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Do Not Be Afraid

‘God's Love Songs for Humanity’

From the Messages from God
Channelled through Yael and Doug Powell,  15 May 2003

Oh, My beloved child,

Be not afraid

Though night streams forth

And seems to wrap

Its inky hands

Around your eyes.

Be not afraid,

My precious one,

For I Am here

To dry your tears

And hold you

As you cry.

I cradle you

In loving arms.

I sing to you

A lullaby

Of hope

And hidden joy

In your tomorrows.

I love you more

Than any human mother

Loves the child she holds

Tightly to her breast

To protect her

From the pain

And from the darkness.

I love you more

Than any human father

Loves his son

In whom he sees himself

Living all his dreams

Of life's perfection.

Oh, certainly I am the one

To keep you safe

As shadows fall

And dance around

Beside you

In the dark.

I cradle you in

A bassinette of angel wings.

I touch your cheek

In aching tenderness

And I sing to you

A soft refrain of Love.

How gently I am

Holding you

In an intimate


And whispering,

As I dry your tears,

That you are a child of grace.

That I have woven for you

A blanket

Of golden threads

And I rock you

Beneath a canopy

Of stars.

Stars whose map

Is echoed in your body

And whose clear

Bright light

Is seen within

Your eyes.

I promise you

That I will turn

Each tear into

A diamond

And every sob

Into a sigh

Of joy.

This is our covenant:

That you turn around,

And believe in Me

And make of your heart

A healing place

Where you can share

With others.

And for every tear

That you have shed,

I shall give to you

The diamond

That I made from it

For you.

Oh, shining child,

My own sweet one,

My precious daughter,

My magnificent son,

I hold for you

Your inheritance

Of joy.

For truly, if you

Wish for the children

You bear of the flesh

Every good thing,

Then certainly

I wish the same

For you!

No. I wish MORE

Than this,

Oh, so much more

For you!

And precious one,

I can give you

Every gift!

Unlike the human parent

Who wishes for a life

Of joy and riches

And, most of all,

Of happiness

For the child,

Yet sees the child

They love so deeply

Buffeted by the

Swirling wind

Of chaos

In this world,

I can give My children

Everything (and so much more!)

That every parent dreams

Will bless the children's

Sweet and tender


I can give you everything!

Don't be afraid!

Just turn to Me

And follow

Where I lead you.

I will make

A path for you

Of the diamonds

From your tears.

I will hold your

Gentle hand.

I will rock you

In My Love.

I will show you vistas

Of iridescent rainbows.

I will bring your SoulMate

To stand before

Your heart.

Into your hands

I place the world

That through My Love,

You'll see it

As the beauty

And the gift

It really is.

Oh, precious one,

Don't be afraid!

Just turn your

Lovely eyes to Me

That I might show you

All I've made

For you.

Oh, child of Mine,

I lay before you

All My riches,

All My glory.

Into your hands

I place the key

To the storehouse

Of My treasures.

I place before you

A path of gold

That with every step

You know your worth.

I drape you fully,

Every inch,

In precious gems

That you might know

Your beauty.

I give to you a castle

Made of light,

Every stone magnificent,

Every mortise made

Of peace

That you might know

Your Home in Me.

Keep facing Me.

Oh, turn your back

On all the so-called gifts

This world

Can give!

And I will place before you

One who can love you

As I do. One who

Can say to you

All the things

I long to say!

One who can tell you

That your eyes

Are sparkling pools

Of heaven.

One who says to you,

He or she will kiss the ground

You walk on.

These are symbols

For the power

Of My Love for you.

I will make sure

That you are happy

If you'll accept

My gifts.

For I will place

Before you

Your Twin Flame

Who was made for you

To say to you

In words

Those things I whisper

Wordlessly each moment

To your heart.

‘You are Love itself!’

‘Your heart is far

More potent,

Than all the suns

And stars

Rolled together!’

This is Me

Speaking with his lips!

This is Me

Holding you

With her arms!

And this is Me

That you feel

Rising inside you

In ecstasy

Rushing toward

The union

Into one.

One heart

With two consciousnesses.

One Love

With two points of view.

I have made him

For you.

I have breathed her

To life

For you.

That everywhere you are

Love is

Right in front

Of you


Do you see, dear one,

What waits for you

Beyond the veil of tears?

You can turn the tears

To diamonds with

My Love!

Do not be afraid

For I love you.

My Love is like

A gentle hand

Turning you around.

Oh, look into

The Love I Am!

And you will see

The Love you are

As well.

Don't turn away.

Don't give your life

To things that rust

And fade away!

Don't cry your tears

Into this Earth

Where they will turn

To only mud.

Cry them instead

In the lap of My Will

Where I will catch each one.

Then every tear

Becomes a light

Upon the path

For others.

