Monday, 19 August 2013

Feel through as much as you can

I just found this comment of mine from a Facebook group I was in, probably early 2012, and decided to share it here as a healthy reminder that returning to Light also means dealing with and working through the darkness that surfaces in the process...

There were so many clashes between people in the channelling circle I was in. It was quite unbelievable. The high energy just brought it all out. But it was meant to be and all part of the process. I think we humans suffer from a condition wherein we believe we must lie or do anything to keep the peace but that just sweeps issues under the carpet and no one deals with them so they fester and that is how monsters are born. It is important to realise, regarding 'ascension,' is that with the return of the Light all negative blockages are pushed to the surface. That is why the world looks so shit these days and yet it is the dark before the dawn. When people die their relatives cry but the spirit world rejoices for the soul returns to peace and joy. When people fall ill the masters celebrate because they see the denied emotions finally surfacing to be released. But then I do not need to remind anyone here of the value of darkness as a catalyst for change and transformation. What we need to do is breathe deeply, drink water, feel in the heart and be conscious...and do this important inner work of feeling through whatever surfaces without getting dragged along with it. In conjunction, of course, with invoking and sharing more light, being grounded, going out into nature, dancing, laughing and having fun, as well as knowing that we are creating a new heaven on earth just by not killing each other! Haha ;)

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