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Monstaville Book III. Chapter 27


"It was a dream of perfect bliss
Too beautiful to last.”
- Thomas Haynes Bayly.

December 2010.

El Phaba is back to dropping things in the same fashion as she was before she went away (and no longer coughing of course either); that is, not OTT like the first week she was back because then I have to put music on to cover it up. There is simply no choice. In fact, I am really enjoying spending the Winter evenings listening to all my old KISS FM dance tapes. Some seriously amazing music on these cassettes! I’m loving it. So, whenever she does decide to make a lot of noise in the evenings I am already protected from it by this buffer. Sometimes I listen to music all evening. Sometimes just from 8 or 9 p.m. if she comes home late I also have the option to turn it up but I don’t. I’m only interested in enjoying the sounds and covering up the elephant dance upstairs. She stomps and crashes about as much as possible in the mornings but I just put up with it. I’m really into the energy of forgiveness at the moment so I send that. Oh yeah, on 12 December, El Phaba dropped something on the lino that was SO loud it went right through me! Kind of like a knife through butter. It was as though every cell in my body had a momentarily disorienting bounce and then landed gently back on their feet again.

11 December. I came home in the afternoon and El Phaba was standing in the hall preparing to go out. I expect I must have given her a bit of a fright since we rarely pass each other. I said, ‘We meet again!’ to which she replied, ‘We do.’ Kind of like two enemy secret agents keeping the exchange to a minimal level of acknowledgement. As I approached my front door, I added, ‘I’ll leave the door open for you then.’ We had met the day before. I am still including the request for ‘protection and guidance throughout my day’ in my morning decrees. I have been finding myself looking at the time when it’s 11, 22 and 33 past the hour for a few weeks now, and particularly times like 11:11, 12:11, 11:22, 11:33, 21:12, 12:22, 13:33, 14:44, 00:11, 21:12, etc. It’s kind of cool. Just a sign that I’m being protected and guided of course. According to Commander Ashtar, many of us are feeling a stronger connection to our guides at this time anyway.

Monday 13 December to Wednesday 15th. Maltesers ‘coughed’ around 10.30 to 11 a.m. each day. Possibly on Sunday as well, I can’t remember. So, I figured this was more proof of the conspiracy with El Phaba until…

15 December. Ha Chu ‘sneezed’ at 7.46 p.m. So the Sheriff of Pantomine is back and wants me to know it. Too funny.

16 December. 12.30 p.m. ‘Hammering’ on the wall for a few minutes. Sick. Haha.

18 December. Saturday. El Phaba played loud music during the afternoon. At 19.14, she dropped something so heavy on the floor that it felt like a psychic bomb. I imagine she has a lot of anger in her.

This is an abusive environment. What to do?!

19 December. At 11.05 a.m., El Phaba dropped another extremely loud noise bomb! Then Maltesers ‘coughed’ a minute after I had noticed the time was 11.11!

20 December. 2.05 a.m. Maltesers strikes again with her loud fake ‘coughing.’

21 December. Lots of rubbish has been thrown into the front garden again. Empty plastic bags strewn all over as well as tea towels that have been cut up and an empty coke can. Could have been a fox. No food though. The Sun is aligned with the Galactic Centre and there’s also a Full Moon and total Lunar Eclipse.

“I will only use my powers to annoy.” – Bart Simpson.

22 December. The phone rang at about 11.30 a.m. The person hung up quickly without speaking. Those guys over the road were working on a car from early this morning and only packed up for the night around midnight (they were making that loud, ugly sound of the electric [or air] tool that loosens and tightens the bolts on the hubcaps at 12.25 a.m.). [They were still working on this car on Christmas Day!].

El Phaba is continuing to make a lot of noise here and there when she’s at home, on and on, every day, forever! She also left one of those ab toners in the hallway, right in front of the door for about a week before I moved it to the stairs. The first time I moved it, she moved it back. But then she just left it propped up on the stairs. It’s been in the hallway for at least two weeks now! Originally, it seemed obvious that she believed this was causing me some inconvenience. However, I now suspect that there is a deeper message in there; that is, she is teasing me about being overweight (perhaps even her boyfriend’s idea and apparatus). Again, if (like them) I cared what other people think I might feel hurt by that statement! Instead, it just reminds me how thick she is. I mean, the ab toner is blocking her way, not mine now so it is only an obstacle for her. [Hence, she eventually moved it.

