Monday, 15 April 2013

The Seven Main Karmic Issues

By Ra

Channelled through Amorah Quan Yin

[Ra is a spokesperson for the Pleiadian Archangelic Tribes of the Light, Member of the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, who are guardians of this solar ring and members of the Galactic Federation of Light of the Great Central Sun]

Your part in all of this is to live right, learn about and practice impeccability, pray to know the Divine Plan and your part in it, and heal and clear yourself on all levels as much as possible. On a collec­tive level, there are seven primary karmic patterns that need to be cleared and transcended at this time. The patterns that are currently being exaggerated in order to bring them into your awareness so that you can transform them are: arrogance, addiction, prejudice, hatred, violence, victimhood, and shame. These seven sources of pain, illu­sion, and separation are listed in the order they developed in this solar ring—beginning on Venus and expanding on Mars, Maldek, and finally Earth. How they have culminated on Earth is so obvious that it seems pointless to elaborate very much.

 Passionate Despair by Jérémie Fleury

Whether the United States has an attitude of supremacy in the world or a New Ager has an attitude of being superior to less aware, nonspiritual people, the attitude is still called arrogance. Whether an alcoholic lies in the gutter in Los Angeles or a person obsesses about his/her physical appearance or the body of his/her mate, this pat­tern is still called addiction. Whether the KKK burn crosses in black people's yards or a spiritual person looks down on a "redneck," it is still called prejudice. Whether capitalists hate communists or the "politically correct" person hates the loggers and builders, the atti­tude is still called hatred. Whether the United States creates war in Vietnam or Central America or a parent spanks and degrades a child, the activity is still called violence. Whether Native Americans, Aborigines, or other indigenous people are killed and have their land destroyed by white people or squirrels and deer are killed by unaware people driving too fast, the problem is still victimhood. Whether Germany bears the scars of Hitler or poor people feel unworthy because of their poverty, the feeling is still called shame. From the most obvious to the most subtle, each person individually must do his/her part to recognize and heal these patterns. The varia­tions of individual expression of these seven main karmic issues are many. However, if you look closely enough, you can see that the source of every problem on Earth today is one or more of these seven solar-ring karmic patterns. These patterns are accompanied by the absence of awareness of the four evolutionary principles, which must now be learned.

For those of you who have mastered the behavioural and attitudinal levels of these patterns, or are sincerely working on them, your next step is conscious alignment with your Higher Self, higher collec­tive consciousness, and Divine Oneness.

The Pleiadian Workbook, Awakening your Divine Ka, Bear & Company, NM., U.S., 1995.  


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