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Monstaville Book III. Chapter 26


“The world is getting to be such a dangerous place, a man is lucky to get out of it alive.”
- W. C. Fields.

Neighbour Notes September to November 2010.

A close friend told me that putting loud music on is a premeditated act of aggression and suggested that I have enjoyed the revenge too much! He advised me to tell my landlord that we have both been inconsiderate with noise over the last few years and that I agree to stop. But then the ‘unprovable harassment’ just continues - rolling down the hill with ease while I struggle to climb up and endure my ordeal.

This is why these books needed to be written. I cannot prove that my tormentors are doing any of this deliberately, behaving in a hostile manner. It is a hidden ordeal, one that only I can really comprehend by experiencing it firsthand and over a period of time (and by no means fully). This means that I am alone in my sufferance and challenges, or ‘persecution’ as I would call it. To an observer, logically, the kinds of noises that have been used as psychological weapons against me are less likely to be deliberate whereas there is no ambiguity in someone deliberately putting loud music on early in the morning. No argument for accidental disturbance there. Apart from its pleasurable aspects (usually selfish if other people are within earshot), loud music is a weapon. It’s just that I am using it in a defensive capacity against specific people who are targeting me in specific ways. And, yes, I believe this is one example of the ‘militant behaviour’ that has been employed to persuade local folk to move out of the area, that they pool their knowledge, work together and win time and again. Hence, I have been called in (and to learn my own lessons of course). Loud music is inflicted in a blatantly conscious way rather than a subtle or sneaky way that can be interpreted as natural sounds of daily life. Yet, it is these organic sounds that have been turned into ammo and catapulted through the air with intent to maim on some level.

OK, well, prepare for a brief rant now then!

If you tell people there’s a conspiracy they never believe you or listen to your explanation because the territorial ego animal has reason for setting its boundary and it is too afraid to venture beyond that line that marks the border of solid ground. Because it is in the unknown that it meets its maker and is absorbed into the whole Self which is Love, Light and Truth. It is in Reality that illusion perishes. And, so, since conspiracies are naturally clandestine and power is maintained through secrecy, the ego gets scared and either cowers or hides behind a show of bravado and indignant protest or even ridicule. As soon as it touches the water of the unknown with one foot it senses trouble and backs away from what it imagines to be the shadowy abyss or some other man-eating vagina-shaped monster!

“BP knew the rig was going to blow. Hey, I’ll admit, some of it sounded crazy. But a lot of conspiracy theories do until your start investigating.” – Jesse Ventura (Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Season 2, Episode 7).

Author and investigative journalist, Jim Marrs, mentioned during his talk at Xcon 2005, ‘Rule by Secrecy: The Politics Of Secret Societies’ (, that someone only weeks earlier had told him that Abraham Lincoln’s assassination was not a conspiracy. Marrs pointed out that no fewer than fifteen people were hanged! So how could they say it wasn’t a conspiracy? That’s what a conspiracy is…several people plotting to commit a crime or participating in subversive activity.

It’s just like the Global Elite: even though they live right next door and above me, right under my nose, these people are tyrants who get away with their campaigns of control and harassment because I am unable to prove what they are doing and therefore cannot justify my own self-defence to anyone. No one really supports me in this. They use ‘everyday’ sounds. They disguise their malice with familiar, mundane, biological explosions, or so-called ‘natural’ sounds, including those of babies and children which, it would appear, they often borrow for the occasion! It’s all ammunition they can fire at will whilst being protected by the law. And, as I said, I suspect that they have learned this terrorist practice, this method of psychological torture, by pooling their experiences when they get together at the mosque each week, sharing and building on each other’s militant strategies. Consequently, over the years, they have mastered these techniques and employ them as relentlessly and ruthlessly as any Commissar, Conquistador, Stasi operative, Jesuit infiltrator, Mafioso or Bankster! This, I believe, is one reason God sent me here: to expose this hidden war which has successfully expelled so many English people from this area until the place is unrecognisable.

Again, as with the Elite, it is vital to understand what type of enemy this is. These are not ‘ordinary’ folk. They are cunning, ambitious, brutal, vengeful, arrogant and hateful just like the Khazarian aristocracy, the supremacist, incestuous, blood-sacrificing, non-Semitic ‘so-called ‘Jews’’ who are bent on enslaving the ‘goyim,’ the masses, who are nothing but cattle and to be treated as such according to the Talmud.

16 September. Particularly noisy morning of various items being dropped on the floor, like Dambusters! Fake coughing from Maltesers at 1.23 p.m. and more an hour later. El Phaba was banging on the floor at 5.55 p.m. and 7.50 p.m. She dropped stuff on the floor when she got home when I was communing serenely with the Goddess in meditation. It was after this that I opened the letter from the landlord. There was so much screaming from kids next door this evening as well.

[The letter from the landlord must have arrived on 15th or 16th September I think (I didn’t note it down). I was informed that El Phaba had complained about me playing loud music each day at 6.30 a.m. This had to stop, I was told. The letter also included a request to call them to discuss the rent increase that was due. So, I had to call the landlord’s office on the following Monday after feeling pretty down about the whole thing. I prepared what I wanted to say and communed with Sekhmet during meditation beforehand so it went fairly smoothly. What I said was that compassion had already gotten the better of me and I already stopped playing loud music a week before their letter arrived in the mail. It was a desperate attempt to defend myself against two sets of Pakistani neighbours conspiring to get rid of me by torturing me with noise through coordinated attacks, I said (or words to that effect). In fact, my vibration had increased and this no longer felt like behaviour I wanted to engage in because it did not feel beneficial to me on that level but more detrimental to my own wellbeing. Since then, I explained, both neighbours had intensified their noise campaigns.

