Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Light of God

By Peter Mogridge, 8 August 2013

THE COLLECTIVE HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS emanating from the world at this time is a thick quagmire of paranoia and fears, resentment and hostilities, animosity and angers, vindictiveness and revenge, emotional turmoil, mental stress, strife, and physical exhaustion. Yet, these low consciousness pitfalls and spiritual errors of Mankind are intermixed with deep passionate desires, resilient perseverance,... optimistic valour, and compassionate determination to uplift the world consciousness, with faithful dedication to search for unconditional love, by those who have received spiritual inspiration and varying degrees of enlightenment, all united together in one common cause and purpose, to win through, at whatever the stacked odds against them, and to bring their vision of Love into this world. The Light of God will draw close to people who call upon the Source to work with them to relieve their distress and inner turmoil, but because of the mind sets and beliefs of many, or because of religious dogma and doctrine is so strongly imprinted within their brains and thought processes, that Truth cannot penetrate and reach through to bring new knowledge to their minds. Many people have heard, albeit sometimes briefly perhaps, and oftentimes imperfectly, and even correctly, the message of Truth, but they have lacked the courage and commitment to accept new ideas and concepts, or to proclaim the same. Furthermore, not until these present unfolding times, has the time been ever been right, to reach through the barrier of retarded human consciousness, to reach into their minds and hearts to teach and instruct them, to guide them into the pathways and avenues of Truth and enlightenment. But now the world has moved into a new dispensation of vibrational frequencies which will enable multitudes to more easily arise from their quagmire, from those pitfalls of materialism and spiritual poverty, and the mind ‘imprisonment’ of this present age. Yet there is a vast storehouse filled with perfect knowledge regarding the distribution of divine energies impacting Earth at this present time, and people do not even begin to realize or understand the great influxes of these powerful and rejuvenating vibrations. At this time, there is no ‘earthly’ mind capable of bringing into human comprehension and understanding the magnitude of these things. It is only possible for people to ‘imagine’ the spectrum of this energy, but then even imagination is not truth.

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