1 January 2010. I got home at about 11.15 p.m. The next-door neighbours were talking and started talking so loudly from 11.25 that it sounded more like yelling. Then at 11.56 there was loud laughter.

2 January. Ha Chu ‘coughed’ loudly. Loud talking late at night.

3 January. Both Ha Chu and Maltesers coughed just before and just after 11 p.m.

So, how do you love something you don’t like? Are we expected to show love to our torturers? Am I supposed to simply express gratitude and forgiveness the whole time my neighbours are making a racket late at night? How so? That is not authentic. Yet, perhaps this is the way to tap into one’s higher self and, through one’s intent, set in motion a different energy pattern and allow the situation to change rather than preserving the density and difficulty by resisting it. That way, one is not paying attention to the illusion, the world of appearances, but placing faith in God. That’s a big ‘perhaps’! Because how long would one be required to endure such persecution, or sustain a state of unconditional surrender? But the answer, I know, is a convincing, invincible, unequivocal ‘Yes.’

23 January. 12.55. The guy over the road was yelling across the street for ages and then Maltesers ‘coughed’ loudly plus El Phaba then dropped something heavy on the floor in a veritable, perfectly-timed circus performance. Oh. I just remembered: I blew my nose a few minutes beforehand. Gosh! This incident did actually get to me a bit. I felt myself sucked in and wanting to take revenge because they are both being a menace every day. However, I didn’t want to go there. It is better to focus on what makes me feel good. Otherwise, I’ll never get out of here alive! But, generally, when either El Phaba or the neighbours try to annoy me I just shrug it off and think it’s sad for someone to feel that they need to behave in that way.

"Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent." - Eleanor Roosevelt.

24 January. Well, the neighbours are a problem again, talking very loudly until gone midnight each night this week. Ever since I started going out to work again I have had to put up with loud noise late at night from next door and then being woken up by the bulldozer in the mornings!

25 January. Well, it’s been Bulldozer Bonnie throwing invisible bricks at me morning and night, daily, all month. This evening, at 8.30 p.m., however, I was subjected to a tumultuous barrage of very loud noises caused by various hard items being dropped on the lino upstairs, one after the other after short pauses.

28 January. I was trying to meditate earlier in the evening. The mechanic who works over the road with the bearded foghorn was sitting in his car with the window down talking to someone on his mobile phone for nearly half-an-hour. It was loud enough to interfere with my focus. I said (still sitting in my chair), ‘You don’t even live here, man! Fuck off home!’ Then, finally, I went over to talk to him. I wasn’t terribly friendly towards him, I admit. He agreed to stop. I walked back into the house and he just ignored me. So, 5 minutes later, I put some shoes on to go out and talk to him again. I asked if he had finished work and he said yes so I said, ‘Go home! You don’t live here. I’ve told you before, this is a quiet street and you’re causing a problem.’ After a pause, he said, ‘OK, I’ll move.’ 11.34 p.m.: a loud, fake ‘sneeze’ from Ha Chu.

29 January. Elphie’s boyfriend came round for her at 6.35 a.m. (my alarm is set for 9 these days!).

“When you are distressed and stressed My Beloveds your energy vibrations fall. When your energy vibrations fall you are then attracting those into your energy fields with lower vibrations which in fact helps draw more of those negative events and people into your lives.” - Archangel Michael (channelled through Carolyn Ann O'Riley, ‘The Whirl Wind,’ 1 February 2011,

2 February. It’s completely insane here at the moment really! Like a zoo! I am being exceedingly tolerant. I often consider retaliating when it starts to get to me but then think better of it and shrug it off somehow even though lie really sucks at the moment and my vibration is not as high as it was previously. I am tired of all the games. Nothing really works anyway and, now that I have lost my semi-effective deterrent, I only strike back by banging on the wardrobe as she is leaving the house when her attempts to disturb me succeed and I really want to release the tension and/or want her to know what I could be doing if I was so inclined. Most of the time I find that I am able to endure the assault and brush it off with forgiveness, often saying out loud, ‘Bless you,’ still. This little slice of positive intent appears to do the job and also reinforces my new orientation in the heart. This day was midweek and just before a New Moon. The Ha Chus talked until gone 2 a.m. (they have been doing this regularly this year although not quite as late as that). Holy fuck! As I am writing this, Ha Chu just let out a wild ‘sneeze.’ It’s sooo loud, man! I am chuckling but only because part of me would like run the bastard through with a sword (which, for all I know, I already did in a past life)! And, of course, it’s funny because I just decided to record this other incident because the next morning El Phaba was much louder than usual and at a much earlier time. Anyway…’Bless you.’ A little delayed on this occasion. It is actually 6 February today, 22:55 as I look at the time (naturally!). In fact, this morning, after waking up, I added to my invocation, ‘I ask for protection and guidance throughout my day,’ something like ‘and not just fancy numbers in the time!’ 

