Friday, 21 September 2012

Embracing Fear

Message from P'taah February 2011

Channelled through Jani King

Beloved ones, greetings! It is an honor to share the energy that is you.

So how is it going, the grand struggle for enlightenment? Are we having fun yet?

You know, my beloved ones, you chose to come forth in this lifetime, in this time lock, in this version of reality, in this Now, to take part in this most wondrous voyage, this spiritual journey.

It is really the most significant time in the history of your peoples for many, many thousands of your years. All of you know that.

The quickening of your universe is coming to a grand crescendo very soon in your time. That you know also. 1999 was first year of your last sequence before it will be starbursts of consciousness.

Many of you have been creating diseasement of your embodiment, change of relationship, change of abode, change of business, employment. Change, change, change.

For some of you, it is very frightening. Some of you are saying, "I don't know if I can deal with this!" That is all right. You have been learning to dance on the moving rug.

How many times have you said, "I thought I had just got all of this together and all of a sudden, somebody has come and pulled the rug from beneath my feet."

So indeed this timing is learning to dance on the moving rug. It is to learn to take that which is the death, the changement, to look at what is occurring and say, "All, all, of this is a gift for me to come to know who I really am!

Who are you really? What is the grandest possible truth of you?

The grandest possible truth is that you are, in every Now moment, no matter how it seems, in every Now, the Perfect and Eternal Expression and Extension of the Mind of the Source. It can be no other way.

Each and every one of you is a Perfect Extension of Source. You are gods and goddesses smelling the rose of this existence. You, indeed, have created it all, this life, all life, every lifetime, every situation. You have created it all, co-created it indeed, and all of your creations are valid.

In the struggle to come to this new way of being in the fullness of who you are, for many of you there is trepidation that you are going to miss the boat or that somehow at the last minute, you will get it wrong.

Well, you know, you can never get life wrong. What a relief! You can never make a wrong choice. You have never made a wrong decision. How could you? You are gods and goddesses playing this game called, ‘I have forgotten who I am.’

But you know, beloved ones, you have been playing this game for so long that now it is boring. It is time to begin to remember.

Many of you are having these experiences, albeit most of the time quite briefly, of the More, of the Oneness, of that place of non-separation. As you are honing your skills in life, so these experiences become more and more.

Ultimately, of course, when you come to that explosion of consciousness, you will really forget that you are ever any other way but in the fullness of love where fear is not any longer even a memory.

We ask you this - how would you like to experience the wholeness and wondrousness of what you call enlightenment or super-consciousness? Do you want to experience this to escape pain and fear? Well, the sad story is, there is no escape.

So if there is no escape, what do you do with all of this pain and all of this fear that not only exists within your own resonance, but also exists within the morphogenetic resonance of your entire planet?

Well, we have given you the four keys of transformation many times before - you can only transform what you own, you can only transform in the Now moment, you can only transform whilst you are in the e-motion of the pain or fear, and you can only transform by absolutely embracing the fear.

Think about what you do with that emotion usually in your day to days from habitude and because you have never been taught otherwise. When you come into this emotion called fear, you will do your best to push it away, to push it down, to release it, to give it away to somebody else, or run like hell from it! Also to put it under that moving carpet.

Well, it doesn't work, you see, because that energy that you utilize to try to get rid of the fear, in fact draws to you more and more of the matching frequency. And you experience that either as diseasement of the embodiment or those situations in your external life like your failed relationships, your extraordinary lack - lack of love, lack of well-beingness, lack of abundance, as well as money. Lack, lack, lack. The more you are in the fear of lack, the more lack you experience.

Again we remind you, you are powerful radiant ones, indeed.

I love you.


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