I explained that I was not currently doing anything but El Phaba was making more noise than ever. The reality is that I had only played loud music every day for a couple of months during the Summer and it had only been a couple of times a week if that since July. However, because I was no longer in the habit of getting up early and dancing to one loud song one of the last times I did this I got carried away and didn’t stop the music because I was enjoying it. So, on that day, I listened to three or even four loud songs which was not part of the ‘deal.’ I’m saying that perhaps I broke the spell or something. Also, as I explained, it used to be 7 a.m. but I found myself getting up earlier. Originally, my alarm would go off at 6.30 but I wouldn’t get up for a while.

I also said I believed that the reason she had complained after I had finished was to make sure I could not take this course of action to retaliate now that the next-door neighbour’s son had returned from Pakistan and they felt safe and free to attack again. It was because they wanted to continue with their harassment campaign to get rid of me which they couldn’t unless I was totally defenceless which I was going to be now. In other words, my uber-aggressive stance totally had them on the back foot for a year or so! In addition, I believe this is revenge for my asking the Pakistani guy over the road who fixes cars with his mate not to make so much noise in the street. It’s a ‘hit.’ These people are standing up for what they believe in; that is, they are making as much noise as they want and not having to give a fuck about anyone else because the information in their genes is probably that people are not spatially-aware or sensitive to loud noise. For all I know, El Phaba’s friends and family are fully in agreement with her belief and her stance, too.

Well, it is pretty difficult to defend oneself against two sets of Pakistani neighbours particularly when they are working together! Ha Chu was also angry because I had allowed ivy to grow up my side of their outhouse which their builders, years ago, had left in a right state: breeze blocks and lumpy concrete which looks very ugly. The ivy had gotten out of hand however so, this Summer, I had pulled it off the wall, intending to allow it to grow again. It had taken several years to grow up the wall. I could not reach up as high as the roof so I left that bit. One day, I went out to do tai chi in the garden and Ha Chu was huffing and puffing as he tried to pull up the ivy. In the process, he pulled off a little of the roofing felt I think and blamed it on me.

I also explained to the lady in the landlord’s office that these problems started when I had eventually asked El Phaba very politely if she could stop walking around in shoes upstairs she said no and did it more and started dropping things on the floor which became a nightmare. She was quiet for the first 10 months or year, I explained, and we got on fine.

My way of dealing with this situation has been to put up with the noise in exchange for a few minutes of loud music in the mornings (and a. I enjoy it when I wake up. It’s just one song and b. it has to be before the other neighbours are around to avoid more conflict).

From my notes: I just think if she’s not going to be considerate why should I? I’ve pretty much stopped again anyway. It’s been dwindling for a while. In fact, now, I only do that if she’s being really nasty and dropping stuff on the floor a lot. This is a permanent harassment campaign and, personally, I believe that she knows the Pakistani family next door and they’re all in it together! I did mention that I’d love to have some solid evidence and know this for sure.

“You may blame yourself for not being strong enough to appreciate some unhappy people in spite of their negative emotional offerings toward you. Well, we would never suggest that you be able to look at something you do not want and feel good about it. Instead, look for things that cause you to feel appreciation when you find them – and then the Law of Attraction will bring you more things like those.” – Abraham (Manifest Your Desires by Esther and Jerry Hicks, Hay House, Inc., Carlsbad, CA., U.S., 2008, p.217).

The landlord, the owner of the company, was listening to the conversation on another phone (he must have shown her a note or something to prompt her to talk about the rent increase and she said, ‘Huh? Oh yeah’ or something away from the mouthpiece. There are a few intriguing facets to this whole drama regarding the landlord. I had removed these paragraphs from this book but now feel that this would be an appropriate place to insert them:

I keep smiling. I am finding the situation amusing. It is completely absurd - insane! I always suspected the neighbours of approaching the previous tenants, offering them money or whatever if they could make me move out. A witch hunt, in other words! After all, we have been at war for a long time. Now, I admit I am wondering whether or not my enchanting friend upstairs knew the neighbours before she moved in. I don’t know. It’s a mystery. After the hippo lady moved out the landlord made out that it would be difficult to find another tenant and told me he ‘knew someone,’ someone looking for a flat in this area, perhaps. It’s like being captured across enemy lines. Who can be trusted and who can’t?

The landlord had also suggested just before that, after I mentioned the tabla drums being played late at night, that he might try to ‘put one of them up there,’ meaning another Asian. Perhaps, by that stage, the neighbours had already attempted to get one of their own to move in by sending someone to approach my landlord and he knew something was fishy. I’m never quite sure how sympathetic he is to my ordeal here. I mean, he did put a known psychopath above me so I wouldn’t put it past them [Apparently, ‘he wasn’t as bad before he hit the bottle’]! He seems to understand what I’m up against and has been supportive regarding the loud tabla drums and noted that the son thinks he’s important after he had called the office to ask them to pay for half of the wall they erected when the fence was struggling to keep the wind at bay. He told me to deal with it and said anything I decided was fine as long as it didn’t include contributing any money! So, while there was a sense of being trusted, there was also the matter of getting me to do the dirty work and explain that the landlord was not willing to pay anything towards the wall.

No doubt, the landlord has become increasingly aware that it is wiser to rent properties out to like-minded and culturally-familiar people in areas where they will feel more ‘at home.’ This whole town has changed so rapidly, however, that it resembles a laboratory experiment founded on a complete lack of planning, foresight, relevant qualifications or concern for people’s quality of life (as might be said of the entire country too perhaps, fodder for the bonus-bouffant business world being the prime motivation for ignoring the prospect of social chaos). Regardless, I would say that the neighbour living in the flat upstairs now is the same type of female, on some cultural level, as those living next door: a type of Pakistani woman who has a chip on her shoulder. Perhaps it is also that ‘third generation’ principle at work again.

