Monday, 5 August 2013

The Destructive Power Of Negative Thinking

By Peter Mogridge, August 2013
People judge their todays and automatically expect the same from all their tomorrows, because this is what has always been experienced in the past. Therefore, the ills and troubles of yesterday are continually repeated in the future tomorrows. People create within their own minds the very things which they do not want. By people indulging in their fearful thoughts, despair, anxieties, deep feelings of hopelessness, they are mind creating and bringing into their reality the very things which they wish to repel or rectify. People are doing these awful things to themselves. Within their own minds and hearts they actually create and form the plans of their own lives and life’s experiences, both good and bad. People can mind create their own paradise, or their own doom. People should remember the Great Law, the law of Return, of Cause and Effect. You reap exactly what you sow. The individual is the only one whose duty it is to work out the details. You cannot pick figs from brambles, or grapes from thorn trees, or harvest wheat from weeds. Do unto others what you would have them do unto you, only then will you be at peace and contentment within mind and heart. Do nothing with a heavy heart, because a heavy heart is what you will continue to have. Give and do everything with joyous spirit, so that everything in your life may bring to you only joy and spiritual insight. This is to save people from the pitfalls of wrong thought processes and the daily repetition of always making the exact same mistakes, born through their own wrong thinking, because it is the wrong thinking which ‘created’ their own misfortune, spiritual poverty, physical sicknesses, and misery and sorrow. There is no punishment in the Father. Whatever afflictions and ills which come upon Mankind is of their own making. It is only through the power of positive thinking that, where there once was lack, there will eventually be fulfillment, as surely as even waters flow in to fill a lake.

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