Friday, 11 October 2013

There Is No Part of You Which Is Not Spiritual

Q&A with P'taah

Channelled thorugh Jani King, October 2012

"It is all about perception"
Q: When we are in this physical body, so much of the Now is taken up with mundane, trivial tasks that have no emotion attached to them, have no real anything attached to them - paperwork, going to the grocery store, the things that our body needs to sustain on this planet. Why is the Now so consumed with so much trivia when there is so much better work to be done?
P'taah: Ah, beloved, you see there is the judgement about "better." The truth is, you will remember we said all of it is a perception, hmm? Now you are grand spiritual beings when you are sitting on your lavatory or doing the grocery stopping, making love, making war. There is never a time when you are not grand spiritual masters, really.

There is no part of you which is not spiritual! You are still spiritual when you are doing your paperwork, beloved. It is all about perception. Many wondrous ones say to us, "But, P'taah, I am doing this mundane job and really what I want to be doing is grand spiritual work." But you see, beloved ones, there is no thing which is not spiritual. It is about finding the joy and the focus whatever you are doing. Being truly present. You know life is what happens to you whilst you are very busy regretting your past and being terrified of your future!
Hmmm? Does this make sense to you?
Q: Yes.
It is about becoming more aware about everything that you are doing and being present. And if there is no great feeling attached to it, be in the joy of "no great feeling," hmmm? There is never a time when you are not simply the most wondrous spiritual beings having whatever experience you create. And however you perceive it is absolutely valid, but you can see from this how your perceptions do indeed change the reality. hmm?
Q: So is our purpose just to be in joy?
P'taah: Indeed. (pause) It is!
Q: That is our sole purpose?
P'taah: Absolutely!
Q: It sounds so lovely and easy.
P'taah: It is. But, it is also to not invalidate that which is the pain and the anguish and the fear and the boredom. All of that is valid! But it is to look to see what creates it - what perception of reality creates it all. Very often when you are bored it is because you have learned all that there is to learn about this particular thing. Then it is time to get out and do what makes your heart sing! Why? Because when your heart is singing indeed, you are in the Now.
Q: We all are here because we have a common desire to improve and to learn more and we appreciate your help, but there are a lot of other people who are more dedicated to their body rather than their spirit and mind. My question is is there any material device that could help us and also other people to improve their balance between their body, mind and spirit - some material things, such as minerals, vitamins or magnets or something like that?
P'taah: We say this to you that that which is the embodiment is the absolute reflection of who you are. That which is the physicality is, if you like, a reflection of your non-material embodiment. When you are in joy, every cell of your body rings with the knowing of joy.
When you are in this place you can throw away all of your supplements. You can relinquish all of your judgments about what you put in your mouth to nurture you body because the bottom line is your body is nurtured by your Beingness, not by what you put in here [the mouth].
And it is to look at how safe you feel in your world. What do you think this is which is allergies and this which is not being safe? Of course there is to be a balance - body, mind, spirit. 
But your embodiment, indeed, it is to honor it absolutely. Your body is sacred! Every cell owes its existence to the light of Divinity. How you treat your body is very indicative of how you feel about who you are. What you believe about who you are.
When you are in joy, when you are in love with who you are, your body needs nothing else. When you are in recognition that who you are indeed is the Perfect, Eternal Expression of the Source, when you are in the knowing of this truth, then indeed your body shines forth with this truth also. It can be no other way.
I love you absolutely, I love you eternally because you are indeed a grand and wondrous mirror to that which be I of beauty, of power, of the Perfect, Eternal Expression of Creation that you are. (Pauses) Beauteous each one. (Long pause)

My desire for you is that you come to know who you are. My desire for you is that you will see you with my eyes, with my knowing. My desire for you is that you will be in awe of the wondrousness that you are as am I.
We do thank you indeed for being the wondrous reflections that you are to that which be I and state forth that indeed it is a grand honor to come forth to be serving you in this fashion. (speaks softly) I love you forever, eternally, and I thank you.
So until the next Now, my beloved ones. And know that as you have invited us into your heart, that is where we reside - not separate, not ever separate.


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