Really, though, the landlord would prefer to sell all of the houses they own in this area and most of them have gone now (I believe there are only two left now). This is all pure speculation. In seeking truth, one thinks, feels, observes and arrives at possible conclusions based on the available information. ‘Almira Gulch’ may not have known the neighbours when she moved in but may have been approached afterwards, and got to know them over time, although her family lives round the corner so it is possible that the two families are on familiar terms, having lived in the area for a few decades. At the beginning, she may have needed to get to know me a bit and suss me out and, like the H-bomb, she now feels that it is safe to ‘walk all over me’ (well, with the floorboards and ceiling between us!). And I thought they were just selfish and irresponsible, not nasty from the outset, not mercenary.

There was a time, after Mr. Pig moved out I think, when the landlord tried to persuade me to move to another of their properties several miles away and told me they could make me move out if they wanted, a statement with which I concurred having already spoken to a lawyer about such things. Who knows what tactics and threats are employed to this end! I turned the offer down because the flat was smaller, hadn’t been decorated for decades and I didn’t have a bean to spend on the place whereas I spent a few grand decorating the flat I’ve made my home (plus about the same amount on the garden). It was also right on a noisy main road although that wasn’t such an issue I guess. Ultimately, it was too small and I figured if I was going to lose my stuff, or have to put some in storage (with a friend) I may as well just throw in the towel. I said that I had made my home here and thought this was permanent accommodation to which the landlord replied that is was (past tense emphasis). So I stuck to my guns, offered them an extra £20 a week for the rent and was able to stay. When that lady moved out, I was told that the landlord was doing me a favour but I think that, once they decided to keep the property for another five or so years they were content to leave it and collect the rent. If they wanted to surely they could simply increase the rent to the point where I could no longer afford to leave here and would have to move anyway so I’m not really sure what’s going on. The reason the rent is much lower than the going rate for the area is that their flats are unfurnished, they want minimum maintenance hassles and prefer people to stay for as long as possible so they don’t have to keep advertising and finding new tenants (although that is easier than they make out).

The landlord was nasty to me on the day that El Phaba moved in and she, later, mentioned that she had observed this – as though she genuinely did not know why. I told her it was probably because he had tried to put the rent up and I refused to go along with it. I realised/intuited a couple of years later that it was (at least partly) because I had been slightly rude/inconsiderate/impatient to his son once when I was stressed (I was late with the rent and had to take 5 or 6 weeks’ rent with me…from delayed housing benefit). He’d offered me two envelopes instead of one and I snapped a bit saying I only needed one, like ‘of course!’It seemed like a stupid suggestion but he was only trying to help. I was wired and impatient that’s all. I’m not blaming the landlord for anything that has happened to me here. He’s not responsible for people’s behaviour, they are! And I am responsible for what I have attracted into my life or the lessons and challenges I have taken on. Also, apparently, he is always keen to avoid conflicts of this nature.

“Whenever you are looking for things to appreciate, you have control of your own vibrational offering and your own point of attraction; but when you are responding to the way others seem to feel about you, you have no control…You do not know what happened to them today, and you do not know how they are living, so you cannot understand why they react to you in the way they do – and you cannot control it. However, when you are more interested in how you feel than they feel about you, you do have control of your experience.” – Abraham (Manifest Your Desires by Esther and Jerry Hicks, Hay House, Inc., Carlsbad, CA., U.S., 2008, p.218).

Zombie Behatch by Bettie Boner

17 September. Yeah, see! My enemies know I am defenceless now. They smell blood and are going in for the kill. 8.45 a.m. Loud stomping in shoes upstairs followed by a few heavy objects dropped on the floor. This was followed by repeated fake coughing and spluttering after which there was a spate of fast stomping, like running on the spot. All within the space of 5 minutes! In the evening, around 10.30, as she went to bed, El Phaba dropped a heavy object on the floor which was excruciatingly loud. The next-door neighbours were very loud until about 1.30 a.m. (loud talking and kids screaming). Then, in the morning, El Phaba dropped stuff on the floor and walked about in shoes before leaving the house at 6.25 a.m., closing the front door loudly behind her.

WOW! It’s like a house of cards falling down on my head now. It’s Friday and my Pakistani neighbours tried to disturb me all through my tai chi practice in the garden at midday with fake coughing, banging buckets and bricks and stepladders on the concrete tiles without using them for anything. So much for mosque day! Fake coughing from Maltesers at 7.50 in the evening.

I’m trapped here and they have got me in a pincer grip. Isn’t this exactly what they were trying to do before I started playing loud music in the mornings – keep me awake late on Friday nights (Ha Chus) and then wake me up early the next morning (El Phaba’s shoes). That had them stumped! I turned the tables on them!

“Forgiveness is necessary. Forgiveness is a skill and an art that will pay you dividend upon dividend upon dividend upon dividend. It will never cease paying you. Each moment in which you choose forgiveness, you literally have saved yourself a thousand years of suffering! I mean that about as literally as one can mean it. In short, every act of forgiveness is a miracle that shortens the need for experience in this dimension. When you find yourself in a situation that you believe is too big, rest assured, it is because something big has finally come to the surface to be healed within you so that more power can shine forth through you. Why? You have reached the place where you are ready for it. More of Christ can be lived.” – Jeshua (channelled through Jayem, The Way of Mastery, from Lesson 3 – ‘The Healing Exercise,’

18 September. Three used nappies were thrown into the front garden. I noticed them when I drew the curtains in the morning. Again, the next-door neighbours made a lot of noise (mostly loud talking) while I did tai chi in the garden today.