And every sob

Becomes a peal

Of laugher

In the song

Of who you are.

I Am here.

I promise you.

You need only turn

To look

And you will see Me.

I am the hammock

Of your faith

That holds you

While you yet believe

In pain.

Say ‘yes’ to Me

And every moment

Becomes a shining

‘Twist of Fate’

that leads you Home

to Love.

No tear is cried in vain

If you love Me.

No anguish slips

Between the cracks

Of what we build


Every tear becomes

Your crown

And every seeming

Slip becomes

A movement

In your dance

Of only Love.

I never forsake you.

Yet you can turn away

For eons

From My Love

If you wish.

Yet still I hold you

Wrapped in Love

And tend you as

You toss and turn

And dream

You've lost your way.

Like raindrops in

A thirsty garden

I continue to

Shower you

With My Love

And rock you softly

As you cry

Within your sleep.

And the rocking chair

Of universes

Sings a steady rhythm.

Child of God,

Oh, sweet child of Mine,

You are safe.

I promise you.

With every beat

Of your precious heart

I remind you

You are alive in Me


When you are ready,

I Am here.

It matters not

How long it takes

At all.

My hand is there

Upon your brow.

The sweet breath

That moves upon your lips

Is Mine.

Nothing can take you

Away from Me

No matter what

You've heard.

So even though

I miss you,

This song is not

For Me.

It is for you.

Why wait another moment?

Why not cry out

For help?

The bandits and

The boogey-men

Will fade when you


And you, My precious child,

Will laugh

At the stories you created!

As the water of truth

Comes to wash away

Your castles in the sand.

Those castles that you

Clung to

And wailed to Me

As the tide came in,

"Why don't you, God,

Save these things

That mean so much to me!"

Tides in the dream

Seem so very real,

But once you are

Awake in Love,

Your castles are the cosmos

And your tides the stream

Of Love.

Everything here,

This life on Earth

Is symbols

To be interpreted

Exactly as you

Interpret a nighttime


Look to Me

And quickly you'll see

The imagery change

To the symbols

Of Love

And everywhere

You find them

As a "portal"

To Home,

To Me.

A mystical world

That is a living

Fairy tale

You can interpret

As your life

And following closely

The sparkling gems

That are symbolic

Messages sent

From Me.

You'll quickly turn

Back into Love,

And only Love,


For we are

Only Love

And nothing


Don't be afraid!

Let Me loosen

Your grip

Upon the shore

Of this river

Of life.

Don't let fear

Keep you clinging

To the banks,

Afraid to experience

The rushing water.

Dive in!

It's exhilarating!

And, beloved,

I will catch you

For I Am

That very river!

And I hold you

Safely in Me.

I know that

I am using

Many different


But this is the

Only way

To speak into

Your mind.

I can come directly

To your heart

Where, in sweet abandon,

I fill you up

With ecstasy.

But your mind

Is the fearful one,

The dreamer.

So I speak to you

Through the language

Of the dream.

You have heard it said,

‘It is the darkest

before the dawn’

and this is true,

My precious one.

Dawn is coming.

The light of truth

Cracks the sky

And the angels fly in

On the horizon.

And you are shaking

In your ego-boots

And wailing

To the shadows,

‘Come and save me!’

But shadows have

No substance.

This is why I

Sing to you

This song

Of My Love.

Only Love

Will save you now.

Will you be brave

And choose it?

It will seem

To go against

All the things you think

Are real.

But I Am here,

Holding you

And waiting

For the eyes of

Your heart

To flutter open

And awake.

The Lighthouses

Are lit

To guide you

Through the shadowlands

As you row

Toward the dawn

Of your truth.

How I love you!

Oh, I trumpet it

Out across this world

As Gabriel

And Ariel

Hold their trumpets

To the sky.

You are My voice!

You are My hands!

And most of all

You are My Love.

Oh, precious one,

Let me show you

Who you are!

Let the whole

Of the dawn

Be in your heart.

Be brave.

It is only as you wake

That it seems difficult

At all.

The angels swirl

Around you

And fairies dance

Beside your feet.

And all those things

That seemed so real

Will fade from view

Before your eyes.

More than hope,

I promise you,

I have made you

In my image!

So all the things

You thought you were?

They're gone, like smoke,

Beloved one.

And just as the daylight

Erases the night

So does your dream

Of fear now fade away.

You need not do this

By yourself, for

I Am here and I

Come to you

As the hands and voices

Of the ones who serve

As well as holding you

In my arms.

Call out! Declare

That you are Love

And that the world

You choose is a world

Of Love and beauty.

If you are reading this

(or hearing this)

Your heart is straining

To awaken

And I have come

To touch you

Here, beneath the words.

Do not be afraid.

You are safe

In My Love,


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