Sunday, 7 April 2013

Creating Your Reality Moment by Moment by Moment

Message from P'taah

Channelled through Jani King, April 2013

P'taah: You create your reality moment by moment by moment by moment. Most of the time you go about your day to days and indeed you do not really know how you create the reality, how you create the seemingly random events that occur in your life. However you do create them. You create them by the very fabric of your being.

What are you really? You are a grand body of electromagnetic energy. Now, that electromagnetic energy is given forth not only from your cellular structure but also from your emotional body. Your e-motion is the Power-Sourceness of you.

That energy called e-motion is so extraordinary, containing more power than all of the atomic energy upon your plane. Now your thoughts also go out in electromagnetic waves, so to speak. Your thoughts do not even exist in your mind. Really, they do not. We know that that is how you have been raised to think, that when you think, the thoughts are in your head and belong to nobody else.

Wrong. The thoughts do not exist in your head. Your thoughts are electro-magnetic waves that go forth into the Universe. Those thoughts may indeed be attached by that electro-magnetic energy called e-motion because that indeed is the power sourceness of you.

Your beliefs and your ideas about reality, attached by the e-motions that these thoughts engender, bring forth to you that which is termed "like energy." So what you create in your life is a reflection of who you think you are because nothing exists in your life that is not simply a reflection to you. Does this make sense?

Now, we also know that those of you who are on this path can be very very embarrassed when you bring forth that which is ill-health and negative situations and you know that everybody that you know knows that you did it.


That is where a little bit of negative judgment comes forth, hmm?

Remains of the Day

And we know that each of you harbors within the breast of you ideas and thoughts and feelings that you would be most embarrassed if everybody out there knew about. Well that is all right. There are no secrets really, you know. There are certainly no secrets from that which be I. We know who you are, (softly) and we love you absolutely.

That which be you, that which be the wondrousness of you, that which be the energy that you are, draws forth to you life's experiences, no matter how they are. They are all presented to you, drawn to you in a way, that you may garner the wisdom to grow, to bring forth to yourselves a more and more and more expanded idea of who you are and indeed who you can possibly be. And that is why you are all here listening to that which be I - to satisfy the yearning within your breast to be the more.

We tell you this, there is no escape from fear and pain! And for as long as you are trying to escape to enlightenment, here is where you will stay, beloved ones. That which be termed "Enlightenment," whatever you think of it, is simply the natural result of loving absolutely every facet of who you are. There is nothing else!

And no matter what rites and rituals and methodologies you employ to get to this elevated state called Enlightenment, we promise you that for as long as there is any facet of you that is not loved, that you do not hold dear with compassion, you will not know what Enlightenment truly is.


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