El Phaba went out and came home at 1.04 p.m., dropped something on the floor that was really loud and made a racket for a few minutes (doing something with whatever object it was). She then dropped other stuff on the floor off and on for the next 6 minutes. She dropped another object at 1.23 which was, again, very loud, and then again at 1.48 and at 7 and 8 p.m.! ‘She’s making sure it’s really loud now!’ At 7.49: That’s the second fake sneeze she managed to pull off now. She must have her chops to the floor to make it loud enough to affect me.’ Or perhaps she’s been attending the Ha Chu terrorist training camp! Psychological Warfare department, naturally. ‘Sneezing Division.’ She was also stomping around upstairs for hours. The first chez-Ha-Chu ‘cough’ of the day was at 8.15 p.m., however! At 9.23 p.m., El Phaba dropped something heavy on the floor. That was extremely loud indeed! The Ha Chi family were very, very noisy all evening until 11.30 p.m.: loud talking, kinds screaming, lots of banging, including on the wall.

As I write up these final neighbour notes, I can appreciate the argument that keeping a daily record like this could be considered a trivial pastime! However, what you have to understand is that this information is much more than just a log of events. In addition to conveying my story and describing the landscape of my situation here so the reader has a clear picture of what I am talking about, what is going on around me, it is important to understand that this exercise is also a diversion from the temptation to react whether in thought or physically. This prevents any momentum of negative energy from creeping up and, combined with full breathing, allows me to pretty much let go and release everything. It’s a vital exercise for me because all these little incidents do create tension and it usually all adds up eventually and, in my case, generally leads to some degree of depression. So, I hope that people in similar situations are inspired by The Monstaville Memoirs to experiment and find a suitable outlet – and, of course, all-importantly, breathe! As a result, I remain mostly unaffected by the chaos going on around me just like a lotus flower rising above a bog. Most importantly, this provides the foundation for keeping my heart open and consciously remembering my connection to Source at times, and intending to feel love in my heart to some degree. Although I am nowhere near reaching a position of unconditional love, I admit!

“I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt.” – Mother Theresa.

Is it of course up to the reader to decide whether I’m a genuinely being subjected to some form of persecution or a paranoid lunatic! Haha. A little puzzle to solve perhaps! And one which may well elude the intellect so unless one feels – and knows - truth within one’s heart the reality may well remain unclear to those with a keen rational mind (that is, one that tends to rationalise everything). An interesting conundrum. I say this judging from the responses of a couple of people around me but no one has yet read the record included within these three books even in part. I imagine that this provides a complete picture of my circumstances but I cannot be absolutely certain. It is all quite clear to me and, as I have said, the real reason why it was important for me to write the Monstaville trilogy is that such circumstances are most difficult to articulate. Consequently, they often remain hidden and not only does no one offer any support but they frown upon the ‘injured party’ who might also be subject to ridicule or accusations of madness or paranoia, being the aggressor, being weak or oversensitive, whinging or complaining about nothing. It can be very much a private hell, in order words.

“Don't be concerned what others may think of your actions. You understand where you're coming from even if no-one else does." - Dean Fraser.

19 September. Maltesers ‘coughing.’ El Phaba walking round in shoes during the evening.

21 September. Maltesers: loud, repeated fake coughing at 4.39 p.m. It’s Friday again. 9.50 p.m. Ha Chu trying his hand at loud fake coughing too now. LOL: After my evening of fake sneezes which showed him how obviously fake his ones are. Result! El Phaba quiet tonight although she was very noisy this morning.

22 September. One loud, fake sneeze from Ha Chu yeah, because the ‘cough’ he tried was crap lol). Evening: El Phaba dropped solid objects a couple of times and then at 10.49 p.m. stomped around in shoes for 10-15 minutes. At 11.17 p.m., the next-door neighbours started being noisy (loud talking and kids screaming etc).

23 September. 2.03 p.m. Maltesers: more fake coughs. El Phaba is noisy every morning and every evening again now.

24 September. 10.02 in the evening. Maltesers: fake coughs. Plus loud talking until 10.40 p.m. After that there was some loud knocking on the wall with a solid object from 10.55 to 11.05 p.m. This was followed by more loud talking and then shouting. El Phaba got home right then at the same time as the shouting at 11.11 p.m.! Far out!

25 September. 20.46 p.m. Ha Chu let out the loudest ever fake sneeze which partly resembled my shout earlier in the kitchen today. They are keeping me awake at night deliberately so I’m contemplating taking measures to try and shut them up again. El Phaba came home in the evening at 11.30 and dropped a heavy object on the floor.

Mork (Robin Williams): If Holly liked him so much, how come she punched him and told him he was weird.
Mindy McConnell (Pam Dawber): Boys and girls often punch or push or hit each other as a sign of affection.
Mork: Punching and pushing and calling someone names means you like them?
Mindy McConnnell: Yeah, it can.
Mork: Then the cowboys and Indians are lovers?
- Mork and Mindy (1978).

26 September. Morning. El Phaba: dropping things on the floor for ages. Next-door neighbours: loud talking and banging on the wall with a solid object (at the same time) at 12.46 p.m. Then silence. 3.04 p.m. El Phaba dropped a very heavy object on the floor. She is also attempting to cough or sneeze again but it is so fake and distant that I can’t tell which! Then more coughing and dropping objects on the floor.

All this (from next door) after several months of total silence!

27 September. El Phaba dropped stuff on the floor very loudly at 6 p.m. before going out. She fears no reprisals now I see! This morning I found another used nappy in the front garden which I succeeded in deftly throwing into their outhouse through the open window. It was a tight fit but I managed it somehow!

