Thursday, 29 August 2013

A question of forgiveness

By Tara Smith

Oracle Report, 23 August 2013

I have a question about forgiveness. I've spent the last two years forgiving everyone including myself and felt I had done a pretty good job. Last nite, I went to a Shamanic workshop on Releasing the Past. The first tool he went over was forgiveness. He said the 1st step to forgiveness is having compassion for the other. The next step is praying 9 times for them. It went something like this. "Great Creator, please look kindly upon this person. Bless them with well being, happiness and all the blessings of a good life... "

I felt resistance. It didn't make sense that I should be praying for someone who hurt me in the past, who was no longer in my life, who I didn't think about. Plus praying for someone who didn't request prayers seems to be in violation of their free will. The teacher felt that my resistance against blessing this person indicated that I hadn't truly forgiven them. So here's my question. Have any of you forgiven someone who hurt you very deeply to the extent where you now wish them happiness and all the blessings of a good life? Do you think forgiveness includes the heartfelt ability to bless them?

Excerpt from Matthew's Message

Channelled through Suzanne Ward, 1 November 2013

Now then, it does appear that we have been pointing fingers at the “bad guys” around your world who persistently have resisted changes that would be in the best interests of the peoples, and we repeat our urgings in previous messages: Forgive them!  This does not mean condoning their actions. It means refraining from judgment and condemnation by understanding that those individuals are the weakest links in the unbreakable universal chain of souls, and the love-light in your forgiveness uplifts them at the same time it advances your soul growth.     

The vital importance of forgiveness extends far beyond those individuals into the pre-birth agreements every one of you made. Because agreements are made by souls with conditional love and are designed to further the evolvement of all participants, each soul plays a role that offers others advancement opportunities. Persons whom you may resent deeply for what you perceive as cruel, unfair treatment may be fulfilling perfectly their agreement to provide you with that experience. Please do not forfeit your growth opportunity by holding onto resentment or bitterness—understand, forgive and feel grateful that you have completed the karmic lessons you chose and they provided. 

If by words, actions or inaction you have done an injustice to any persons, tell them I’m sorry, please forgive me. Then forgive yourself! Letting go of guilt and remorse as well as bitterness and resentment will let peacefulness, joy and excitement flow into your heart—that is what ascension feels like!

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