Thursday, 26 July 2012

Some Tension to Open the Gates

26 July 2012
Pain is pressed as if a tension.
A self inflicted pressure.
A gift of reluctant reception,
A presence presented to invent.
An Inversion of perfect symmetry inserted forcefully,
and out of necessity .

Acts swiftly worded,
Airly sworded in a slashing
To cut away at the root of instabilities.
Oh whipping world maat her matters mother.
Oh licking lascivious lady lover granting
gracious treasure,
a gift of pain for the sake of finding  pleasure.

Wedged between extremities of being.
The Self is sifted its contents outpoured.
 Dissolving into the fluid body of a sensatory stream.
To return on the tides of shifting sands,
an arrival beyond the shore.
Where crystal fragments glisten in gleam.
Shining in life and light,
reflecting the glory of their Centering Star King.

Oscillations and alternations,
fluctuations in continuous torodialations.
Concrescent  in essence,
the vortextual currents of flowing formations.
A geometry of presence.

Release me from this waking dream.
Wed me to thee to aid two to be
Mended in seams.
Tattered and torn in trials of time.
Worn and weathered
in patterns of rhyme.

A fallen angel has lost its wings.
And now with but will loved the awakening children
shall climb.
Upraising themselves as warriors conquering
to claim as air born heirs,
As Morphogenetic Descendants
to the throne of self ruling Kings.
Bridging many worlds by method of synthesis.
Giving birth to a metamorphosis.
A transformative regeneration,
As I shed old skins.
As the Serpent becomes an Eagle
by virtue of experience.
Each memory shall show its innate value.
And all realizations Had shall be added
as tender to feed the fire.

To bleed the toxins in purification
gaining discernment in matters of love and desire.
Eliminating dis-tractions.
Inseminating new growths with purposefully planted actions.
To Seed the future realities by the perfection of consistency
and simplicity.
In Openess to all energetic beneficence,
abundant forever as infinite possibility.

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