28 September. Yeah, I thought this would happen now. El Phaba is trying to make my life unbearable now by walking around in shoes and dropping things on the floor for 1½ hours before she goes to work at 8.30 in the morning every day now. 10.08 p.m. onwards. Lots of shouting near the wall.

30 September. 20 minutes after I got home (at 7.15 p.m.) El Phaba dropped stuff on the floor repeatedly. It’s just always as loud as possible now because she no longer fears reprisals! Ha Chu: loud ‘sneeze’ at 8.08 p.m. El Phaba walked around in shoes all evening. Eventually, around 9 p.m., I put some music on. Not loud, just enough to almost cover up the heavy thuds from upstairs which continued regardless. The next-door neighbours were so noisy, talking loudly and stuff right near the wall by my bed. At 12.40 a.m., I shouted ‘Fuck off’ very violently about 10 times. They carried on and just laughed.

“Be you therefore at peace. Practice forgiveness well, until it becomes like taking a breath. You will discover power that you did not know could exist, and a freedom whose taste is sweet above honey. I forgive you. Not because I have judged you, but because I know the blessing that forgiveness brings to me. Forgiveness is something I perfected as a man. Perfect it within yourself as well, and you will know the glory of Christ. Be you therefore at peace, beloved friend. Amen.” - Jeshua (channelled through Jayem, The Way of Mastery, from the Third Axiom, p.40).

2 October. I was meditating between 7.30 and 8.30 this evening. El Phaba came home before 8 p.m. and, after about 10 minutes, seemed to jump suddenly or something which was loud. This was followed soon afterwards by the daughters of Ha Chu making some fake coughs to start their evening off just like last time (they have another daughter and her friend round for the evening). They are showing me that if I react by putting on a fake coughing and sneezing performance again El Phaba will hear it all. Not that I can be arsed to do that again although I have just finished meditating now anyway. Do I want to spoil their party for doing that though? Hell yeah! Because they’re being loud and ordinarily I would say fair enough, it’s Saturday night, but they’ve poisoned each and every word, laugh and other sound. So I have ‘no alternative’ than to enjoy an evening of Motorhead! Loud? Hell yeah! Well, it IS Saturday night!

3 October. As usual, El Phaba is dropping stuff on the floor, including before she went to bed this evening. The Ha Chus have been talking loudly right next to my wall again until gone 1 a.m., which was noisy as hell, so I stayed up. Plus screaming kids. As noisy as they can be in other words. Well, that’s kind of IT then, isn’t it? It is now necessary to simply blast them with loud radio all day, every day in the kitchen. [I didn’t resort to this course of action though in the end].

4 October. El Phaba’s doing it again. Both morning and evening, walking around in shoes on the lino which is, honestly, excruciatingly loud! Oh yeah, she’s been dropping things on the floor as well. Well, I’d never have guessed! I believe she didn’t do this yesterday, the day after I played loud music, because, last night, the next-door neighbours kept me awake till after 1 and it was her job to wake me up early with that racket.

“Suffering opens up space within that otherwise would not be there – so God can come in and fill it.” – Mother Teresa.

5 October. A loud fake sneeze from Ha Chu at 1.21 p.m. This was followed by his wife ‘coughing’ loudly at 1.29 p.m. At 18.02, El Phaba dropped something heavy on the floor. It has heavy and loud but bounced. Strangely, Ha Chu has been making a lot of noise in his driveway today which (psychically) sounded like it was meant for me. There was even a fake sneeze at 8.30 in the evening. At 11.06 pm they found or borrowed a baby to cry? LOL. Noisy kids again until gone midnight.

7 October. At 9 p.m., Fabala walked around in shoes and dropped things but didn’t go out. Then, at 9.07, she dropped something on the lino that was exceptionally loud! She really put on a performance tonight. Just for ten minutes though. Someone kept knocking on the wall after 11.30 p.m.

Basically, I always seem to be trying to teach the neighbours that we are interdependent, that there are consequences for being selfish and hostile and that the only way to live is in peace not war. That’s the name of the game for me anyway.

8 October. Friday night. Playing some dance music for El Phaba. When you have more than one enemy working together you need only attack the weaker and easier one. They’ve all been nasty and noisy every day. The family next door have been noisy all evening up to midnight. There was then a very loud bang at 12.04 a.m.

9 October. El Phaba came home at 11.30 p.m. and walked around in shoes at about 11.45. Then, at 12.10, there was a loud noise next door (against the wall) although I’m not exactly sure what it was. This was followed by young children screaming. I’m behaving because I want to absorb the 10:10 energy and need to spread love and peace. A young child cried at 12.40 a.m.

10 October. I knew El Phaba would go for it today because I’ve let her off the hook by keeping quiet. Crazy! When I do nothing she does more. These people only understand the language of force. Perhaps she wants to believe that she and the Ha Chus are winning and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m sure that is how they think – always striving to convince themselves of this. Perhaps because they are confident, collectively, that these tactics have worked wonders on most if not all the English people they have wanted to send packing around here until I came alone. But me Indigo starseed warrior and you all flummoxed! Hehe. Deep down, I know the truth that love is all there is. You haven’t learned it yet.

Harry Solomon (French Stewart): I told you we should have come here as ducks but nobody listens to me.”
- Third Rock from the Sun (Series 1, Episode 2, Created by Bonnie and Terry Turner, 1996).

