Sunday, 8 July 2012

Choose Love

“And the power of you, the truth of you, is love.” – P’taah.

‘Choose Love’ (selected excerpts) by P’taah

Channelled through Jani King, 2000

Enlightenment is simply the natural result of loving absolutely every facet of you. All of you struggle very hard to be more ‘spiritual’, to be more on the path to enlightenment, all of it presupposing that you are not already whole. But you see, the truth is, you are whole. You are what you strive to become. It is within you. It is part of the fabric of your being because the grandest truth is that you are, in every Now moment, a perfect, eternal expression of the Source. That is your truth.

You may say, ‘If this the truth, how come it does not feel that way? How come I am not a magnificent manifestor? Why is it that there is a reoccurring pattern of sabotage, of heartbreak, of lack in my life? How is it that I do not feel this truth?’

Well, you have been programmed to believe that you are not enough. You have been programmed to exist in lack. You have been programmed not to know love, and certainly not to love who you are.

You see, my beloved ones, each one of you is born into a place of dysfunction at some level or another, and dysfunction is simply another name for fear. Because your consciousness is not separate, what you know from in utero through your first six to nine years is fear, invalidation, and pain.

By the time you are six years of age, your beliefs and ideas of who you are are set in concrete. Certainly as you grow in your physicality and intellect, many of those ideas may change, but the bottom line is that you are ruled emotionally by a little boy or little girl who lives within the breast of you and does not know the truth. So when you look at your life and see how you recreate and recreate the same old patternings, you know why…

Love is your truth. Love is what you consist of. Everything that is not love is an illusion, a misconception brought about by the erroneous belief that you are not enough, brought about because you have forgotten that you are gods and goddesses playing the game called ‘human life now.’

Love is the power of you. When we say enlightenment is the natural result of loving every facet of you absolutely, we do not speak lightly. The first step is taking responsibility for your own creation, called reality. From that place of taking responsibility, you are in your place of power, of choice. ‘I choose love.’

You see, all of you live in fear. Fear is the polarity of love, and fear is everything, every emotional response, every emotional reaction, which is not love. It does not matter what name you give it. You can call it frustration, stress, anger, jealousy, possessiveness, lusting after power, greed, abuse. All of it, all of it which is not love is simply a manifestation of fear.

Now, what happens when you are in that place of fear? You try to overcome it, push it away, overpower it, run away, put it behind you, hide it under the carpet. You have been taught to do thusly, to be strong, to overcome all. It is part of your programming, however it does not work. None of it works. Look at your world. Not exactly a playground of love, is it? So, it is learning how to choose love. All of this is about transforming your life, choosing love, knowing how to choose love.

You know, you cannot transform what you do not own. Those facets of you that you find unacceptable and that you judge negatively, all of those things hidden away, are what run your life. When you own them, you have only to embrace them to create the transformation…

But you know, the fear is just that little abandoned child. All that little child desires is to be swept into your arms, to be held to the breast and told how much it is loved. As we have given forth before, reach out your arms and gather that little one to you and say, ‘Beloved of my heart, do not be afraid. I will never leave you. I love you absolutely. We are together forever, you and I, in this safe and wondrous universe and together we are coming home.’

If you will hold that little one in your arms until you feel the warmth spread into your body, something magical occurs. You have created a miracle of transformation because you are centred, your energy centres are open and now you are ready to make the next wonderfully creative choice.

Transformation is not about your intellect. If you could transform by your intellect, your world would be a very different place. The intellect does not, cannot, do it. The intellect was designed to be the servant of the heart, to implement that which is the heart joy. The way to transformation is by embracement, to absolutely love that baby girl or baby boy that lives within the breast of each of you, who desires only absolute, unconditional love.

It is also to deal with the broken heart. It is the broken heart which causes diseasement. Your bodies were designed to last hundreds of years. In other civilizations beyond this world they do, indeed, last hundreds of years. Your bodies do not wear out.

When you do not deal with your emotional issues, with your broken hearts and the fear that you live in, then that energy e-motion -- energy-in-motion – is not aligned. It is locked down by negative judgement about who you are and is not able to move through your embodiment and gets stored in your cellular structure. That is the body saying, ‘Stop. There is something here to deal with.’ When you do not, it becomes the more and more and more until your body gives up altogether and you go on to the next adventure…

What all of this is about, really, is being able to choose to have more love, more joy, more fun, more laughter, more wonderment, more beauty, more harmony, more peace, more tranquillity, in your day-to-day life. That and loving every facet of you, absolutely, is what enlightenment is all about.

None of this is about being good. It is about being the truth of you. There is nobody to judge you. You are gods and goddesses playing this game. There is no God sitting on a cloud up there with a little book to say, ‘Oh-oh, too bad. Wrong choice.’

You have never made the wrong choice and you have never made a wrong decision, not ever. You have made some choices from the God/Goddess energy of you, and you have made some choices from the very frightened little being that lives within the breast of you who does not know that you are truly are powerful, grand, wondrous spiritual entities.

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