6 February. El Phaba was simply a nightmare today after I chose to react to her single, loud, timely noise bomb yesterday before she went out (I banged on the wardrobe as she was leaving). I put up with it gracefully. Ha Chu let out two loud ‘sneezes’ at exactly midnight as I was struggling to get to sleep. I don’t know, I’m a bit chesty at the moment as I’m coming down with a cold and I have a sore throat but I don’t know if it is related to the issue with my back tooth and nerves that my dentist is currently assessing! So, I had coughed a couple of times not long before that but I would have thought they were way too quiet for the neighbours to pick up. It is possible though. 

7 February. 9.23 p.m. Ha Chu ‘sneezed’ loudly. Then again at 9.47 p.m.

8 February. El Phaba really went for it this morning just like she did all day on Sunday, walking around in shoes on the lino and dropping heavy objects on the floor. It was torture but I was also very tired and kind of delirious because I have had trouble sleeping for the past two nights. I have been in pain and also took a couple of painkillers halfway through the night. What I need are neighbourkillers! Haha. On the way to work an African lady was standing by the stairs on the bus while her young daughter was standing in the corner on the larger stair. It was a squeeze to get past them both so I asked the mother very gently and politely if she could please move. She refused. So I asked her a few times and explained that the stairs are for walking up and down on and that there was insufficient space for me to pass. She just wasn’t having any of it. In the end, since she wouldn’t listen to reason, I decided to raise my voice and tell her to get out of the way. ‘Get the fuck off the stairs!’ I asserted. ‘You people are so rude,’ she replied, reluctantly fetching her daughter and making room for me. I was, naturally, a bit angry (I think because I was aware of holding up the people behind me who boarded after me), but I regret swearing. Well, damn it, it’s rude to stand on the stairs on a bus, rude to listen to your personal stereo loudly and talk on mobile phones on public transport. Actually, I have never, to my knowledge, complained about this before although I have certainly given people grumpy looks for standing on the stairs of a bus before. Usually, however, there is at least just enough space to pass. On this occasion, however, it was the fact that the mother, although not on the stairs, refused to leave or remove her daughter from there. Consequently, her torso and arm were in the gangway blocking my path. On another bus journey today I had to put up with two people listening to loud music in their headphones: an Asian guy at the front and a black girl at the back. It is usually one or the other so there is at least some distance from selfish people like them. I just smiled at the black girl on the two occasions I passed her.

When I got home in the evening I decided to do tai chi in the garden because it was unusually warm and sunny today. At first, I had to put up with an Asian mother yelling at her daughter over the back (a few houses along) with the window wide open. It was so loud that I had to stop for a while until she had settled down. Oddly, as I resumed practice, or about halfway through, her young daughter made strange, piercing and very irritating noises for a few minutes. I had my back to her and I was not sure if they were aimed at me or not. When I finally turned around, however, she was hanging out of the window looking at me, quite clearly doing her best to get my attention. Since my turn had been a natural part of the form and not for her benefit, she quickly disappeared and shut the window! Really annoying.

Evening. 22.10. Kids screaming for a while. Now Maltesers turn: fake cough. The neighbours were noisy until gone midnight. I had trouble getting to sleep again anyway.

9 February. 8.13 a.m. El Phaba dropped something on the lino, then at 8.32 walked on it wearing shoes. Yesterday and today, I shouted and made a racket with pots and pans in the kitchen as a warning to Ha Chu to quit the sneezing tyranny. 19.22. There you go: El Phaba let out a loud fake ‘sneeze’ and dropped some stuff on the floor immediately afterwards. Why would she be doing this? I have done nothing for her to respond to. 20.14. Fabala dropped something on the lino’d floorboards and it was shockingly loud! She then put some very loud dance music on (radio) 5 minutes later. I listened to The Cure but could hear the thumping drum beats upstairs. She turned the music off at 20.54.

