose therefore is to explore your own inner joy and creative potential which themselves extend from the love and pure Being of the Self. Have fun and treat it all as a game, in other words! Use it as an opportunity to express your Inner Child. Your response to hostility can then be relaxed and playful as a foundation for displaying power wisely and compassionately as necessary. This also means that your mind is focused more on the Reality of who and what you are as a divine being, as a god, than on the illusion which is mostly just other people’s shit that you’re refusing to inherit and take on.

Socrates (Nick Nolte): “Everything has a purpose, even this, and it's up to you to find it.” (Way of thePeaceful Warrior, directed by Victor Salva, based on the novel by Dan Millman, 2006).

My way of dealing with these people without going to extremes is called ‘tough love.’

If you are intent on fighting back in an effort to silence them, you may have to pay a price so be prepared for consequences equal to your actions or worse! Make it fun as well! Yeah, make it fun. If it’s not fun (without being nasty) then don’t do it. I suppose this means that, whether or not you feel love in your heart during such actions, at least feel some degree of joy!

When you are trying to teach someone or get them off your back, do it with love and humour: elegantly, cheekily. And with grace; that is, lightly, as a light being, not heavily; playfully, not too seriously. As much as you can anyway (it’s all in the intention and deeper feelings within oneself). Dance with feeling and awareness, rather than being just physical and mental like a destructive machine.

“What you resist, persists.” (The Swiss psychologist Carl Jung is noted for saying this. Eckhart Tolle expands it thus: “Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists).

“Pain is a relatively objective, physical phenomenon; suffering is our psychological resistance to what happens. Events may create physical pain, but they do not in themselves create suffering. Resistance creates suffering. Stress happens when your mind resists what is…The only problem in your life is your mind’s resistance to life as it unfolds.” - Dan Millman (author of The Way of the Peaceful Warrior).

When you resist something or someone you feed the situation with energy and sustain the challenge or conflict. I also have to do something to deter the neighbours from making life unbearable with their loud TV however. I am finding it easier to cope with the loud coughing. I am continuing to show them what consequences there can be, to show that I too have a range of options. I need to ensure that I do not inflict anything as a negative reaction, or emotion. This seems unavoidable sometimes but generally I am being relatively disciplined.

Yes, basically, if you react or engage on any level, you are feeding their behaviour. Yet, when they live next door and the noise and intimidation is a frequent occurrence it becomes increasingly difficult to tolerate and ignore such negativity. It is a reminder that I should overcome the more savage reactions that surface at times when the going gets heavy [Retrospective note: “Separate your reaction from yourself,” as Betty Perkins advises (Lion Taming, p.45)]. These people are in my life, I suppose, because my ancient barbarian has not been fully released yet. This way, a bit of it is triggered at a time and can be released safely in small measures without doing any real damage. Hopefully, love will take over from negative emotions completely at some point and I will not feel any desire for revenge or feel the need to try and deter them by giving them a taste of their own medicine. 

Ultimately, you are acknowledging the illusion of others’ lower personalities when, in Reality, we are all One Being, we are all Love and we are all eternally loved and we are all magical and multidimensional gods.

Oliver Hardy: Now fix that lamp.
Stan Laurel: Shhh.
Oliver Hardy: And, if you must make a noise, make it quietly. Shhh [Tiptoes out of the room then returns after having spied Stanley stuffing cotton wool into his ears] What are you putting that cotton in your ears for?
Stan Laurel: Well, if I make a noise, I won’t be able to hear it.
Oliver Hardy: Oh [Turns back to go into the other room again but then turns around with a start as the absurdity of his friend’s logic dawns on him]
                - Their First Mistake (directed by George Marshall, 1932).

I am beginning to learn that these tests reflect repressed anger locked away in myself that needs release…and that this is an issue for me to recognise and work on. Let the emotions out as the neighbours trigger them. If you hold them in, allow them to come out when they insist or the time seems right. Yet, not in a violent way, in direct protest to the neighbours’ behaviour. But to and for myself. And, also, not creeping around quietly and respectfully like a mouse for fear of retaliation for the normal sounds I might make when I am in the kitchen. Listening to music and having fun doing the very opposite, making whatever noise I want to, freely, not giving a damn. Touché. I can be either quiet or noisy. Only giving them attention when I choose to. Ignoring them, being indifferent, yet opening a door to release the tension as and when I choose.

