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Monstaville Book I. Appendix XI

Appendix XI

“Hurt people hurt people. That’s how pain patterns gets passed on, generation after generation after generation. Break the chain today. Meet anger with sympathy, contempt with compassion, cruelty with kindness. Greet grimaces with smiles. Forgive and forget about finding fault. Love is the weapon of the future.” - Yehuda Berg.

Understanding Pain.

Excerpts from The Light Bringer. The Ray of John and the Age of Intuition by White Eagle (channelled through Grace Cooke, The White Eagle Publishing Trust, Hants., U.K., 2001).

p.60-62. This soul of the earth is created by pain and travail. You may not agree because you do not comprehend the full meaning of what is called pain. Pain is joy. You can feel pain with exceeding joy. Do you not know the exquisite feeling of joy which is pain to you? Great happiness, exceeding happiness, can be painful. Pain and joy are akin to each other, being two separate aspects of the same thing, being light and shade, both springing from the same principle. Through the human being undergoing pain the soul goes through its formation, and is strengthened and built up.
                Once you know this you will not shrink from any experience. You will learn to welcome pain when once you understand what pain can do, what pain actually is. For pain is creating, is beautifying the soul by developing the power to feel; developing intuition, that sixth sense which will become universal in the new age, and will give vision into other worlds, and will bring through into the mind of earth, into the outer self, a consciousness of truths universal, of heavenly life.
                The individual cannot find God by intellect alone. People are trying so to do at the present time, however. Many are seeking to intellectualise God; but no-one, we repeat, can find God through the intellect alone. Everyone has to go through a development of their soul, their feelings and their love first. You can only lastingly find God through life, through your feelings, through your soul; so that the soul becomes like a bridge between heaven and earth, bringing humanity back again to God.
                The soul is the bridge. It enables the child of earth to contact God gain. We are trying to convey the nature of this divine Trinity of Father, Mother and Son, the perfect and holy Trinity of life. We are endeavouring to show the necessity for that marriage or union between spirit and soul to take place within every human being.
                It is the woman aspect, the Divine Mother aspect, which is the tenderness, the love and the gentleness of life, the tenderness without which spiritual death must ensue. Do you see the importance of woman’s place in the scheme of things? First let us say that women, those who are in the highly-privileged position on earth of being in a woman’s body with womanly qualities, have great responsibilities. They do not all recognise such responsibilities, for they allow their lower or weaker self to take possession of them instead of realising their noble and divine attribute, the attribute of the Divine Mother. The work of the woman in you – whether you are physically a mother or not in this world – is to give love and motherhood, to mother all life; to express motherhood with tender love and sympathy – and with wisdom, which is as important as the love. Finding the woman within you, you must endeavour to develop the qualities of the Divine Mother. Can you see that the Divine Mother is herself the soul of humanity? It is the soul, and the soul is the intermediary between the individual self and the First Principle or Will of God.
                When you arise and manifest the dignity of the divine principle that is behind womanhood, wars will cease because the soul (or the woman) desires neither strife nor war. The soul is peace-loving; the soul yearns for beauty, harmony and perfection; the soul, being intuitive, can look into the future desiring to protect the race, not to destroy it. We speak most earnestly to all women, urging them to develop the qualities of the noble, the holy Mary, the mother aspect.
With the blending of soul and spirit the perfect being is born, the one who is capable of taking the Christ initiation, who is capable of crucifying the lower self, crucifying matter, dispensing with the lower form of matter. You do not understand what this means yet, but we will just say at this moment that the crucifixion of matter, the dispensing with matter, means that a time will come when the Christ child, born form the two great Principles of Life [Mother and Father], will rule matter, will rule the earth, and its darkness will be no more. For the earth’s vibrations will become so etherealised, so harmonised, that it will be a world of light.

p.86-87. If only you could check yourselves, and stop being sorrowful and grumbling! We know that you have sorrows; that you witness the sufferings of others. We who see a little deeper recognise a strange beauty beneath the sufferings of humanity. Behind every experience, every sorrow, every saddening, sordid thing there is a reason, a great purpose. Some day, somewhere, somehow you will know that there is no difference between intense sorrow and intense joy. A mystery of the spirit? Yes: you cannot understand these things no, but when you have learned the lesson, understanding will come.
                We give you hope. You are marching forward; the earth pane, the earth planet as a whole, moves forward with its whole being towards becoming itself like a sun. Earth’s humanity has awakened, and slowly, almost imperceptibly, humanity responds and raises itself, even as a child stirs in the womb. The earth is surely moving towards its own birth: it will become spiritualised, so that its very crust, its outer substance, is changed and transcended.
                In the same way, human life moves towards such a birth. It moves into glory, into freedom. Every experience brings to humanity growth towards spiritual consciousness. Nothing is wasted in life: no experience whatsoever. However hard the lessons have been for you, and maybe at this moment are, may it comfort and inspire you to be told that they are worthwhile. Humanity makes progress: it does not regress, and every method used to bring about this birth into the spiritual life is necessary. Look out upon the world as it is with tolerance and love and hope. There is no death! Progress, progress, progress…growth; a life-force forever moving onward, forward into the Sun. Hope!

 “You’ve gotta accept that, to a certain extent, life is pain.” - Ezra Koenig.

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