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Monstaville Book I. Appendix III

Appendix III

"Nothing in the world can bother you as much as your own mind, I tell you. In fact, others seem to be bothering you, but it is not others, it is your own mind." - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

‘Time to Remember. The Essential Truths of the Human: the Wisdom Frequency’ by Susan Bog (

It is time to remember the greatest secret in Human history…..

We are on Earth playing a game of ‘forgetting.’ It is now time to Awaken to remember what we forgot.


Let go your mind…………

This is beyond religion, culture, academia, statistics, and ethics. This is about you, the Human. Life on earth has been a longplaying purposeful Soulgrowth experience of fearbased living, with subsequent experiences of ill health, limited dollars and fear for personal safety. This is the heralded lifetime we will REMEMBER HOW TO LIVE LIFE FROM A LOVEBASE, in our inherent states of health, abundance, and safety, by remembering the Truth of who we are.

As known, our double helix strand of DNA contains coded Human physiological data. However, DNA also contains veiled highvibrational frequency information of the Spiritual Truths about Humanity. This is the special lifetime of FULL information disclosure. The purpose of this writing is to assist Humanity to ‘remember.’ HOW to release their personal DNA stored memory. It is ‘TIME TO REMEMBER’ Humanity’s Master Plan for Awakening. It is time to remember the answers to life.

Every Human being on the planet has coded information locked within their DNA: specific information related to the individual (as is the present study of science), but more significantly, information related to Earth, Humanity and the Truth about life. This information lies silently within each of us, awaiting a specific trigger which will allow its release into our conscious memory. Herein lies the unveiling of the long awaited TRIGGER for Humanity that will allow the full unfoldment of the DNA memory of our purpose on Earth. Release of this information is the primary goal of this special and long awaited lifetime.

This is the heralded lifetime of ‘the Shift’ - the shift from living life from a fearbase to consciously living life from a Lovebase whereby we remember how to create only what we want to experience. The following DNA released information is presented to remind YOU of the trigger of how to remember and, in your triggered memory unfoldment, you too will remember Humanity’s DNA held Master Plan for releasing our fearbased existence through consciously remembering our innate connection to the Love Frequency Realm of Creation.

You will remember that just as ‘fear’ is polar to ‘Love’, so are our ‘fearbased beliefs’ about living life polar to ‘Lovebased Spiritual principles.’ To live life from these Lovebased principles, will eliminate experiences of illhealth, and financial and personal safety concerns. Thus, the high vibrational Lovefrequency information held within our DNA, as to the Spiritual Truth about HOW reality works and HOW to create only what we do want (instead of UNKNOWINGLY and perpetually creating what we do not want), will be in paradox to what we have falsely learned to believe is true. ALL our beliefs about living life are strictly for participation in the fearbased Earth experience….until this lifetime. This is the lifetime of remembering WHO WE ARE…


Awakening of DNA memory is triggered by the Emotion of Love…which is the Human conduit to Master Consciousness. Thus, ‘Truth’ is accessed and recognised by its ‘good’ feeling, which elicits a sense of ‘relief’ and ‘ease’ within us in the receiving of it.

This information contains the complete answers to life, which will be recognised through the feeling of ‘relief’ it offers from life’s falsely perceived need for guardedness and defensiveness and its fearbased ‘worry’ and ‘stress’…For this lifetime is the completion of the designed longplaying fearbased Earth experience…and the beginning of our new Earth experience based on the wisdom and power of Love…our ‘forgotten’ inherent state of being.

The ancient base of this information had been secretly sequestered from mass Humanity, awaiting this heralded lifetime of Humanity’s Great Awakening in consciousness. For Human DNA vibrationally contains the memory of Master Consciousness, which has awaited the conscious personal trigger of ‘lovingness’ and ‘compassion,’ in order to begin releasing into our conscious awareness.

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