Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Gratitude

By Sananda

Dec 7th Free Tools Call channelled through Susan Leland, 30 November 2010

Greetings Beloved Family, it is I Sananda, and I AM so honored, and so overcome with Joy, to be here with you, that we may together rise even higher in togetherness in Joy! And together we co-create, or build upon our Foundation of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Gratitude, the Peace that this World is clamoring for, the Peace of the season, the Peace of all seasons, the upliftment of the Hearts, the joining with the Divine Spirits we are.

And I come before you in all Humility and Gratitude that you are here joined with us now. We ask that you feel the loving energies, even as you might want to take a deep breath or two, and to relax into your sacred spaces, and come together. If you wish, hold out your hands that we may join, one great presence Worldwide, one Family of Love, one great thought of Compassion, one great outpouring of Forgiveness, and one great celebration of Gratitude.

What we are going to do tonight, Beloved Ones, or today, depending upon where you are in the World, is to send these gifts out. And there is such an appropriateness about this, even as this is the time when many in this Family begin preparations to celebrate the Holy Days. And often times you celebrate the birth of the one I came with, the one called Yeshua. And you know there were gifts that were brought to him, and this is Truth, and the gifts were from those called the Wise Men. We, Beloved Ones, are the Wise Ones. We are the Divine Ones, we are the Masters, we are the Angels, and we are the Ones that we've been waiting for to come, and give these gifts to the World!

And we shall start with Love, which has been called the greatest of gifts, and indeed this is Truth. Love of the universal, unconditional, joyful kind. The Love that carries with it serenity, the Love that carries with it security and trust, and oh yes, Joy! Bring that Love through your beings, and let it radiate out through your hands. Breath deeply, bring it in, feel it. Feel it coming from this great Family, from all of the Masters, and the Angels, and the Spirits of Mother Gaia, the representatives of all of Her Kingdoms. Feel this great Love of the Christ Consciousness. Feel this great Love and the Truth of it coming through your entire being. Now send it out as you receive it, from your heart out to the entire World and the Universe beyond.

And let this gift of Love find its way to every heart, to every being, every living being upon Planet Earth, below, on, and above, and then beyond to the Universe, and allow it to spiral, and spiral, and spiral, as it goes with Joy, with Commitment, with Dedication. And then let it come back to you, and keep it pulsing outward and back to you, spiraling infinitely - Love - Universal, Divine, Love without end, infinite and ongoing. Now keep it going.

And now feel, if you will the presence, particularly of Beloved Kuan Yin and my Mother, and my Beloveds, the two Marys. Welcome them, welcome them, and welcome the gifts they bring of Compassion, Compassion without judgment, Compassion - the overview of Compassion. Let it come and fill your being -Compassion for all, for the meek, for the strong, and for all of those in between, Compassion for all that has ever taken place upon Planet Earth, and for all of those who have participated in all actions - Compassion. Join us with this Compassion, and let it spiral forth in constant communion and connection with this Love, and let it go forth to all living beings on Planet Earth, and to the World, below, on, and above, and the Universe beyond. And let the Universe see and feel this Compassion, this Love.

And now bring into your hearts Forgiveness, absence of judgment. How close it is to Compassion; how much a part of Compassion it is - Forgiveness for all - start with yourselves, Beloved Ones. Forgive yourself, and let the cleansing of this Forgiveness wash through your entire being, everywhere, from your physicality on out through all of your being. And let it flow backwards through your past, and forward through your future, and let it rest, let it cleanse, and purify, and lift you up even more with Forgiveness. And when you have sent it completely through your being, now, send it out in wondrous spirals attached to, and connected with, and indeed a part of Compassionate Love.

Forgiveness for all with a message to accept these gifts, out world-wide, below, on, and above the Planet, and to the Universe beyond. Complete Forgiveness, absolutely absence of judgment, for anyone, for any action. Feel how free that is. Feel how you can fly with the wings of Forgiveness and Compassionate Love. Free yourselves, Beloved Ones, from any judgments, and from any emotions that those judgments might stir in you. Once and for all soar above, forgiving all, loving all with Compassion.

And finally, Beloved Ones, now come to that Cornerstone called Gratitude, and smile, and feel the Universe beaming upon you with the Gratitude just for your being here, just for being the Light and the Love that you are, for your wisdom, your understanding. Now take that Gratitude in. Savor it, because you deserve it in unending, infinite quantities. And now, Beloved Ones, beam that Gratitude out. Let it accompany these spirals of Forgiveness, Compassion and Love.

Let it energize these spirals even more, that those who receive these energies feel them completely, and are themselves lifted up and into Joy with these gifts, these holy and sacred gifts that you send forth. Never have they been so welcome, and never have they been able to be felt by so many as now. For the consciousness, indeed the consensus of the Planet is, that it's time for Peace on Earth, and you, Beloved Ones, with this exercise that you have joined us in, have laid the Cornerstones, and shared them, and sent them out Planet-wide and beyond. And these indeed are the Cornerstones for this Peace, this Peace on Earth which is so desired, and which is so, so, much a part of the gifts that are coming in this Holy Season, during this Holy Time.

These Cornerstones of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude are indeed in place now in every Heart, and if they have not been accepted, or opened yet, these gifts, you have sent them everywhere, to every being below, on, and above, Planet Earth. Because we have co-created this with you, and we have called you forth to this gathering, and for those who will participate in this, beyond this particular time on your clocks, you too have been invited, and have answered the call, and so we salute you once more as Ashtar has said.

And now we ask you to stand and come forward to receive the Roses of Kumara once again into your Hearts, and the thanks of the entire Universe. Divine, Divine, Gifts you are, and Divine gifts you have accepted and given, and the Lights which are going on right now, springing up everywhere, in even the darkest of places upon the Planet, are because you, Beloved Ones, have come together in this gathering, and joined with us in sending these beautiful gifts forward.

Look into your own Hearts and find them there, these Cornerstones, and find the Peace that passeth all understanding which now rests so comfortably upon this Foundation, and honor yourselves with the acceptance of the Roses. Savor them and welcome them, feel them, see them, smell them, and know that they are yours by Divine Right, and by your own Divine Will, and evermore let these Roses shine forth in your Hearts, and the entire Universe will know that you came together with us in these precious, precious, sacred moments to give the gift of Peace and the Foundation of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude to Planet Earth during this Holy Day Season.

Accept once more the Love that we share with you, and the honor and the thanks, that we have for you. We are close by now; please do remember that. Call upon us at any time. We are with you in loving service, and together we move ahead upon this path which you have chosen. We are here in service to you, and to the World, and we hug you, and are One with you, as you claim your Roses, and move forward in the service of the Light. Thank you, Beloved Family, and Namaste!

Mother Sekhmet

Well, I just want to say, 'I'm tingling down to my little toe nails - well they're rather large.' If you could see what I see, Beloved Ones, this Family, this Family of Light, you would be in awe of yourselves. So I just have to say, 'Take my word for it, Joy to the World, oh yes!' And the World is receiving more Joy, and feeling more Joy now than it ever has, at least since the very beginning. Feel it, live it, and Love it. Soak it up like a sponge. Oooh, doesn't that feel good? Beloved Family, we are Joy, and we are awesome as well. So let's keep the high vibes going, and let's get even more joyful, and let's travel on the road, the highest one together. And so it is! Namaste!

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