Sunday, 15 July 2012

Archangel Gabriel's Daily Channeled Messages

By Archangel Gabriel

Channelled through Shelley Young

2-8 July 2012

2 July 2012

“Where you are trying the hardest to control your life is where you are most stuck. The very fact that you are attempting control indicates not only that you are stuck in that particular area, but also a lack of gratitude for that one area as well. Want to get things moving again? Surrender the situation and find the blessings that always exist if you have the eyes to see them. That is the way to shift back into the flow and align with the movement and magic the universe is sure to bring.” - Archangel Gabriel.

3 July 2012

Many enlightening human beings get stuck on one story from their life, usually that involves being victimized in some way. Something "bad" has happened to them, and they begin to proceed with the rest of their lives tentatively in case they get hurt again. Dear Ones, you cannot move into your authentic power holding onto your victim consciousness! So many humans are stuck in the loop of their old stories and by doing so continue victimizing themselves, over and again, by staying in that old energy. Isn't it time to finally, truly, let that energy go? The old stories only continue to define you if you let them. How would you feel if you never had to feel that old energy again? How much lighter would you be? True surrender allows you to wipe the slate clean, so to speak, and to start creating the life that so better matches who you really are. You cannot surrender cautiously, Dear Ones. Surrender with all of your being and consider it a leap into freedom and empowerment and allow your spirit to soar. ~Archangel Gabriel

4 July 2012

With the energies moving as quickly as they are, many people may be creating their perfect storms and you may see others in crisis. While that may seem scary, it is indicating accelerated growth and great opportunities for forward movement. Remember, if the energies are moving that quickly it also means that people can move through healing and into greater levels of understanding and connectedness in record time as well. The days of long, drawn out, slow moving growth are long gone. Harness the wonderful opportunities these energies offer and ride the wave with the complete assurance that all movement is forward movement. ~Archangel Gabriel

5 July 2012

You may witness outbursts from people in the coming days and months, particularly from those who have not yet learned how to practice balance and energetic clarity and those who are resisting the shift. Dear Ones, never take those outbursts personally. They speak loudly of the other person's discomfort and say nothing about you. ~Archangel Gabriel

6 July 2012

Staying present is absolutely vital during such accelerated times. It allows you to navigate from this Now moment, which supports balance, calm, and connectedness. The Now is especially important if you are faced with crisis. The way through any challenge it to stay present and focused on one thing at a time. The moment you start shifting your focus to past or future you will begin reacting in a disempowered way rather than from your authentic self. Dear Ones, the past holds energies you have evolved beyond. Focusing on the unknown future can frequently activate fear and anxiety. Many of you are looking for a "sure thing". The Now is that sure thing. ~Archangel Gabriel

7 July 2012

A very easy and effective manifestation tool to use, is to simply find a word that represents what you wish for yourself and, by itself, feel its essence. For example, peace, harmony, love, prosperity. Each hold their own unique vibration and will very cleanly and directly draw to you what you wish if you hold that energy by feeling it, or saying the word. If you wish to take it one step further, you may imagine that word being added to your energy field, perhaps by visualizing it being written there. There is a beautiful power to the single word and by doing this very simple technique, you will be holding the energy you are wanting more of, which is the basis of all manifestation. ~Archangel Gabriel

8 July 2012

One of the biggest challenges for the enlightening human being is to let go of the old, deeply ingrained conditioning and belief systems that you have been entrenched in since childhood. For many, these belief systems were simply designed to make you obey and to keep you small and disempowered. It can be difficult to even recognize these insidious beliefs as they have been part of your earthly experience for so long, yet this is exactly what you must do. Ask yourself if your childhood conditioning supported you moving into your authentic power. If it did not, do not panic, Dear Ones. You can absolutely let these old thoughts and patterns go, but first you must identify what doesn't honour the truth of who you really are. How do you release them? It is through the recognition that they are not at all a match to who you really are that makes them lose their power and begins the releasing process. It will be easy to finally let these limiting energies go because your soul has been aching to identify them and release them all along. ~Archangel Gabriel

 'Grim Pleasure,' an old pastel drawing by Antraeus de Herschia (1992)

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