Indeed, it is only now that I can feel the truth of having volunteered to go through all of these experiences, in all of these lifetimes on Earth, with other people whilst bring something divine into the equation - a knowing that, however buried it may have been, is now finally surfacing on cue - to help accelerate human evolution at this time. To experience being completely at the mercy of these absurd illusions and find my way back to the heart which leads to the exit of the maze! I feel that I am close now because my thoughts have come together. My awareness is centred in the love, gratitude and forgiveness in my heart into which I have now tapped. This is happening quite irrationally. Most illogical, as Mr. Spock might say. Yet, it is ‘fascinating.’ This is not about belief but about ‘remembering,’ really, that, yes, I did elect to experience all of this, and to create the necessary karma which would have to be balanced in this way. That is the game, the 3D Challenge. Lose yourself, get hurled about in chaos, find yourself - which is also your way out because the true Self remains forever in the hub. Meanwhile, mentally, we are spinning out of control on the Meteorite ride at the fairground and our lives reflect that vibrationally. Those beliefs and those blockages to knowing the truth of who we are as beings of love and Light have passed like clouds to reveal an increasingly clear blue sky and a world filled with light from the Source. At the same time, I have grounded myself in accepting responsibility for my life, owning everything and acknowledging that I created these experiences, that I lost myself in the nightmare that is human life drenched in darkness. My intense Indigo emotions and now my golden Spirit shining forth.

So, yeah, El Phaba is making fake sneezes and coughs now too even though her head is too far from the floor to affect me and she’s too thick to comprehend the fact. At 11.15 a.m., she walked around in shoes and dropped things for 5 minutes. This was followed by squeaky laughter at 11.27 which also sounded fake and for my benefit! Haha.

There is no love in any of these people, above me and to the side…

“Oh love, thou are not loved.” – St. Francis of Assisi.

11 October. Uno Hu! Two fake sneezes this afternoon because he heard me talking on the phone for a while this morning. During the evening, El Phaba was quiet but there was loud talking and TV next door till late. At 11.50 p.m., I lost my temper and slammed the kitchen door against the metal filing cabinet with both hands, harder than ever (I can’t really help but use chi these days although I never realise at the time what power is going into it because it feels smooth and relaxed). All of the fridge magnets fell off. My favourite one, a black and gold plaster sphinx lost an arm and its nose and had to be thrown away, unfortunately, which made me wonder if there’s any connection with a life in Ancient Egypt going on here somewhere. After this, Ha Chu talked and laughed loudly by the wall.

14 October. Ha Chu let out a loud, fake cough at exactly midnight. This was followed by a child yelling plus some banging on the wall near my bed. To retaliate, I got out of bed and made a loud noise below El Phaba’s bedroom.

15 October. El Phaba was the noisiest ever this morning, and for ages. In the evening, she made the loudest noise ever: she hit the floor with something I think. She was noisy until 9.30. Probably went to bed early. Next door, there were kids screaming until 11 p.m.

It is also about fighting these people and winning! Somehow, whenever they declare war on me, they can never believe I could possibly beat them. I’m just one guy living in a flat on my own, being ambushed on all sides.

17 October. El Phaba: loud TV for a short while after coming home around 5.30 p.m. Then, at 6.03 p.m., she dropped something on the floor which was incredibly loud.

"You can complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses..." - Ziggy (a comic strip created by Tom Wilson).

18 October. Monday morning. Excruciatingly loud for an hour or so, as El Phaba walked on the lino in shoes.

19 October. Morning. El Phaba walked around in shoes on the lino and dropped things on the floor which was so very, very loud!

20 October. El Phaba came home at 7.20 p.m. and dropped something very heavy on the floor after a few minutes which was terribly loud. She then walked around on the lino in shoes. I put some classical music on.

21 October. El Phaba came home around 8 p.m. and, after about a minute, dropped something very heavy on the floor. Again, ridiculously loud.

“Perceive all conflict as patterns of energy seeking harmonious balance as elements in a whole.” - Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo, Etowah Cherokee.

22 October. Morning. El Phaba: stomping about loudly in shoes at 8.15 a.m. as loudly as possible for 8 minutes. Mega annoying but, in the broader scheme of things, nothing, providing I continue to breathe fully. She came home in the evening at 6.43 p.m. with her boyfriend and dropped a heavy object on the floor.

23 October. Saturday. El Phaba was up at 6.20 a.m. and walked around in shoes for 10 to 15 minutes. Her boyfriend then picked her up at 6.50. She dropped a heavy object on the floor twice when she got home at 8.15. Every single time she comes home now she drops something on the floor at least once. And it’s always extremely loud. I do actually feel sorry for her now though. It’s such pathetic behaviour that I just don’t feel like reciprocating and going down to that level anymore. This was followed by more dropping things and walking round in shoes.

24 October. El Phaba returned from the supermarket at 4.55 and dropped something on the floor which sounded metallic. It was incredibly loud. She’s just doing this each time she comes home now. At 8 p.m. she dropped a couple of heavy items - deliberately to try and disturb me of course. Well, if you can drive someone mad legally why not? LOL. No one will ever know. Or care. Or understand.

28 October. El Phaba dropped something heavy on the floor first thing this morning and walked around in shoes, including on the lino. She was then helluva noisy stamping on the floor in shoes when she arrived home at 9.30 p.m.

“A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave.” – Gandhi.

30 October. El Phaba laughed and dropped something on the floor immediately afterwards. This was around 11.30 a.m. I think. Later in the afternoon I decided to go out into the garden to practice tai chi and had noticed earlier that something had got caught in the ceanothus plant at the back of the garden. I figured it must have been thrown there accidentally from one of the gardens behind mine. So, the first thing I did was to go and check it out. As I got closer I saw that it was a large pair of beige men’s y-fronts that were filthy and had a few holes in as a result of being burnt. Not only that, but, on the way, I also saw that a huge dead rat was lying at the end of my tai chi patch. I immediately knew what was going on because I remembered this same thing happening last Halloween! They had put a smaller rat there right in the same place although I can’t remember if it was placed so carefully as this one which was lain so it’s tail pointed directly towards the house and its nose in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, I decided it was better to leave that incident out of this book because I found it sick and also I didn’t actually think anyone would believe me if I suggested that the neighbours had placed it there! I chose to ignore the incident since it did not affect me in a negative way. I simply slung it on to their kitchen roof as I did with this one so it would remain there until it had decomposed or they had undertaken the awkward process of removing it. This year, however, I was wondering if such people would do something like this to a family where children were present which is quite a horrific thought!

