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Monstaville Book I. Appendices IV & V

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Native American Code of Ethics

Appendix IV

"A different state of consciousness is possible for humans. The state of consciousness that is considered normal and that has been running human history for thousands of years is not the only possible state of consciousness. It’s also not the most advanced state possible for humans.
It’s nothing new. All the great teachings and teachers have pointed to the fact, since the normal state of consciousness is a state that is extremely deficient, a state that in the ancient teachings has been called suffering. The Buddha called it suffering, Jesus called it a state of sin and illusion, and the Hindus call it a state of illusion (Maya).
So, all ancient teachings agree that the normal human state of consciousness is, as I call it, a state of insanity. Anybody can verify this for themselves if they look at human history, 90 percent of which - really, if you look at it objectively - would be called the history of collective insanity, with the enormous amount of suffering inflicted by humans on other humans and on themselves and other species."
- Eckhart Tolle.

Forgiveness is freedom.

The wisdom of the ages has sprung from the long dark night of the soul to be embraced by you now my sweet ones. Our father sent his son to you to teach and awaken you. His teachings are the jewels of consciousness. Christ Jesus taught that if you have the faith of a mustard seed you could move mountains. He also told you what I have done you will do only greater. He told you, ‘I, Jesus…am descended from the family of David; I am the bright morning star.’ (Revelation 22, v.16). He spoke of his return, the second coming of Christ is within the hearts of humanity. Embrace his teachings, he taught you to forgive. Forgiveness is freedom; forgiveness is grace, forgiveness is release from bondage.
Yes you have been hurt, each of you were victims of the great fear, yes you have suffered. Look not to the source of suffering amongst your fellow humans, know that you have taken alternate incarnations as victims and victimisers. In the old paradigm the, ‘good guys’ sought out evil and attempted to destroy it, the new paradigm is to seek the depth of our own shadow and unconditionally love it to healing...
The rule of the great fear has past. The work now is to heal, forgive and move into a new state of grace and joy. The time of spiritual renaissance is at hand. You have a great buffet of traditions and spiritual teachings available. The collective soul hungers for these gifts. Please do not struggle, in an attempt to find the exclusive Truth, for the Truth is evident in all of these precious gifts and teachings, each are like colour bands in a beautiful rainbow. You are to stand in your own truth next to your brothers and sisters in unconditional love, forming the Rainbow Family.
The shadows must feel safe and loved to emerge. Be it those within yourselves or your neighbours. Do not fear the shadows as they come forth. It is a necessary part of the healing. When you hear of acts of terrorism upon your fellows send forth great beams of healing and loving light from your heart chakra. Your angels are with you. The energies are available as never before. Scientists have measured the megahertz of fear and love. Love has a higher vibrational frequency, fear is a lower and denser vibrational frequency. Love is an intense electro-magnetic force that is infinitely powerful. Your neuro-synapses have been expanded to handle more electro-magnetic energy than was previously available to your species. You are funded with the alchemical forces to transmute all shadow.
Faith is your passport to the new world of peace. In the coming times your faith will continue to be tested. You will be asked to take the leap of faith, your lower mind or logical mind may scream out in disbelief, but the miracles will continue to manifest. Please image that you are like seeds beneath the fertile loam. Image yourselves as the size of that seed and the amount of loam comparably. It appears as tons of soil, a great weight indeed. Your awakening is the alchemical bursting forth of that sprout. You seek your course of destiny penetrating the darkness and expanding into a new world of light. The loam is not a barrier to your inevitable expansion, it will yield and fund you all that you need to complete your journey. So to the shadow will yield, offering you inevitable nourishment and making way for a new world of peace and prosperity.
Through life time after life time you have been conditioned to feel unworthy. You have not been taught the difference between ego and confidence. Some of the programming phrases are, ‘I’m not good enough, or I don’t deserve good things.’ Your best is good enough. Opportunities are presenting themselves to help you heal from all of the mental traps that block your inevitable empowerment. You are a being of infinite potential, your mission awaits you. One mission is not greater than another. Each of you will contribute your valuable piece to this cosmic mandala. Some are more conscious of their missions than others, conscious or not your destiny is to complete your piece, your divine gift. Many of you still walk in both worlds. You have been released from service of the dark one. You may not have integrated this truth; do so now. If this is the case take heart, you are not expected to be perfect in every way. Perfection is in continued intent to seek integrity, respect, truth, empowerment and freedom. Your contribution is unique, it is valuable, it is the cosmic you. You are the only one who can fulfil your mission. If you stumble someone will be there to assist you, to help to share your burden. Your best is good enough, you cannot fail if you have faith. You are not alone, the time of isolation has past. Reach out in love to one another, join hands in forming the living bridge to Heaven on Earth.”
- Laiolin (channelled through Judith Moore, Excerpts from ‘A Message from Laiolin and the History of the House of David,’ from Crop Circles Revealed, Language of Light Symbols, Published by Light Technology Publishing, 2001,

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