12 February.  Ha Chu ‘sneezed’ loudly around 11 a.m. and Maltesers ‘coughed’ at 8.41 p.m.

13 February. Crazy evening! I meditated for over an hour-and-a-half and for most of that time El Phaba walked around in shoes and dropped things on the floor. The noise grew louder and louder but none of it reached me only because I was enveloped in God’s embrace. The noise bombs eventually reached a crescendo and I felt the sound waves hit my aura but they did not penetrate to reach my nerves. I heard, sensed and observed the chaos from within a cocoon of Light. Otherwise, I’d have had to stop meditating and put some music on!

These are poisonous darts thrown in my direction. El Phaba has to have her bouts of noise invasion a few times a day every weekend as though it’s a military operation. I am not recording all of it. It’s the same old same old. Dropping things mostly. This weekend she has ‘coughed’ loudly a few times, including once as Ha Chu was pulling away in his 4x4, but it’s only some evil reaction to my own genuine coughing I expect. It is not loud enough to affect me and simply reminds me how childish these people are.

"I love the man that can smile in troubles - that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. It is the business of little minds to shrink; but he, whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death." - Thomas Paine (American Crisis I).

Valentine’s Day! El Phaba dropped something loudly on the floor at 8.21 a.m. and Ha Chu came outside just as I was ending the tai chi set, talking and then gobbing! Haha. My neighbours love me really!

16 February. El Phaba’s ferocity resumed this morning and the Ha Chus were talking very loudly (‘not quite yelling’!) from about 11.15 p.m. onwards as I was trying to get to sleep. Furious, I got up at 11.30 and put wax ear plugs in my ears which were uncomfortable but I managed to fall asleep and they did not feel so uncomfortable when I awoke in the morning. The guidance I received from the Angel Cards was Tenderness and, in the morning, I read in a book by White Eagle, “…when illumination comes there is only one way in which it is possible to live, and that is by spontaneous love, kindness, gentleness, not only to brother man, or to the sister of your spirit, but to all creation.” (The Light Bringer, The White Eagle Publishing Trust, Hants., U.K., 2001, p.24). Even the nasty neighbours!

It’s a game of cat and mouse as always in this house!

17 February. I put the radio on in the kitchen for a couple of hours in the morning. I also banged around here and there and shouted when I heard someone in the toilet next door. In addition, I ‘coughed and spluttered’ when Fabala left the house this morning and returned in the evening, banging on the wardrobe again tonight. I guess I do not feel much tenderness toward my neighbours right now! I also, somehow, managed to knock a pan off the stove which contained some dirty water and had to clean the whole area, including the portable stereo and power cable reel. Bad vibes! Still a worthwhile price to pay for standing up for myself and deterring the noise terrorists though. I cleared away some rubbish that had been thrown into the garden today which, disgustingly, included a used condom!

19 February. Saturday. There is a used condom hanging over one of the thin stems of the lavender bush which is strewn over the wall of the front garden so it is dangling over the pavement! Eww! I’m just leaving it there, sorry! In the evening, the Ha Chus were noisy and disruptive again. They have the youngest daughter and her child staying for the weekend. I went to bed at midnight, hoping that they would quieten down but, by 12.30, I had to wear ear plugs again.

20 February. I put the radio on for a few hours in the morning. In the evening, they were loud from 10.30 p.m. and also banged on the wall with a solid object and again at 11.10, really loudly. Kids screaming loudly again. I went to bed after they had quietened down, around 11.30.

21 February. The next-door neighbours started making lots of noise from 9 a.m., deliberately talking loudly near the wall mostly, like a planned campaign. I reacted to their malicious intent and turned the radio on. I switched it off at about 12.30 p.m. but put it on again shortly afterwards when there was further loud talking accompanied by Muslim religious singing playing on a stereo! My worst nightmare! Haha. I discovered afterwards that a whole group of Pakistani women had arrived for the party (that is, I saw them all leaving at the end). Actually, Michael Jackson appeared to me last night prior to sleeping. He was wearing black and grey, smart but with an ‘Indian’ shirt. When I turned the radio on this morning, the second track was from Off The Wall and I found myself singing along to it as I made my breakfast. It did feel very supportive in the light of my vision last night, I have to say. In fact, even while the neighbours were noisy again in the evening, I enjoyed a very special Ascension-related connection online. There was an uplifting energy between the three of us which we felt very tangibly.