I’m pretty sure it was the day before Halloween last year as well and it was followed the next day by excessive noise from El Phaba upstairs, exactly the same as this year, which I did record (see below). Another strange thing: whoever put the rat there also planted a fallen leaf in the soil near to it on both occasions. Leaves don’t just push their stalk ends into the soil and I’ve never seen this in my garden anywhere at any other time!

"Forgiveness is realising that what you thought happened, didn't." - Byron Katie.

‘Taking the pants’ down, however, was not so easy! It had been raining so the garden was muddy. The pants were suspended over my head and I had to step up onto a muddy slope to try and reach them. On my first attempt, I slipped and fell, twisting my ankle and knocking a plant pot over in which I keep a coiled water plan. This emptied the water and made my arm wet so I had to go and change my jacket and jumper before making a second attempt! They were just slightly out of reach which is why I didn’t use a stick and I managed to grab them successfully this time. I tried to throw them on the neighbours’ kitchen roof as well. You know, just give them back and be done with it. However, they were too light and the wind stopped them halfway which meant that I needed to use the clothes pole to help them on their way home. More of a palaver than I had anticipated in other words. You know, my intention was to give as little thought and energy to this episode as possible.

“You have to come to remember that it makes no difference whatsoever how anybody is flowing back at you, otherwise you are going to be defensive – and you cannot be defensive and appreciative at the same time. When you concentrate on appreciating, then appreciation comes right back – but you are really not looking for appreciation to come to you; you want the feeling of appreciation flowing through you.” – Abraham (Manifest Your Desires by Esther and Jerry Hicks, Hay House, Inc., Carlsbad, CA., U.S., 2008, p.221).

31 October. El Phaba is being as noisy as possible this morning. This included a very loud but very fake sneeze which was so silly it made me chuckle.

6 November. When I opened the front door today I was confronted with the remnants of a junkie party in our porch that must have taken place while I was sleeping during the night! On the left was a half-used roll of tin foil and on the right was a bottle filled at least halfway with water and with the top covered with tin foil. There were also a couple of cigarette butts and a bit of paper bearing what looked like Eastern European writing lying there. Although I went out to the shops and came back I decided to leave the little display there for El Phaba to see as well although she hadn’t been around for a few days. It was kind of a statement about what happens when you lower the vibrations in an area through your negative behaviour.

7 November. El Phaba made a brief appearance in the evening and she brought a young girl home with her as she came just to collect something from her flat. They left after about half-an-hour. The next day, I noticed that the ‘crack’ accessories had been removed so I guess she may have actually tidied up for once to avoid the little girl noticing them or asking questions. I’m sure this was a set-up on my behalf from ‘friends’ in the spirit world. She evidently thought the Halloween prank was funny enough. I wonder how it felt to be on the receiving end.

15 November. I was woken up at exactly 4.15 a.m. this morning when someone called my mobile phone! There was no answer. I knew that giving my mobile to El Phaba when she forgot her key would lead to this at some point. No one has ever called my mobile phone during the night like that. Few people have the number, in fact. I woke up and grabbed it instinctively, saying ‘Hello, who is it?’ or something. No one answered. No one answered and, therefore, I knew immediately that it had to be the neighbours. Ha Chu has gone back over to Pakistan, his son is running their cab office and El Phaba is away ‘somewhere’ as well. It could be any of them. Later, in the afternoon, someone came round to collect El Phaba’s mail. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t her because this is the second time and whoever it is makes hardly a sound which is quite incredible since it’s not so easy to close the front door here without making much noise. The visit was quick, just in and out. I noticed that El Phaba’s mail had been removed from the stair so I know that these visits are purely for that purpose. I reckon she is away on holiday, whether in Pakistan or elsewhere, and has her father or brother or someone come round for her mail. In the evening I had to put up with loud, screaming kids just for ten to fifteen minutes after 11 p.m. It has been quiet since Ha Chu went away a week or two ago.

"The more light in your composition, the more generous you are. That is the first sign of a true light warrior. They give without waiting for you to ask. They give without expecting to be repaid. They give to strangers and even offer help to enemies. And sadly, because their light is so bright, they also attract tons of bugs and flies their way." - Suzy Kassem.

16 November. Did my dedication to the Goddess and decrees as always after opening the curtains this morning (facing the Sun). Someone threw a plastic bag full of rubbish, including two empty baked bean tins, into the front garden about a week ago. This rubbish fell out and there were other bits of rubbish strewn over the lawn, far and wide, in fact, so I don’t think it all came from the bag. I hadn’t really given it too much thought. I was going to leave it for El Phaba since she’s the one who never clears anything up and I’m done taking care of the place for her. However, she is away on a proper holiday it seems. And she has more visitors than me so why should I care really?

You know, even I still cannot believe that my neighbours would throw rubbish into my garden! Even now after all this time. I figured someone else had thrown it there. But, no, that was a foolish suggestion. Drunks or whoever occasionally throw their empty friend chicken boxes into the garden but that’s about it. Well, this morning, I noticed just how much rubbish there was in the garden and decided, intuitively, that it was time to clear up the mess myself. To be honest, I have a feeling I woke up with this intention, or with this on my mind. I took a plastic bag outside and filled it with the rubbish and noticed a couple of other very familiar items! A child’s trainer and a used nappy! There were also bits of polystyrene everywhere which is another favourite of the neighbours. I threw the rubbish away and took these two items out into the back garden. This time, I used the step ladders to make sure I managed to get the nappy through the open window of the neighbours’ outhouse safely. I also used the clothes pole to push whatever they were using to block the gap – which turned out to be cardboard so it moved out of the way very easily. Afterwards, I threw the trainer (filled with bits of polystyrene) onto their kitchen roof where it shall remain indefinitely I expect. Mission accomplished!