I am doing what I feel is right and what I think is necessary, what I feel I have to do to preserve my sanity in this situation, my peace of mind and quality of life. I have tested and employed a range of strategies from subtle to severe with varying levels of success but always the results have been temporary. It has been exasperating. Time and time again I have wondered what I could possibly do to get these people to stop behaving like fascists. I have tried affirmations, sending love and Light, blessing them, praying and found these experiments to be ineffective. The reason, undoubtedly, is that the only permanent solution is to move out. In other words, there is no solution. Everything appears to come down to money, not love!

‘The Incubation Space’ by Agartha (channelled through Lauren C. Gorgo at, 7 January 2009,

“This resting point, now activated within you, is the gateway to your dreams, to the manifestations of your hearts' desires and it will be for you alone to birth these new realities through the portal of heart-centred consciousness.
                Dear ones, you have taken yourselves and the planet to the point of no return, to the dimensional border of a new earth based in unity and love.
                Your role was vital, for each of you carry within you an encoded portion of DNA for the collective human experience. You have triumphed over adversity and you have mastered the craft of neutrality in service to the One and in preparation for your new roles as divine way-showers, divine stewards of new earth.
                And now you sit in stillness.
                It behooves you to embrace stillness for a yet a moment longer as you shed the remaining coat of armour once needed to live a life in duality. What for you may ask, and we will share that you have come to this resting place in final preparation for your new roles of active service.
                Be at peace dear warriors, for this time is of benefit to you and will also serve to enhance the biological purification process of ascension. You are extracting and releasing eons of discord and strife from your cellular memories and once completed you will be free to experience the pure joy of higher creation. This purification process is a necessary component of advanced living, it is the release of density prior to the ascent into oneness.
                Bless this space of incubation and allow yourself to simply be, to remain in peace and bask in the comfort of a recumbent pose, for soon activity will abound.
                To resist this time is to deny yourself the space to heal, to prepare and to adjust to the new frequencies that will escort you to your heaven on earth. Resistance of what is will only serve to create great anger and frustration, depression and feelings of captivity within your personal and collective experiences.
                Free yourself by surrendering fully and completely to this moment knowing that all is in perfect order and timing. You are fully supported by the heavenly realms but remember too that suffering is a choice. Resist nothing and you are free.
                Beloved wayfarers, you are soon to realise why you endure, for indeed you have entered thy kingdom of glory. It was your plan, the gods and goddesses, the creators of new earth who came together to anchor and distribute the energy of Christ consciousness for all.”

“The SOURCE of humanity’s ‘misery’…….if you will…….is our adherence to our SEPARATION MINDSET.” - Daniel Jacob (2006,

Whenever Fabala walks around in shoes, take a deep breath – breathe her in – and visualise violet flames rising upstairs surrounding her as you breathe in and out. Say, ‘Bless you.’ Combine these three actions.

This is a person in pain who seeks to harm for the harm caused to herself by others. Regard each walk across the room upstairs as a signal that there is a wound ‘somewhere’ that needs healing.

Where the wounds are, may Divine Love heal them.

And perhaps you are healing your own wounds at the same time! Perhaps you have similar or related issues on some level. That is, she is in my life to represent part of myself. There is something in my subconscious that drew her into my life. It is, I have finally discovered, our subconscious projections that makes the most powerful impression on life. For, the soul and life both fall into the category of consciousness (feminine) as opposed to being (masculine) as I understand it. “Remember,” explains Jesus/Sananda, it is your subconscious that creates first and foremost. That is why we say to you - stop now and give thanks. Bless what you have and let go of the 'need' to have more. Enjoy the gifts of abundance HERE & NOW and in doing so you will not even feel the need for more. Perversely it is this very 'letting go' that will open you in your appreciation to the energy of abundance, and without realising it you will ALLOW more of it to flow into your life! I Am often told that it is easier said than done. But I say to you my beloved friends and Masters that it is much easier done than said! Get beyond your mind for there are too many limiting thoughts there. Stop thinking and creating for your tomorrows - let go, 'BE' and enjoy today. Know that this understanding will create a million more joyful tomorrows! To sum up our communication to you then we will simply say - 'What You Focus On Increases.' Focus then on the gifts around you - for they are many. Remember you came here to transmute the limitations, not become part of them!” (Channelled by Ishvar, 11 June 2000,

So…be nice to your subconscious! It bites! Haha.

