Sunday, 27 October 2013

There Is Nothing To Fear Except Fear Itself

By Premlatha Rajkumar

I remember one of my teachers explaining fear to me when I was very young. He told me that once two men from his village were travelling through a deep forest to reach another village. This forest was feared by people because it had a lot of poisonous snakes. So these two men were travelling by day time and were planning to reach the other village before night fall. It so happened that a storm brewed up and it became dark very soon. Suddenly one of the men cried aloud that a snake has bitten him, he started foaming in the mouth and fell down in agony. The other man lighted his lantern and tried to see what had happened to his friend.

And to his dismay his friend lost consciousness and died.

With the light of his lantern the man saw that it was not a snake that had bitten his friend. Mangoes are abundant in India in the summer, and people eat the mangoes and throw away the seed, the seeds get dried up in the sun and the hard seed coat splits open on one side like a mouth. The man who died had stepped over one of these mouth opened seeds and it had clung to his heel, he thought that a poisonous snake had bitten him and in heightened emotion of fear he gave this message to the cells of his body. The cells accepted his thought as the truth and they created foaming in the mouth just like it happens in a snake bite and created death of the body.

Fear is the only thing to be feared in life!

The cells of our body are overhearing our thoughts every moment and acting in accordance with it. Are we aware of the thoughts we are feeding the cells every moment? Are we creating death through our thoughts before we have lived?

Our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs create our reality absolutely.

We have the power to create beauty and joy in our life by choosing empowering and resourceful thoughts.

As pure souls our decision to come into these physical bodies is our grandest choice, we signed up for the great things we were going to create in this life time. Every moment of life is meant to be lived fully, in awareness, gratitude, and understanding. When life is lived fully in the present moment, it becomes richer, eternal, and blissful. Through this choice of living life fully we realize the ultimate value of life.


© 2013 P. Rajkumar

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