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Monstaville Book I. Appendix XII

Note: This Appendix relates to the Overview of the Monstaville Trilogy

 Appendix XII

“I will share a very special story with you that is close to my heart. Upon my ascension, I was asked to look into my soul with the purpose of simple observation, I thought that I would see and sense the energies and light explosions that I often associated with my soul but on this occasion I was surprised as my soul drew me into the depths of its energy and posed the question, 'who are you?' I had been accustomed to my soul and spiritual teachers asking me this question which often resulted in what now seemed like an automatic answer. This time however was different, I felt a deep relaxation within my being and energy as my soul began to project images into my mind. I was given the facial image of all my family, loved ones and friends on the Earth, then the facial image of every human upon the Earth. An unusual sensation came over me, a familiarity with each face that I saw even thought I had not known them on the Earth. Then I was given the facial images of all my beloved spiritual teachers on the inner planes and all beings upon the inner planes. The visions began to change from facial images to recognition of energy patterns. I was shown the energy pattern of all light beings in the heavens and the Creator's universe and the energy pattern of the purest vibration of the Creator. This was how I came to know myself from that moment forth. I recognise my soul within each of you which only enhances my connection with all aspects of the Creator. When the time is appropriate you will also be opened up to this divine experience of who you are. Everything that you are doing on the Earth will lead you graciously to that moment of recognition of self. It was my observation of the Goddess light that I felt empowered this special experience for me.” – Mary Magdalene (channelled through Natalie Glasson, 18 March 2012,

A Message from Ascended Master Saint Germain (channelled through Henry David Stites, 29 January 2012).

Greetings to you all, ‘Children of The Light’!
I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain, at your service! 
                I have been asked by the Brotherhood of Light to transmit to you certain teachings which are relevant to your situation at this time in your unfoldment. Know that when I speak, I AM transmitting to you and ALL who shall hear this message an electronic current of ‘Psychic Light/Love Energy’ from the entire collective of the Great White Brotherhood of Light - and that this Light Ray is meant to empower the Lightworkers to fulfil their Divine Life Missions at this time, with the FULL and TOTAL support and blessings of the Great White Brotherhood. I implore you to comprehend the weight and power of this fact! Embrace the full extent of the Love/Light being extended to ALL of you sincere seekers of Truth NOW!
                In the course of your Life Mission, and indeed during the lead-up to realising such, certain aspects of your ‘shadow self’ will appear as tangible energies you will have to experience and then transmute in order to progress further in your personal Great Work.
                Remember this and be not disturbed by these seemingly-intrusive obstacles, for they are a part and sign of your moving forward through the half-truths of the lower Astral Light towards the Great Central Sun of Self, your True Self, sourced in your Eternal and Mighty I AM Presence. Even if these forms of your own shadow present themselves to you as others, or even the most foreign of circumstances, you must pass through the ego-mind's assessment of these energies as ‘separate’ from ‘you’ - for indeed they are attracted to you because they ARE you.
                If they are out of alignment with Truth, with the Love and Light which is the Supreme Source, *and* you continue to be disturbed by their energetic vibration, then my dear disciples and friends, you must (no matter how painful to your ego-mind's sense of ‘pride’ or ‘justice’) continue to seek for the source of your troubles WITHIN YOURSELF.
                Attempt to balance the distortions experienced seemingly outside ‘yourself" with the Truth of your own feelings - what about the distortion ‘triggers’ your ego-mind? This is the way a Master approaches circumstances, both positive and negative, until finally no balancing-act is needed, for the disciple has BECOME the Great Balance of his or her Higher Self, which is completely free from lower energies and their effects.


                Once you fully step-out on the Path of your Divine Life Mission (which runs in perfect tandem with your needed spiritual progress for this life as well), such trials and tribulations are inevitable. Again, we Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood of Earth (who have been entirely human just as you yourselves are now, ego-mind and all) implore you to avoid the pitfalls of lower-self-based dramas, which come when you forget to realise that the drama requires two ‘actors’ playing their parts. You Spiritual Students and Disciples of the Masters should seek always to remember that your True Self is the only Real ‘actor’ on the stage of life, not the ego-mind whose illusions by nature fool the consciousness of the average mortals on Earth today.
                Though it goes against the conventional wisdom, we Ascended Masters advise NEVER to allow feelings or thoughts of anger towards others or self to remain unchallenged by the question: ‘Am I FULLY accepting myself, my True Self, or not?’ You will find that, if you are disturbed by outer conditions or energies, the answer to this most important question underlying all Real and Permanent Happiness would be a sad ‘no.’ Change this NOW, Beloved Students! Become the Masters you are in Truth, and put aside your inner and outer phantasms that bring your energy vibration down from the level of the True Self. Accept yourself at this level, FULLY, and outer conditions will either change or cease to have any power over your Joyous and Bright Soul-Light.
                We of the Great White Brotherhood of Light, again, FULLY and COMPLETELY support ALL of you individual Lightworkers along this Path of Freedom! Forgive and accept yourself, forgive and accept the ‘world,’ and watch the Magic happen! This is not foolish wish-fulfilment or distorted melodrama - THIS IS TRUTH. 
                From the Fiery Heart of the Spiritual Sun/Son Itself We Declare This! 
                Let those who will hear, Hear!!
                I AM Saint Germain, in service to the Brotherhood of Light. I leave you now, but am with you always. Peace Be Upon You ALL!

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