There is no harm in showing someone what they are doing, reflecting their behaviour back to them. Now that we have brought the ‘intentional hostility’ issue out into the open, you are free to reflect it back to her by throwing things at or tapping on the ceiling just as she has gone to bed. Just make sure you have let go of any anger first. It might be a good idea to do the first violet flame exercise at the time and then this a bit later. [Note: here, I was playing around with ideas and experimenting. For a day or two, in fact! And, as I have explained previously, the practising Fabala’s ceiling didn’t last long either. Knocking on the ceiling was just a temporary measure, a warning, to see if it worked. It had no effect. I couldn’t go on like that. It felt too negative. No positive energy in such an action. It felt like I was just attacking the target, not enjoying the game! Or, rather, the initial sense of fun wore off quite quickly].

So now, yeah, you do what you like and I will too. This is a combination of both sets of neighbours being horrible. In addition, El Phaba is not only stomping around in shoes (especially when she has less to risk) but also turning her TV up louder too for some reason and that is right above me so it doesn’t need to be on full volume to disturb me. After twelve years of living next to and beneath these selfish, proud types of people, I have concluded that the best solution is to say, ‘OK, you do whatever you want and I will too,’ and then go crazy! Then they can’t complain that you’re imposing your will on them or forcing them to be more responsible. Wearing soft slippers isn’t your tradition? Wouldn’t be seen dead in them? Or some other excuse OK then. If you won’t change, I will. [This was written sometime in November].

The solution is to make a noise anyway, especially when she doesn’t want you to. Loud music is the answer. I enjoy loud music (of my choosing) but not every day, all the time. Besides, I need peace and quiet for writing these books. As for the next-door neighbours, if someone (like Maltesers) who is particularly hateful and resentful, intensely bent on disturbing you, is making banging noises until 1 a.m., and you play loud music the next day (I mean for an hour or two) in retaliation or as a deterrent (and to release the tension caused by getting up late), it backfires if the other family members don’t know what’s going on. You could be made to look like the aggressor and they may want you to appear hostile to justify further action.

Oh, in this House of Horrors you may shout or laugh,
Talk gibberish or watch comedy on TV,
Do whatever you need to in order to avoid
Being dragged down into negativity;
And to deter further intimidation.
And so say all of me.

AThe present times are such that you can review whatever of your old self is being carried forward. It is part of your personal cleansing that cuts links with certain aspects of your consciousness, that no longer serve one who is aspiring to raise their present levels. What you are wrestling with are thought forms that have long been part of your psyche. They determine your reaction to circumstances through your past experiences, and your own image as to who you think you are. You are faced with automatic responses that can no longer align themselves with the changes you are making so that your consciousness may be uplifted. You can break the link by denying it your energy which will prevent it manifesting. Let thoughts pass through your mind in the same way that you become an observer of actual events, and release them straight away. Be assured that in time you will be able to take full command of your thoughts and actions.@ - SaLuSa (channelled through Mike Quinsey, 9 Nov 2009,

I eventually dealt with the problem of the next-door neighbours turning their television up by putting a radio on loud in the kitchen. In their resentment, they made loud coughs and knocking, late at night, eventually adding loud talking and babies crying into the mix as well. Not really anything I could do about that, I thought, until I decided to be defiant about defending my right to go to bed at a decent hour and get up early for my own health and wellbeing. When I then had to draw upon this resource (the radio) to manage their late night noise I then resorted to playing loud music on my hi-fi (combined with single shouts which are not much different to Ha Chu’s fake coughs).

Yeah, like, I’m not lowering my vibration for you, not now.

“Do not react with hope. Do not react with fear. Respond with knowledge.” – Wisdom from The Greater Community. Volume II (by Marshall Vian Summers).

