Monday, 4 February 2013

The Attitude Of Gratitude

 “I thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes.”
- e. e. cummings

“Now we move to the 2nd chakra to the energy of gratitude. The more gratitude in your body the more you are creating through grace, through the Divine. Don’t ever underestimate this energy, for gratitude is the energy of attraction. The more gratitude the more of what you want you will attract, the more your will be in Divine, the more you will be swimming downstream the easier and easier that you will find life. Just allow this energy of gratitude to purify and cleanse your 2nd chakra, allowing for the merging of the masculine and feminine, allowing for the deepest love…Allow this feeling to flow into your ancestors, into your ancestors’ deepest pain…Cleansing, purifying and re-aligning your body, setting the cells in the structure in your body in the form of the dodecahedron, the true structure of a human being. Your body will understand this, the dodecahedrons forming the shape of the flower of life. Just allow your bodies to remember, remember, remember, remember, remember. Let it remember Christ consciousness. Let it remember who you are. Let yourselves remember who you are. For Dear Ones, this game is almost over, the game beyond or behind the veil is almost over. You will begin to recognise your divinity and understand your divinity."
- Kryon (channelled through David Brown, ‘Love is Consciousness,’ 7 April 2009 at Marina da Gama, Cape Town,"

Sekhmet Addressing the Ascension Energy Tools Call
Channelled through Susan Leland, 23 November 2010

"Well, it's good that you're talking about legality, because there are laws of the universe.  There are laws of energy.  There are laws that say this is how it works.  If you want it to work for you, pay attention!  You can be in the flow of the way things work - or not - that's up to you.  We're here to give you advice on how to make things come about the way you want them to, on how to create the miracles that you all deserve.  Everybody deserves miracles!  Everybody's divine.  The thing of it is, is that there are various degrees and it varies within the human because you do have this human body, and that by itself does create some limitations to your Spirit which has chosen to, shall we say, zip on into this body costume. 

"Now, we are at a most important time for Planet Earth, as you measure time.  We look at your calendars.  We look over your shoulders and we can see your calendars and see, Ah yes, it's the Holy Day season.  And it's holy for everybody.  It's not what religion you are at all.  It goes way beyond that.  It goes to spirituality and the expression of who you really are, of your divinity.  So you can express through any religion you choose to, but the truth of it is that we're talking here about high vibrations - Joy to the world, you might say.  Oh yes, we do love 'Joy To The World,' and why?  Because you feel good, you feel high, you feel high vibrations are what you feel. 

"So, when you're down in the dumpies as Ashtar calls it and you say, 'I really want to create something better,' that's a start, because at least you've recognized where you are.  Don't stay there; get moving - real fast.  Play some music.  Go out and hug a tree or breathe some air or anything.  Do something to switch your vibration into higher gear.  Now, we know that's not always easy to do.  Sometimes there are things that you must address, challenges, problems, situations.  Well you can still take time to take some deep breaths.  You can still take time to say some 'Ho'oponoponos' or wave your wand a bit and then address it.

"And if you can find a couple of minutes you can take some deep breaths and go within and say, 'Calling my heart, calling my higher self - alrighty, we have something to do here. Let's get together and create the highest vibrational solution or resolution we possibly can.'  Now here's something that you might not exactly be thinking in your mental, emotional selves, but if you could remember to say, 'I'm grateful for this opportunity.  Thank you Universe, for showing me something that I can do to bring more joy into the world,' or some such thing as that.  That's where it starts.  That's really where it starts, Beloved Ones.

"You can create a lot of more, shall we say, a lot more of being down in the dumpies.  You can create a lot more fear, you can create a lot more of anything you choose to create.  But why, with all that you know, with all of your wisdom, with all of your beautiful Hearts and Lights shining so bright, why do you want to go there anyway?  We don't see that you do.  And if you end up there, remember, you've got Family, you've got people who care, you've got this wonderful Holy Day season to rejoice in.  Take your inner child out for a walk.  Stand back, and when you refocus do it with all of you as a participant, because that is your team for creating - you yourself and the totality of who you are, the divinity that you are, and oh boy, have you got a lot to be thankful for there!

"Be grateful.  Be in Gratitude.  And if you see someone who could use a hand up, offer your hand, Beloved Ones.  If someone comes knocking at your door dressed in rags and you're just carving the turkey or whatever it is that you're having on your day of feasting, would you let that stranger share?  Well by sharing your Light with the world, you're inviting everyone to the feast!  Now when you put out an invitation and you ask for an RSVP, if you're sending out something that goes like this, 'Well, I'm going to have this gathering and it's going to be outdoors, but it might rain, and I'm not sure I'm going to have enough food for everybody so if you want to you can bring something, and I really don't know why we're getting together because I'm just not in the mood,' what do you think those RSVPs are going to look like? 

