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The ego is always out of fear

By Osho

“What I’ve that we don’t have to overcome fear to have a clear heart. We simply need to recognise it when it shows up and acknowledge its presence. The great revelation for me is that it isn’t fear itself as much as the effort of hiding or denying it that’s so self-abusive and destructive.” - Sonia Choquette (The Answer Is yourself live your spirit, Hay House UK Ltd, London, U.K., 2008, p.86-87).

The Shadow of the Whip (a 13th darshan diary) by Osho

Chapter 14, ‘Osho talked to Swami Prakash from America,’ Monday, 22 November 1976, pm, Chuang Tzu Auditorium


“The ego is always out of fear. A really fearless person has no ego. The ego is a protection, an armour. Because you are afraid, you create an impression around you that you are so and so and this and that, mm? So nobody dares...otherwise fear, it is basically fear. Good! You looked into it deeply and rightly. And once you see the basic cause, things become very simple.

Otherwise people go on fighting with the ego - and the ego is not a real problem. So you are fighting with a symptom, not with the real disease. The real disease is fear. You can go on fighting with the ego and you will go on missing the target because the ego is not the real enemy, it is bogus. Even if you win, you will not win anything. And you cannot win. Only a real enemy can be defeated - not a false enemy that does not exist at all; it is a facade. It is as if you have a wound and it looks ugly and you put some ornament on it.

There is fear, but nobody wants to show his fear, because if you show that you are afraid many people will be there who will make you more afraid. Once they come to know that you are in deep fear, then everybody will hit you hard. They will enjoy humiliating you, finding that someone is weaker. People enjoy exploiting; to kick that person.

So every person who is afraid, deep down creates a big ego around the fear and goes on pumping more air in that balloon of the ego and becomes too big. Adolf Hitler, Idi Amin of Uganda - that type of person becomes very puffed. Then he starts making others afraid. Anybody who tries to make anybody afraid, know well that he must himself be deep down afraid, otherwise why? What is the point? Who bothers to make you afraid if he is not afraid?

People full of fear make others afraid so they can rest at ease. They know well that now you will not touch them, you will not trespass their boundaries.

You looked well...that is exactly the case. So don't fight with the ego. Rather watch fear and try to accept it. It is is part of life. There is no need to hide it; there is no need to pretend otherwise. It is there - all human beings are full of fear. It is part of humanity. Accept it, and the moment you accept it the ego will disappear, because then there is no point for the ego to be there. Fighting with the ego will not help; accepting the fear will immediately help. Then you know that yes, we are so tiny in such a vast universe - how is it possible not to be afraid? And life is surrounded by death - how is it possible not to be afraid? Any moment we can disappear...a small thing goes wrong and we disappear - so how is it possible not to be afraid? When you accept, by and by fear disappears because now there is no point. You accept it, you have taken it for granted - it is so!

So don't create something against it to hide it, and when you don't create anything against it, it simply subsides. I'm not saying you will not have any fear - I am saying that you will not be afraid. Fear will be there but you will not be afraid. You follow me? To be afraid means that you are against fear - you don't want it to be there, and it is there.

When you accept it...Just as trees are green, humanity is full of fear. Then what to do? Trees are not hiding. Everybody is prone to die. Fear is the shadow of death. Accept it!”
Rajneesh Foundation, Poona, India, 1978

The Answer Is Simple…love yourself, live your spirit

By Sonia Choquette


“What I’ve that we don’t have to overcome fear to have a clear heart. We simply need to recognise it when it shows up and acknowledge its presence. The great revelation for me is that it isn’t fear itself so much as the effort of hiding or denying it that’s so self-abusive and destructive...The more we simply acknowledge our fears with love and a dash of humour, the more they subside and ‘defog’ the heart. Now, there’s a big difference between feeling vague, generic fear and actually being in danger. Most of the time when we experience fear, there’s no threat to anything other than our fragile egos. But even when we are in danger, it’s far better to acknowledge fear’s presence so that our hearts will clear up and our guidance will come through to help us get out of it...Notice how the more you articulate your fear, the clearer your heart becomes...The more often and more quickly you confront fear, the sooner your heart will be clear and remain so. And a clear heart is a self-loving one, because only it can see and guide you creatively to safety.

What fogs a clear heart are strong emotions of any sort. Whether intense anger, strong infatuation, overwhelming grief or unbelievable ecstasy, powerful waves of emotion temporarily distort the clarity of the heart and interrupt our ability to love ourselves or others.

This isn’t to suggest that we must attempt to block or distance ourselves from our emotions. Not at all. In fact, blocked emotions close and clog the heart and shut it down altogether. No, it’s important to feel all of our emotions fully and completely and to recognise them for the messengers they are, informing us about the experiences of our lives. It’s just that we need to recognise that our emotions are like the weather: They come and - ideally, if unblocked - they go. We learn from them but shouldn’t act on them. It’s best to wait until their intensity passes, then choose our actions.”

Hay House, London, UK, 2008

 In The Garden by Letmebreak u

More from Osho

You can never be open when you desire. When you are ambitious you can never be open. An ambitious man is a closed man. When you have no ambition and you float moment to moment and say whatsoever happens is good, you are open. Then the whole existence is available.

Suddenly you see that it was simply stupid of you to ask. Where so much is being given without asking, it was simply idiotic to ask. Then a certain dance starts in the very core of your being, and one starts being happy, and that happiness is not dependent on any circumstances. It is very independent. It is a freedom because now no circumstance can take it away from you. It is coming from you, it is arising from you. It is yours, authentically yours.

If I say that if I become rich then I will be happy, then I have a condition, and that condition is not altogether in my hands. I can be robbed, my bank can go bankrupt, the country can change its politics, can become communist ‑ anything can happen. So if I am not rich I cannot be happy.

A person who says, 'Whatsoever happens, I am going to remain happy; it will not make any difference to me. I will find a way to be happy whatsoever the circumstance,' is independent. No politics can make any difference. No change in the state of the outside world can make any difference. Poor or rich, a beggar or a king, he remains the same. His inner climate does not change.

This is the goal of all meditation ‑ to attain to such a tranquillity, to such a stillness that it is unconditional. Only then it is yours. Then whatsoever happens, let it happen. You remain happy. You remain tremendously happy.

So this time, just go. Drop your will and you will see that things that you were hankering for start happening on their own. Once you drop your conflict with God, you never propose anything, He never disposes. Suddenly things start running in a smooth way. Everything fits and falls together.

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