So, I have learned to ignore the thunderous steps from the ‘ogre’ living above me. I have learned to bless you. Now, perhaps you can learn to cope with goth metal! No, I don’t think I am sorry for enjoying myself at your expense for five minutes a day!

I have turned these conflicts into exchanges for the most part by coming up with ‘answers,’ responses, depending on their actions. If they turn the volume of their television up then I have the radio on loud in the kitchen, next to their toilet. My response to their loud coughing/sneezing and banging at night is supposed to be punching the punch-bag whenever I want instead of being too polite and not wanting to provoke the neighbours. I go through phases of wanting to enjoy this pastime, however. It’s not something I want to practice as a daily ritual although, I have to say, it might well have become one when I was attending classes if I had not prohibited myself from practising my punches on the bag during peace time (which, during such times, generates a negative response from next door). Keeping someone awake at night, however, actually prevents them from going to bed so this doesn’t seem like a fair exchange to me! Other than my early morning treat, playing music loud on the hi-fi is strictly a last resort: either if they do not respond to the radio or if they make my life unbearable, for example, with their loud TV. During November, I also got into the habit of putting some music on low volume to avoid being distracted or stressed by the noise from next door and upstairs in the evenings. This limits the type of music I could listen to. I can only bear so much classical music and other mellow sounds I have, much of which is pretty bland to be honest. I do have some cool stuff I can listen to, like some of David Sylvian’s albums (Gone to Earth, The First Day with Robert Fripp, Flux and Mutability with Holger Czukay, and I find the Rain Tree Crow album of the same name particularly beautiful and relaxing. In addition, I can listen to the spiritual song ‘Praise’ sung by Mata Amritanandamayi on Sylvian’s album Dead Bees on a Cake for hours as I mentioned previously). There is a track by Joy Division – ‘The Eternal’- that I totally adore in this regard and confess to having played this one track on ‘repeat’ all evening on several occasions! There doesn’t appear to be a limit to how long I can listen to it. Another mellow tune I can listen to over and over is the Paris ‘Quatre’ ambient instrumental mix on Malcom McLaren’s album Paris.

“We need people to push our buttons - how else do we heal the negative, the dark side - within us?” - Mark Cameron.
I suppose I have been placed here partly to shake up the dictatorial status quo of the hyenas and partly to shake up my own potential for aggression as well as release my tight grip on my emotions. I expect destructive emotions from previous lives is being unleashed, Pluto having reappeared at the location of my natal Moon (not quite reaching it but getting close enough to create more turmoil and chaos). This unconscious energy that is resurfacing in order to be transmuted has, I believe, been repressed in more recent lives. It has continued to exert pressure too, however. Lower astral entities have been able to exploit this energy and provoke reactions through personal and collective events.

I feel like I have been surrounded by hyenas and other wild beasts. Either I can’t get to them or they are female or a psychopath you can’t go near anyway. So, my responses for quite a long time were self-destructive and crippling to me because I did not know how to release the energy. But, living with hyenas over a period of years, two things happen. One is that one tires of reacting. There is simply too much selfish behaviour to quell. The other is that, eventually, power takes over because it is needed. One finally realises that being so powerless is unacceptable and cannot be allowed to continue. A whole new outlook of life is required and one intends to reclaim one’s power in other areas of life too. As you increase your power your potential for being creative or destructive grows. Christ/Love must be developed alongside it so that the ‘Law of One’ (or natural expression of divine unity) is maintained and no harm is caused to others.

It is a negative vibe but I=m in a sufficiently high frequency now to not be too affected by it. It=s a good test of my vibration. There is a degree of tension that is caused by both neighbours but it is only the loud TV that really gets to me and then I take action. I am, however, also enduring loud get-togethers once or twice a week but I just can=t be bothered to play these people=s games anymore. I asked the last tenant who lived upstairs if she=d mind wearing softer soles indoors and look what happened!

“The world does not know that we must all come to an end here, but those who know it, their quarrels cease at once.” – Buddha.

