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Monstaville Book I. Chapter 31


“If you don’t programme yourself, life will programme you!”
– Anon.

7 November 2002.

Positive Will versus Nature

Positive Will versus Nature = Harmony (old perspective to new perspective). Never respond to negative events or circumstances by defining them. That only serves to affirm their reality and give them more credence and weight. Say or think nothing if this is all you can manage.

The way to respond positively to negative circumstances - or events or people’s attitudes - is to make positive affirmations.

Like: when there is a storm. Do not be a leaf and go along with it saying, ‘Oh, the wind is so strong and powerful.’ That only makes you weaker so the wind seems stronger. Then you will be blown away in the ‘natural order of things;’ that is, the natural order of things MINUS your individual will!

“I'm not afraid of storms, for I'm learning how to sail my ship.” - Louisa May Alcott.

Add and include your own individual will to all situations. Then, nature is not merely the order of things that results from patterns of energy, thought, karma, and so forth. Nature has to include and accommodate your positive input. Your will becomes another part of nature - like a new lion in the jungle, a force to be reckoned with. We are not talking an overbearing tyrant who storms into the jungle of life and demolishes everything in sight, asserting the self aggressively.

The trees and plants have no choice if someone invades the forest and cuts them down with an axe. If they were people, centred in their will, even though they were motionless physically, they would be so powerful that the bully would never be drawn to the woodland. He is only attracted to the ‘weak,’ to those who accept situations mentally and spiritually and can, therefore, be uprooted emotionally and physically.

One must stand firm like a tree but also hold up the sword of one’s mind to reflect and shine the light of the Sun, of one’s will, through the leaves. For, beyond the leaf-filtered light is the source of all the light, the Higher Self. Thus, there is help from beyond.

Don’t accept or define something that is negative. No need to ‘deny’ it by saying it doesn’t exist, or declaring ‘this is not happening.’ Replace it with something positive - ‘this is happening’ along with ‘I have peace,’ ‘I feel peace and strength,’ ‘I am in control.’ ‘Good things are coming.’ Perhaps - ‘Pigsy is a menacing force in my home’ becomes ‘Pigsy cannot handle the power of my joy and serenity and is moving out’!

“We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.” - Carl Jung.

“Saying YES! to life is not about denial of fear and pain...when they are the tears of YES!, tears are not bad. In fact, they are essential. (Only the tears of the ‘victim,’ the tears of NO! are self-destructive). In fact, denial of pain is dangerous to Body, Mind and Soul. It is false positive thinking. Real positive thinking is saying YES! to the fear and pain - realising we will always get to the other side. We will lean and grow from it all.” - Susan Jeffers (Feel the Fear...and Beyond, Rider Books, London, U.K., 1998, p.62).

There can be peace. When one goes with the flow and accepts chaos. That is a valid way of transcendence and oneness with all life. But, harmony can only be achieved when individual will is expressed.

The peace of nature is also largely dependent upon the existence of a Sun located 93 million miles away! Human karmic patterns do not resemble the patterns of nature’s unfoldment and cycles in one important respect. The human inner Sun is not 93 million miles away but in one’s own heart and being. Thus, the twists and turns of human development contain traces of light. People are trying - or ought to be trying - to solve the mystery of their own unique existence. Their internal and external lives are like a jigsaw puzzle. Complete the picture of a tree and the outcome is a grand, strong, solid tree. Complete the picture of a human being and there is more involved. We expect the person to be active, demonstrating power. Yet, in fact, such portrayals of human perfection are still inadequate. What we really need to see is active light within. We need to see the Sun beaming through that person’s face, with bright, merry eyes indicating an awakened mind, and a warm, peaceful smile indicating an open heart in tune with all life and actively expressing love and centring all life around in a positive light from within.

Thus, when we talk about human idealism, about the wisdom of harmony between the individual and nature/the cosmos, we do not have to reduce the human being to the state of a tree which stands still and firm and allows the light of a distant Sun to shine through its foliage. A simple life is attractive, as is a simple state of being, and can be conducive to finding the centre of life, the Sun. But, I am not a tree. I am a Sun. Be a Sun and the light will come. It will shine through you and fill your identity with the light of inner reality.

The tree is planted firmly in the ground and its branches reach out to the heavens, to the Sun. That is a valid state of duality which can lead to oneness with the light. Nature is one way.

But, to be the Sun, not 93 million miles away but here and now, to express all the spiritual light and power which one can, and to become that light, that is the purpose of life. For, we are eternally evolving as ‘gods in the making’ towards greater awareness, understanding, expression and realisation of the Godhead that we ultimately are.

"Everywhere across whatever sorrows of which our life is woven, some radiant joy will gaily flash past." - Nikolai Gogol.

I need ‘do’ nothing but this: centre my will - exercise it silently and calmly - and affirm the positive state I require. I am then being a Sun in the universe, providing I recognise that I am a creative part of the universe, that is! Like attracts like and light attracts light. Even if one’s circumstances remain negative, an inner light will come and shine through the sage and that will be so powerful that the external chaos will be as nothing - truly just spokes around the centred hub. One ceases to react or involve oneself in the negative energy.

Hence, ‘the Godhead does not recognise negativity or darkness.’ It cannot exist. It is an illusion. If you do not identify with the illusion it is like watching television in your nice warm room. You simply observe it. You can switch it on and off, and you are free to do as you wish.

Do not, therefore, recognise negativity - negative circumstances, states of mind or attitudes. Recognise only the light and its positive potential. In the jungle of worldly life, do not be a plant or tree. Do not be content to ‘allow’ the light to shine through your leaves wherever it can. Be a light. Be a Sun in the jungle. Like a lion. Roar with power and joy. Be at peace. Radiate positive energy in your being, centring your will in Light.

