Thursday, 27 September 2012


By Sananda

Channelled through Christopher Sell, 27 September 2012

You are living in a time of emergence. It's as if you and your ancestors for many generations have been running through a tunnel towards the light. And now you find yourselves emerging from the tunnel into the light. That, of course, is also rather like your own emergence from your mother's womb into this lifetime. So we could call this a time of birth or rebirth as well. This time of emergence is not as dramatic as these analogies suggest, but it is as real.

One of the greatest - and most enjoyable - challenges you face as you emerge is adjusting to new choices. In the birth canal you have little choice but to keep going. Once born, choices multiply rapidly. You may find you need time to adjust to this opening up of possibility. The newly born baby still likes to curl up in sleep, the person emerging from the tunnel into the light blinks for a while as her eyes adjust.

In this time of emergence the process of adjustment is greatly helped by your willingness, gently and lovingly, to question your assumptions. For instance, suppose that you wish to learn a new skill. Is there a voice within that says, 'I'm not good enough' or 'I don't have time' or 'I'm too old'? If so, ask whether these ideas are true. You may find that you don't know whether they are true or not. If so, allow yourself not to know, for this opens up choices for you.

Look too at the ground from which those old ideas have grown. You are likely to find an emotional tone or mood that has nurtured them: a feeling of despair or sadness or resentment, for instance. Give permission for light to come into these old stuck emotions, for the light will help the emotions to flow again. When the emotions are flowing it's much more difficult for limiting ideas to take root.

To experience yourself as newborn can be very liberating. You are giving yourself permission to discover who you are in that moment, and you may surprise yourself with the beauty of the being you reveal. For each one of you comes into this world as a beautiful presence, giving the gift of yourself to the world. In a time of emergence it becomes easier for you to know this.

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