During the Summer of 2009, I prepared myself each day to make sure my vibration was sufficiently high to offset any noise harassment due to come my way in the evening. I also managed my days to get the work done that required peace and quiet during the daytime and left other work for the evenings so I could play music at the same time, usually mellow but for a while there I played loud music in order to silence the utterly insane noise levels inflicted on me from upstairs for a few weeks. I also started leaving baths and walks and certain tasks (even washing up) for the evenings in order to relocate myself at least for part of the evening (aka the ‘three rabbit hole’ strategy!).

I have practised blessing El Phaba all year. The ego mind seeks to protect us from feeling pain. It urges us to block it out and apply our minds to the situation. Allowing ourselves to feel the pain, we relax and open our hearts and we may then feel loving tenderness - just as practising gratitude raises one’s vibration and releases enough joy to help us to manage the challenges in our lives better than we would without such positive energy. This is something I am exploring too! [Retrospective note: Not that it is easy to be grateful for noisy neighbours – or cold weather I might add! - because they are there each and every day and no amount of love or gratitude will get rid of them or help us to endure them, not that I have really put such a notion to the test. That would seem to require a considerable degree of selflessness…or wisdom combined with strength…or devotion to the Divine Light of Reality beyond this unruly sandbox].

Without resisting or judging, without applying our minds, we feel something of the love and oneness of our eternal Self. Saying, ‘Bless you’ helps to activate the heart, to feel some of the love that is our true nature. And, of course, ultimately, this is one of the Ascension tools through which we can reclaim our natural, inner, innate beauty as All That Is. For, as St. Germain counsels:

“We have said it before: it is your time. Claim it. Claim it through your actions, through your expression. Claim it. When you witness an energy or expression or action that is not aligned with love, bless it, forgive it. When you see those who suffer, bless them. When you see those who hunger, feed them. For, it has been shared: the greatest hunger in this world is the hunger for love. And, each one of you that hears this, it is you who was sent here – to express that love; to share it.” (Channelled through Ashamarae McNamara, ‘Saint Germain: Part 2. ‘Remembering Who You Are,’ YouTube video posted by messagesfromwithin, 17 November 2009).

“So the only question is (and with this question we will complete this short message, but a very important message upon which we will be building) the question is this: ‘Am I, as a creative being, made in the image of God, willing to deliberately, consciously, and actively choose being responsible for which thoughts, which pebbles, are dropped into my mind in each moment? And if the answer is yes, what do I want the new pebbles to be? What vibrational qualities will I call to myself and thereby create my tomorrows?’ Any time you react to what you believe is outside of yourself, you may be absolutely positive of this: You have elected to pick up that old pebble that said, ‘I'm a victim of the world I see. What I experience is caused by forces outside of me. The fault really is in my mother, my brother, my father, my child. The fault really is in the government, and the planet, and the quality of air. The fault really is from a source outside of me, and I have no choice but to react to it.’ To which I can only say, ‘Would you rather be right, or happy?’” - Jeshua (channelled through through Jayem, The Way of the Heart, Lesson 8,

“There are many in the world who are dying for a piece of bread, but there are many more dying for a little love.” - Mother Teresa.

“All things are either the extension of Love or the cry for help and healing.” – Jeshua (channelled through Jayem).

Although these Monstaville books focus on my efforts to try and manage the situation here, it has to be said that there have been countless occasions when I have tried to simply ignore the noise instead of either reacting negatively or responding positively.

One ought to respect a worthy opponent, but I’m not so sure one should tolerate one’s enemy and allow them to triumph. No, one must fight back but in the most intelligent and inspired way imaginable.

Warriors work for Truth, Light and Justice. Anyone fighting for other reasons is, or should be, commonly known as a menace.

We must prove ourselves responsible and worthy of power.

Enemies are there to make us stronger and wiser. With time, we can become strong enough to topple Goliath and bring him crashing to the ground.

I have always sought to control my aggression. I have turned it towards myself. Eventually, it does harm to me but no one else. Who knows if, beyond being oversensitive during a traumatic childhood, this has resulted from not forgiving myself for violence in previous lives. Undoubtedly, it relates in some way to having turned away from the Light and pushing myself to open up fully again to the wholeness and unconditional love of my true Self. I need to allow this violent energy to surface and I need to transform it through love and awareness now. In a sense, I have accepted and befriended my inner tiger whilst living here. I have recognised its value and understood that I need its energy and power, not just to meet the challenges of life, but also to bridge and bring in the energy and power of my Higher Self too. To become whole again.

