Sunday, 15 July 2012

Note to myself. Don’t forget to remember this!!

By Richard Galli, 15 July 2012

Graciousness - Try to not let anything that is not gentle and caring come from you. You always regret it when you slip but don’t beat yourself up. Forgive yourself. Just get up and start again.

Forgiveness - Remember that you have fallen in the past and you wanted to get back to a better place, so show the same to others. The more you can forgive others of horrible acts the more you will be inclined to forgive yourself when it comes to a life review. This will give you peace now because you can’t remember all the lives you have lived (at the moment) and you don’t want anything to haunt you. This is how your brother and sisters who are seemingly unforgivable are here to help you.

Unconditional Love - Remember now that we a linked together in this game of illusion (not just this economic one) to see if we can find Divine Love. Unconditional Divine Love is desirable as is forgiveness. If you can’t feel this love towards your sisters and brothers you might not show Unconditional Divine Love toward yourself and then find it difficult to raise your vibration and shift with Gaia and all who reside on her to the Golden Age.

Gratitude - Now it’s easy to be even Grateful to our oppressors and anyone who hurts you because you now see how every dark negative act you see is your ticket to salvation and front row seats to the life that is full of Love and potential and no limit.



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