22 February. The Ha Chus and children were noisy again from around 11 p.m. (the same as yesterday). I had to wait half-an-hour before going to bed. However, they started up again at 11.40. Then, there was so much running and jumping around by the children, shaking the floor, as the adults egged them on really loudly. I eventually conceded and wore ear plugs at 12.03 but they’re not very comfortable and I awoke at 4 a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep again.

“Any fool can criticise, condemn and complain but it takes character and self-control to be understanding and forgiving.” - Dale Carnegie.

St. Germain assures us that control of the emotions is important and that human beings find true happiness when they give themselves totally to the universe and to God. We eventually relinquish control of our four lower bodies to our Christ Self which is our True Self, the Christ. (Intermediate Studies in Alchemy, Summit University Press, CA., U.S., p.56). “And so,” he explains, “it is that we develop in the students those same christlike qualities that will make them pillars in the temple of God that cannot be moved by human emotions, no matter what their guise: criticism, condemnation, judgement, self-pity, gossip, treachery, tyranny or human deceit. The alchemist must be oblivious to all human conduct yet not unaware of worldly thought to the point where he plays the fop. To him the fulfilment of the fiat, ‘Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves!’ is the order of every day.” (ibid. p.57-58).

23 February. El Phaba dropped something on the floor which was excruciatingly loud before she went out at 8.30 a.m. I was still in bed. I had the radio on all morning.

24 February. El Phaba was very loud this morning, dropping things on the floor so I played loudish music for a while. Three of the daughters (well, including Maltesers, whom I don’t believe is their daughter) are round there with all of their kids. Around 11 p.m., they talked loudly and knocked on the wall for a while. It all kicked off with a few fake coughs. This time, however, the kids screaming and jumping around preceded rather than followed the adult symphony so they fell silent by 11.30 p.m. Just after that, I suddenly sneezed when I was in the other room near to them and beneath Fabala’s bedroom. I was on a bus this afternoon and a black guy sat down in the seat across the aisle to me with music blaring out of his headphones. If he wanted attention he certainly got it. I looked at him a few times and then, after a few minutes, I got up and trod on his foot as I made my way to the back of the bus. Man, I was angry. He was a big guy but I was going to lose it big time if he complained. No, that is not love, but it’s not violence either! It could be worse. This is not a violent area. Someone was telling me recently that they watched a guy being seriously beaten up on a bus once. What is the solution? Just putting up with people’s shit?! I still don’t know! Haha. But, at least I am not allowing people to get to me. I am dealing with them in whatever way I feel I have to in order not to sink into a negative frame of mind or feel completely depressed and powerless.

25 February. 20.11. One of the daughters shouted, ‘Yeah, whoo hoo!’ and I could feel that it was directed at me. It was the start of a noisy evening! I didn’t tolerate it for that long, however. I played louder music than usual (still not very loud though) and, later, shouted when someone was in the toilet next door. Loud talking and kids yelling late at night so I stayed up until ten-to-midnight. I still had to put up with some noise for a short while before they retired, however. The neighbours also knocked on the wall with a hard object several times until midnight which was the loudest one.

27 February. The Ha Chus were deliberately laughing loudly at 11.35 p.m.

28 February. A loud ‘ah choo’ from Ha Chu (who else?) at 11.27 p.m. Yeah, I’m a tough cookie! (as a Canadian lady who’s an online friend suggested tonight).

You have to believe – and see – that you’re on top of everything. You are powerful and what you will shall manifest. Do the wizard thing and exercise your imagination each morning.

Sir Lancelot (John Cleese): We were in the nick of time. You were in great peril.
Sir Galahad (Michael Palin): I don't think I was.
Sir Lancelot: Yes, you were. You were in terrible peril.
Sir Galahad: Look, let me go back in there and face the peril.
Sir Lancelot: No, it's too perilous.
Sir Galahad: Look, it's my duty as a knight to sample as much peril as I can.
Sir Lancelot: No, we've got to find the Holy Grail. Come on.
Sir Galahad: Oh, let me have just a little bit of peril?
Sir Lancelot
: No. It's unhealthy.
Sir Galahad: I bet you're gay.
Sir Lancelot: Am not.
- Monty Python and the Holy Grail (directed by Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones, 1975).

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