If I keep holding this energy, this ‘beast’ (my negative ego, or shadow side) in, denying it, I will continue to be crippled by it. Any anger that builds up must be released.

“Let the other know that you know them. Let them know you see their beauty, and the not-so-beautiful side, and you love them anyway. With self-love admit your strength and love it. Admit your weakness. Admit your ugliness, and love it. Quite so, it is easy to love the beauty, and it’s the ugliness that needs the love, too.” - Lazaris (channelled through Jach Pursel, The Sacred Journey. You and your Higher Self, NPN Publishing Inc., Florida, U.S., 1987, p.113).

This is why I am living here: because the tiger has been let out of the cage but it is slouched beneath a tree, hiding from the world and especially from itself, feeling unloved, rejected. Consequently, a pack of hyenas have been sent to provoke this now harmless, defeated, largely docile beast. It has lost its predatory instinct and its lust to kill but, at the same time, it is no longer even bothering to growl. So, it is a two-way learning process. Love even the hyenas, be patient, gentle and compassionate as far as you are able to – but not at the expense of power. Thus, the warrior matures into the wise elder. The tiger has no escape from its tormentors but if they get too close and really disturb him then he certainly does roar as a warning to them.

The tiger is still enduring the effects of the tranquilliser dart that was fired into him in order to lead him into this vulnerable place. There was no other way. His power had to be taken away for the first few decades of this incarnation. The tiger is a law unto himself because he is so powerful!

“Every part of our personality that we do not love will become hostile to us.” – Robert Bly.

This is all about learning to accept circumstances but also shining one’s intent on to them in order to move in the right direction and create the life one wants; that is, by staying positive instead of reacting negatively. Being patient with what is, feeling grateful and appreciative for what you can and responding as required, nurturing your life, and every person and experience in it, being gentle with yourself. In a word: loving.

Master Kan (Philip Ahn): What is more yielding than water? Yet, back it comes again, wearing down the rigid strength which cannot yield to its staff. What is more forceful than quiet water?
- Kung Fu (Season 3, Episode 3, ‘A Small Beheading,’ 1974).

To me, now, this Daoist principle means either yielding or responding but without resisting, without blocking or wasting energy. It means playing and dancing with life, including its challenges, remaining unaffected by them, not allowing them to get to us. In tai chi chuan, it also means responding with the appropriate amount of internal power as soon as a feather’s weight is felt, moving before the other person has launched a full attack, sabotaging its momentum and restoring peace in a soft, graceful way, without using force. Once someone has succeeded in getting to you, having caused sufficient tension to disturb your own flow of energy, you’ve already lost. "Use four ounces to deflect a ‘thousand pounds,’” as the classics say. Tai chi “uses four ounces of effort to calm a thousand pounds of woe." Another basic tenet of this art is expressed thus: “If the enemy does not move, we do not move, but as soon as he begins to move we move at once.” As soon as we detect our opponent's slightest movement, their intention to attack even, we move first to counteract it. We also match the pressure they employ by yielding in equal measure and advance as they retreat, sticking to their energy, being one with the chi which is within both ourselves and our opponent. We allow power to be expressed in the way that consciousness itself wishes to respond. This may appear to be force on the outside but it flows from a place within, from a place of peace, love and creative intelligence. It is therefore effective without being destructive. The water restores all to its own nature. It brings everything home to its own innate feeling of peace and oneness where no such violence is born. It is without tension, fear, denial or judgement. Inner feeling (Inner Child/soul) is balanced by conscious awareness so there is no tyranny from either ‘child’ or ‘adult.’