"Well, when you put out your invitation to the universe to send you something that you want and you put it out like that, what are you going to get?  The RSVP is going to say, 'Sorry, not this time.'  So when you put out an invitation to the universe to send you something, and really we don't call it invitation, we call it invocation, big difference there, when you do happy-happy, joy-joy, dancing, singing and bubbling over, with Love and Joy, what do you think the universe is going to send you?  How about an acceptance speech of some kind or other, or shall we say an acceptance demonstration, or the doorbell rings and something good comes in the mail, whatever it is.  Whatever it is, Beloved Ones.

"And we ask of course that you join with us in celebrating the holiness of these days.  Give something you hadn't planned on giving and see how elevated you are.  Give a kind word to someone that you hadn't paid much attention to yesterday, and see how they light up and that lights you up.  And you share a moment of Gratitude to each other and a moment of Gratitude each to yourselves.  Let's have it - Gratitude - Joy - Love Beyond Words - and the more you light up the season with it, the more that you accomplish all that you choose for yourself, and you help the world to do the same. 

"Now you can teach or you can preach or you can convey this wisdom, which is rather elementary, we know.  But it's the vibrations that are important here.  It's what we want you to feel.  As you hear these words, take them right on in and feel them and lift yourselves up, and retain that lifted-up experience for as long as you possibly can, and if you feel yourself dropping - monitor yourselves.  Some people do testing.  Some people wear something around their wrist or their ankle and they monitor themselves all the time and when the monitor says, 'You're not where you want to be or you need to be,' they look at that and they say, 'OK, I've learned some ways to get where I need to be and maybe I need a shot or a pill or a little biofeedback to me' or whatever it is.

"Well, let's talk about telepathic biofeedback!  If you feel yourself a little down in the dumpies, feel yourself again and lift up!  Put out your wings a bit, do a little elevating and you know, you're flying.  And give some Gratitude.  When you feel that lift up, stand in front of the mirror and say, 'Thank You' to the divine being you see there.  You're not where you were!  Gratitude - you're expressing Love and Gratitude to your beautiful selves for getting there, whoopee, let's fly together!  It's a marvelous experience.  When you soar, you not only lift yourself up, but everybody around you and around the world.  It is contagion of the highest vibration - Gratitude - Joy - 'Oh, I'm so glad I have this opportunity to lift up.  I'm so thankful for the lesson I learned.  I'm so thankful for what I'm feeling now compared to what I was feeling a moment ago.  And now I know the difference and now I know how to lift up and I'm just going to do that every time.' 

"And you know what?  Pretty soon you're going to be flying in a higher space, in a higher vibration than where you were before, because you're going to develop new habits, new programs.  And it starts, Beloved Ones, with attitude of Gratitude.  Now it goes without saying that we are so grateful to you for joining with us here today, for your presence with us.  Absolutely divine - couldn't get any higher.  So keep this attitude with you, this Joy and say to yourself, 'Oh I'd better thank myself for being here because I AM, I deserve and I AM One with this entire Family, and with all the Joy that is coming my way. I'm sending it right back out, I'm radiating it, I'm paying it forward!' 

"And again we say to you, if you can light a candle or help to light a candle for someone, for someone else during this season of giving, we so encourage you and we so thank you.  Whatever you can do is much appreciated.  And please visit that page of giving.*  Give some Love and say, 'Thank You,' for the way you feel when you do it.  Talk about lifting up - go to the visions pages** and pick one a day.  It's like tonic, you know, it's exhilarating.  It's Love coming to you as you give Love and Joy and Gratitude to the visions, for how they make you feel, and to the Beloved Ones who have sent them in and are continuing to do so, and please do continue. 

"There is so much going on in this world behind the scenes and this is not a news broadcast.  We shall be doing more of that on our next Ashtar call next Tuesday night.  But for now, the news is Be Thankful!  Be in giving thanks for all, for all that you have done, for all that you're doing and for all that you have ahead of you and your Golden Path, your Ascension Path.   And if you see something that you want to resolve, or lift up and out of low vibrations, then go for it, because you've got all it takes to do it, you've got all the tools, you've got yourselves, Beloved Ones, and your toolkit is full - just start using them, and be grateful for all that you have.  And we join you in this giving of thanks and this Love and this coming together in the thankfulness of the moment.  And there is much more to be thankful for that is coming your way.  So stay tuned, and so it is.  Namaste!"  © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2010.  All rights reserved. 

“Through the experience of having nothing and being nobody, my soul taught me that gratitude is our default state. It's not so much that we should count our blessings and be grateful for what we have that others don't (although those are good practices to do in and of themselves) but that it's infinitely more powerful and magical to simply realise that gratitude is the natural response to experiencing existence as it actually is - One Big Phat WOW! This is because Life, the Universe and Everything is a Magnificent Miraculous Magical Mystery. Fact!As I said in a previous post, this is how we all naturally experienced existence as babies (when not in pain or hungry). This realisation of the nature of existence and our true default state, made me probably the richest Big Issue seller in the world...and definitely the richest living under a tree!” – Chris Paradox (‘How I Used Soul Magic To Make Much More Money,’ 24 February 2013,

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