The two mechanics made a point of smiling and greeting me yesterday in a very positive way after having both displayed wariness towards me since I spoke to the guy about the noise. Psychically, I sense that they knew something, knew what this rubbish was, and that the neighbours’ son might well have told them he was dealing with me and they had nothing to worry about or something. In any case, they were certainly very noisy all day the next day both in their driveway opposite me and in that of the empty house next door.

Psychiatrist: [about Number Six] Is he in for treatment?
Number Two (Peter Wyngarde): Not yet.
Psychiatrist: Pity...interesting subject. I should like to know his breaking point.
Number Six (Patrick McGoohan): Well, you could make that your life's ambition.
- The Prisoner (‘Checkmate,’ written by Gerald Kelsey, 1967).

17 November. Last night, the next-door neighbours were talking loudly till gone 12.30 a.m. and then at 1.29 a.m. my mobile phone rang again which woke me up. No answer of course. Caller ‘unknown’ again. Before practising tai chi at about 12.30 midday today I did a bit of tidying up which included taking some of the foxglove stems over to the compost pit. While I was separating the stems from the roots by the neighbours wall Ha Chu’s son happened to walk by just as I stood up again and looked over the wall. The encounter certainly made him alert and he greeted me firmly, looking me in the eyes, while I simply smiled gently in a world of my own without returning the same, full response, which, I think, gives him the creeps because there’s an element of mystery about me which spoils the element of control in patriarchal cultures. I figure that there was a reason for this event and that the reason is probably that it is he who has been calling my mobile from the cab office during the night. Since the 10:10, in fact, I have changed my invocations and decrees because I needed to replace the quality of the last energy wave with this year’s one (balanced love, wisdom and power and remembering my Oneness with Source), which now included the addition of ‘surrender to Source’ and asking for ‘protection and guidance throughout my day.’ So, I guess such intentions can have some effect in certain ways. Every bit helps.

18 November. Well, no unknown callers today but I am having to put up with the mechanics over the road making a lot of noise all day. The guy who lives there is back to talking loudly again. He has the loudest voice of anyone I’ve known I think. He’s like a Pakistani Brian Blessed. He certainly has the beard for it! Evidently, he feels that the coast is clear and that there is nothing to inhibit him from being his naturally loud self in the street, in a quiet residential area, all day, on top of all the other noise his mechanic makes. Ha Chu’s son – Mr. ‘Important’ - always greets them even though he does not live round here so they know each other.

A police lady dropped a notice through the letterbox today (she went round to every house in the area, probably with a colleague). The notice is a warning that burglars are operating in this area. I phoned the police to describe one of the guys I saw yesterday who was wearing a green bomber jacket. Two men in their 30s stopped outside my house in the middle of the afternoon, looked at the garden and then crossed the road and turned to walk back the way they came. I find it very suspicious that they should do that just after I have cleared the rubbish away! I reckon they must have noticed the rubbish in recent weeks and targeted the property believing that the occupants were away. Then they had to call off the event.

19 November. Early evening. I did a powerful Christ initiation meditation from a channelled source. I AM Christ!

20 November. El Phaba came back from holiday at 11.11 a.m. with cases. I was really appreciating the peace and quiet. It made such a huge difference to my quality of life! At 1.47 p.m., I sneezed. I tried to stop myself, believe me! As a result, at 1.50 El Phaba dropped something loudly on the lino upstairs for the first time since arriving home. In fact, she then went out with her boyfriend a few minutes later. There was certainly a lot of coughing from El Phaba during the evening whether it’s genuine or fake I don’t quite know!

22 November. Monday morning. Yeah, El Phaba is back to her old tricks. A shower of noise bombs rained down upon me this morning as she dropped things on the lino and walked around in shoes. She came home at 8.45 p.m., walked around in shoes, dropped stuff and banged on something repeatedly as though knocking on a door for 12 minutes. She is still coughing. Well, just at 9.09 p.m. actually. It sounded very fake this time.

23 November. El Phaba was noisy during the morning and evening. I put some music on to cover it up this evening. I played some goth stuff a bit too loudly I expect. I could still hear her thudding around here and there ambitiously but ineffectually.

24 November. I got up at 7 and made loads of noise this morning whilst doing the washing up and making breakfast. El Phaba came home at about 11.10 (or it could have been 11.11 again!).

25 November. I received a text message this morning (it’s my birthday) and then, after a few minutes – having heard the resounding bleeps - Elphie Thump walked around loudly in shoes and coughed loudly a lot. Who can say whether it’s genuine or not? Well, OK, it’s NOT! Haha. She’s just really thick! There is no coughing or noise at any other time unless she hears me and reacts like a bloodthirsty werewolf. Then she drops something or coughs. The rest of the time it’s just short spurts of noise with walking, dropping things and ‘coughing’ all at the same time! As I said, she is not very bright! So, being at home today, she is doing this at intervals, although I was out for the afternoon.

Play: ‘Hallo Spaceboy,’ written by David Bowie and Brian Eno (1995). “No more sadness…”
Stanley Ipkiss (Jim Carey): It’s exactly two seconds 'til I honk your nose and pull your underwear over your head!
- The Mask (directed by Chuck Russell, 1994).

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