St. Germain asks, ‘What would love fight?’ [see Appendix VII: ‘St. Germain: Judging and empowering fear’] - which stops me in my tracks. Beyond the final page of this book lies a new birth and a new aspiration to attain that level of self-mastery which knows only love. Perhaps I ended up living in this place because I have not loved or nurtured myself sufficiently and have persisted in fighting with myself, exacerbating my inner conflicts instead of accepting all aspects of myself and surrendering to wholeness. I have been appreciating most aspects of my existence and my world, including little details, in the present moment. I’ve also been paying more attention to how I feel and owning my feelings. A channelled message from Bashar made me realise that there are a few basic levels of awareness which require a positive attitude. Neglecting to accept or appreciate the way things are at the moment blocks one’s intention to achieve future goals. For instance, I want to have a base, a home, in a much more agreeable environment (then, I’ll be happy to visit urban areas, including this place in which I live now with some reluctance!). I can make that my intention but I can also consciously extend my love and appreciation to what is and accept it all, including the conflicts and challenges. Indeed, that is what I have started doing (not consistently although, when I slip up, I often see the humour in my own failings because I am more aware of them – it’s a bit like stepping in dog shit! Haha).

And I'll be happy to see those nice young men
In their clean white coats
And they're coming to take me away ha haaa

- Napoleon XIV (Jerry Samuels), from the song ‘They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!’ (1966).

At the same time, theoretically, I can use the power of my intent to reach out and claim more for myself. The common thread through all of this is non-resistance, non-denial and an attitude of embracing all that is and which can exist equally.

This series of books is a ramp. It will always be with me and I will keep riding off it until there comes a time when I no longer crash to the ground but clear all the obstacles in my path and attain to sainthood and self-mastery. Evil Knievel eat your heart out! One day. The spiritual life involves helping someone, giving them what they need, transcending weaknesses and overcoming surmountable odds, says Ramtha (channelled by J.Z. Knight,

ATantra says: >You say yes. You say yes to everything. You need not fight, you need not even swim B you simply float with the current. The river is going by itself, on its own accord, everything reaches to the ultimate ocean.=@ - Osho.

This is the Way of Oneness. Accept all experiences as a challenge or game. Don’t just passively accept the situation but apply your heart energy, the love, the joy and the creative power and intelligence of your spirit. See the world through the heart, the eye of love, and not in terms of good and evil. See the situation as a challenge to express your higher nature as much as possible amidst turmoil. Don=t let them pull you down into negative energy. Have fun, release tension, let your anger out, rise above it as and when you feel able to without repressing your emotions, ask for help, send them love and Light. Get by or get on top of it, whatever, just don=t sink into the quicksand of negativity.

“When you receive a thought of darkness and fear and it reaches your being feel the touch of the Goddess to comfort you. Her will is strong and all here are her children. With her will and guidance send the Crystal Light to teach your brother or sister ethics and fairness. Send this light on her behalf to the temple of their third eye so that they will be enlightened by the radiance and send her powerful voice from deep within her belly to speak to their spirits and direct them to feel oneness. Release her energy to ground them to the highest will of the divine…Every moment is the acceptance of the divine gift of life, wondrous love and divine bliss.” (From the GoldRing transmission ‘Crystal Sword of Illumination – 2012. Awakening the Family of Light,’ YouTube video posted by rysa5, 23 October 2009,

“The way that humans experience life is due to change dramatically for the better in the very near future. For eons, conflict, distrust, and betrayal have been the standard modes of behaviour for the vast majority of those living on Planet Earth, and for that majority it is almost impossible to conceive of any other way because it appears to be standard and normal, and to actually trust anyone would seem to invite betrayal and would therefore be insane.” – Saul (channelled through John Smallman, ‘You are frequently feeling the disquiet of others,’ 15 January 2012,

"More than anything else, I believe it's our decisions, not the conditions of our lives, that determine our destiny." - Tony Robbins.

Self-defence Against Fresh Fruit (continued from the sketch included in Book 2).

Sergeant (John Cleese): Right. Bananas. How to defend yourself against a man armed with a banana. Now, you, come at me with this banana. Catch! Now, it's quite simple to defend yourself against a man armed with a banana. First of all you force him to drop the banana; then, second, you eat the banana, thus disarming him. You have now rendered him 'elpless.
Self-defence student (Michael Palin): Suppose he's got a bunch?
Sergeant: SHUT UP!
Self-defence student (Eric Idle): Suppose he's got a pointed stick?
Sergeant: SHUT UP
- Monty Python's And Now for Something Completely Different (directed by Ian MacNaughton, 1972).

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