Monday, 24 September 2012

You are a field of consciousness through which the Father would extend Himself

 By Jeshua through Jayem

Excerpt from The Way of Mastery, p.170-171

Therefore, The Way of Transformation does not require you to change your circumstances.

It merely requires that you change your attitude toward them by recognizing that they are harmless, by recognizing that you have called all things to yourself.

There are many that would teach that you must sit around and ponder wh
y you did this and why you did that. I say unto you: all that is required to begin is the willingness to accept that in the great mystery of consciousness, you are the power and the source for all that you think, all that you see, all that you feel, and all that you would be and do. You abide in that freedom constantly.

The Way of Transformation, then rests simply on that:

How will I decide to use my time?
Finding myself here in this moment, can I remember that I am free to see things differently?
I am free to look lovingly upon the world.
I do not need to wait for something outside of myself to create a stimulus that elicits a loving response.

You do not need to wait for your mate to come and give you the hug that you want so much. You do not need to wait until your mother calls you on the phone and begs for your forgiveness for how cruel she treated you when you were growing up. You do not need to wait until the current president is no longer in the White House. You do not need to wait for the contest that comes in the mail to make you the winner that brings you millions of dollars. You do not need to wait for that to happen. Right now, you are the one that is free.

But perhaps you have imprisoned yourself by waiting for Love to show up outside of you to trigger a response within you – when you feel it or recognize it – so that finally you feel loving. Those that know aloneness are not limited in extending Love. And those that know loneliness yet retain the power to make the decision to love. It can never be taken from you.

Here is a simple exercise that we wish to give you. When next you find yourself alone and perhaps feeling just a little lonely, and you notice that the mind is spinning with thoughts, and you are feeling perhaps just a little weak and out of sorts, pick up your telephone book. Take three deep breaths, and with each breath say to yourself,

In reality, I remain as I am created to be. I am the holy Child of God.

Then merely open the phone book. Place your hand on one of the pages with the many names and numbers and just feel your way to a specific name and number. You will know the feeling. Then, for the fun of it, call that person.

And when they answer the phone, merely say,

“I’m not here to sell you anything, I just need about 15 seconds of your time. I know you’ve never met me, but I was just sitting in my chair remembering that the truth is true always. And I’m calling to remind you that you are loved by God! You’ve never failed. You’ve never done anything wrong. You remain pure and innocent, even now. And I just wanted to give my blessings to you. Have a nice day. Good-bye.”

For you see, the world in which you live has but one purpose. It is the same purpose that all dimensions of creation have: to be the extension of the Father’s Love.

For that is what creation is. And then to extend that Love from that world, from that dimension. Each and every one of you has but one treasure, only one treasure. It is not your child. It is not your spouse. It is not the new car in the garage. Your treasure is your reality as the unlimited, holy and only begotten Child of God. You are a field of consciousness through which the Father would extend Himself.

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