Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Bridge of Love

By Sananda

Chanelled through Christopher Sell, 4 April 2013

Every day, if you choose, you can hear or read of people who have done terrible things. In these circumstances you are not powerless. There is much you can do to help.

Here is one suggestion. Build a bridge of love. Imagine between your heart centre and the heart centre of the person you are thinking of a bridge made out of love coming into being. It touches your heart at one end and the heart of the other person at the other end. As you do this you are acknowledging your oneness, your shared humanity and your shared origin in the Source of All.

Now sense whether this bridge is open for love to flow across. It may be that the person you are connecting with is not open to receive love from you at this time. If so, accept this state without judging or needing to change it. Know that there will come a time when this being is able to receive love again. If you sense an openness allow your love to flow. Some will be able to accept more love, some less. Trust in your sense of what is appropriate and remember to be open to receive love as well as to give it. 


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