“If you don't like how things are, change them! You're not a tree.” - Jim Rohn.

Unlike the axe-wielding tyrant, you are expressing your power harmoniously. Your words and actions are expressed in harmony with all life because you are in harmony with all life - because you are centred in the Tao, in the Higher Self. You are demonstrating the principle of wisdom in action, or inner being expressed in the outer world of physical form. Your body may or may not move! The dynamic activity is that of your will, of your positive projection from within yourself in relation to the world around you.

Being like a demi-god on Earth rather than a tree is perfect harmony with nature. Nature does not spurn sunlight and positive energy. It responds positively because it feeds on light and grows in its own being and light. Thus, you shine and you receive more light. You grow and you move on to another existence, having grown too powerful for this one and become ready for a new level of power and wisdom.

Stephen King’s Mansion

The image of a demi-god or goddess on Earth is nicely balanced. One is powerful yet in harmony with the world. One does not necessarily have to live in the woods, at one with nature, although this is a valid and generally more spiritual and enlightened way to live! That is very feminine and the purpose of my thesis [different book] is partly to voice some valid part of man and the masculine principle in the ideal of spiritual perfection on Earth because he is often seen, especially by feminist Goddess spirituality, as being in conflict with the spiritual realm. Okay, so it is often true. But give us a chance! Ho ho ho! We have much to contribute too...and the Goddess is just as much a part of our world as it is ‘yours.’ Or, rather, it perhaps ought to be. No matter what a person’s situation, or how masculine they are, there is always potential for embracing life, being whole and at one with the whole. It requires more work and self-discipline for some than for others.

Nothing is impossible, however, in terms of human growth and awakening. This is the principle of the Journey to the West, the Chinese classic in which the candidates chosen for enlightenment, and who also represent the different aspects of the individual, are people with criminal, demonic or violent tendencies. The ‘moral’ of the story is that even the most depraved monster of a human being can die to the ways of the lower self, shed the skin of mortal corruption, and embrace the splendour of the pure light within. The novel, therefore, could cleverly appeal to all people, and give hope and inspiration to the most derided and condemned humans in society. Very Pisces, indeed.

“The same energy of character which renders a man a daring villain would have rendered him useful in society, had that society been well organised.” - Mary Shelley.

The Kray twins and their associates used the threat of extreme violence which they proved capable of demonstrating in order to control people through fear. A guy living up the road remembers them and once described a gruesome scene to me involving a vicious thug that he was once unfortunate enough to have witnessed in a restaurant.

"The evil that men do lives after them,
The good is oft interred with their bones."
- Marc Antony (Julius Caesar, Act III, Scene 2. The first line is quoted in The Tomorrow Man, directed by Bill D'Elia, 1996).

"I don't know why he saved my life. Maybe in those last moments he loved life more than he ever had before. Not just his life, anybody's life, my life. All he'd wanted were the same answers the rest of us want. Where did I come from? Where am I going? How long have I got? All I could do was sit there and watch him die." - Blade Runner (directed by Ridley Scott, 1982). (Several viewers had asked Roy the genius warrior replicant, ‘Why don’t you just watch Big Brother?’ at which point he suddenly just lost the will to live...after all that fuss!).

“He who has a firm will moulds the world to himself.” - Goethe.

Retrospective insert.

Conversations With The Goddess by Mark Amaru Pinkham (Adventures Unlimited Press, IL., U.S., 1999), p.138.

Mark Amaru Pinkham: Are you the Avatar or is Christ-Sananda?
The Goddess: We are One. I am love, and My Son Christ-Sananda is love. The Avatar spirit is the consciousness of love.
Mark Amaru Pinkham: Then, perhaps, there is more than one Avatar?
The Goddess: Yes, many masters have come to do battle with Sanat-Lucifer, who now manifests on Earth as the ego and intellectual consciousness which engenders duality. Collectively these masters are My Son Sanat-Sananda, the Higher Self.
Mark Amaru Pinkham: Many masters on Earth are now teaching the path of love, or Bhakti Yoga. Is this the Yoga of the Avatar?
The Goddess: Yes, it is. Only through Bhakti Yoga, the path of love and devotion through kindness and service, can the forces of control and dominance be defeated. Bhakti Yoga has always been the Yoga of My First Son. It was originally taught on Lemuria by My First Son, Sanat Kumara, who brought it from Venus and transmitted it to Narada, the author of the Bhakti Sutras, the definitive text on Bhakti Yoga.
Mark Amaru Pinkham: Well, since many of us are practising the path of love, it appears as though the work of the Avatar is succeeding.
The Goddess: Yes, the work of the Avatar has been very successful. It is now paving the way for My return via the resurrected Goddess tradition.
Mark Amaru Pinkham: And You will return permanently when we move into the Fifth World of Venus, right?
The Goddess: Yes. The Fifth World is the prophesied Kingdom of Heaven. It is My home and the abode of Sanat-Sananda. But as My son Sananda once said, ‘you must become a child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.’ You must become My child to enter my realm. You must become a Kumara.

“The shadow is an unconscious complex that I defined as the repressed and suppressed aspects of the conscious self. There are constructive and destructive types of shadow…Jung emphasised the importance of being Aware of shadow material and incorporating it into Conscious Awareness, lest one project these attributes onto others…According to Jung the human being deals with the reality of the shadow in four ways: denial, projections, integration and/or transmutation.” ( 

“Humour is the instinct for taking pain playfully.” – Max Eastman. (

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