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The Dynamic Force of Gratitude

"Gratitude is the memory of the heart."
~Jean Baptiste Massieu~

“Remember to envelop yourselves constantly in the Light and establish and maintain that connection with the Great Central Sun every waking moment. Feel the power connecting with your Soul Star and through your Heart and then down deep into Mother Earth where you ignite the grid and back up again to the Great Central Sun, igniting all your chakras as you go. Feel and see and be in this Column of Light as your norm from now on. Do not be without it, for it will lead you steadily on the path to Ascension.
            Dear Beloveds, you have so much to be grateful for, and it is important to feel gratitude in your Heart and to express it constantly. For this will bring even more gifts to you, and to others.”
- Yeshua and the Company of Heaven (channelled through Fran Zepeda, ‘May Your Light Shine Brighter,’ 15 July 2012,

The Dynamic Force of Gratitude

By the 'Team' 

Channelled through Peggy Black, 18 November 2010

We are here and we greet you with our respect and appreciation. It is valuable for you to be recognised, honoured and acknowledged. It is valuable and important for you to acknowledge, recognise and honour yourself. We would extend this invitation to honour, recognise and acknowledge the others as magnificent multidimensional beings of light.

For when you acknowledge anyone with true gratitude, seeing beyond the illusion of their persona to their true essence, you are empowering an energy field which invites, calls forth their very best. This gratitude of the other can be spoken and expressed yet it is extremely powerful to offer silent waves of sincere appreciation from the conscious portal of your heart at any time, any place and as often as possible.

This is a practice we are inviting you to develop and integrate into your day, your life and the way that you hold your opinion of fellow earth travellers. Sending waves of gratitude and appreciation will uplift the minds and hearts of all who receive this dedicated energy. Do not be fooled to think this is some casual practice, this is far more powerful and effective then you might realise.

We invite you to envision the very best for the other, see them shining, opening up to their own true light of awareness. See them filled with happiness and purpose, connected to their own divine guidance. The endowment of this wave of gratitude honours their highest and their best. It will offer an energy wave which will assist in opening the door to their own recognition of this unique aspect of themselves.

It is time that you step into your sovereignty, owning and honouring your authentic Self. Practice sending love and gratitude to your higher divine Self. It is also time to support, acknowledge and invite others to own and step into their authentic power.

This authentic true power that encourages, rather than challenges; that supports rather than judges; that acknowledges rather than criticises; that praises rather than finds fault; that appreciates and sends waves of gratitude and thankfulness to the other for their willingness to be here in physical form in this dysfunctional hologame. Your authentic power is a true power that perceives the ability to make a difference, and be an active part of the transformation taking place on this planet in this timeframe and dimension.

Your ability to use the dynamic and divine force of gratitude and appreciation is one of your most powerful gifts and an aspect of stepping into your own magnificence. The truth is, when you empower the other with the recognition of their true Self, you are also empowered.

Practice going to your heart centre; Tap your chest if necessary to bring your focus to this area and imagine the heart centre being activated. Remember, energy follows thoughts. The heart centre is your portal. It is your gate. So when your thoughts are focused on the heart portal your focused energy is activating this area. Once you have connected to your heart, begin to feel gratitude.

This might be the tricky part for a while since most humans are habitually in the head energy. It might be uncomfortable; it might bring up unresolved issues that have been stored here energetically from past occurrences. If this is what you experience perhaps it is time for you to heal your wounded heart.

We invite you to claim your true ability as a conscious alchemist. We encourage you to energetically and emotionally clean out your heart space. If the heart is energetically congested with old emotions of hurt or grief or distrust, then the richer and fuller connection with divine is distorted. When the heart is energetically closed to others, it is closed to the divine. It is time that humanity heals the wounded heart. It is time for you to personally heal and transform your powerful heart centre.

The heart is the thinking organ of your human form, it is truly in command. The energetic field of the heart matrix is far stronger and more expanded than that of the energetic matrix of the brain. Human beings long ago learned to close or protect their heart circuit. This is the main dysfunction on your planet and the main source of dis-ease.

When the heart circuit is protected there is an energetic loop; there is a thought shield that filters or monitors the coming in or the going out of energy in a more guarded manner. The human being has allowed the brain, the programs and beliefs to monitor and guard the heart centre. These programs/beliefs close and numb your responses to the messages and guidance coming from and going to this heart centre.

These beliefs about protecting the heart centre are passed down energetically from parents to child. You learned from the unspoken as well as the spoken messages about being hurt or loving freely and easily, about what feels safe or unsafe, about whom to trust or not trust. There are wounds passed down from generation to generation. There are wounds within the family dynamics of this lifetime. There are wounds that you have personally experienced while in this embodiment.

 Pale by jersey

It is the responsibility of each and every person on the personal level, genetic level and global level, to heal the wounded patterns within the heart matrix. Humanity is stepping into an entirely new paradigm in which the thinking heart will be honoured, whole, and connected to the other heart matrices.

There are many useful and effective methods to clear old stagnant emotions held in the tissues and organs of the physical body. Use all the tools of awareness available to you, use sound to express the repressed pain of grief, fear, loss and hurt. Allow your willingness and the sound frequencies to uplift and transform all that you have stored within your heart's energy, know that you have the ability to transform dense toxic emotional energy. It is your clear intention that supports your work and will assist in the shifting of energy held within. Call upon divine support when you are doing this work.

It is the intelligence of the heart that offers humanity total healing and total connection with the dimensions and the stars. The heart portal was designed to serve as the gateway to the divine, allowing the energy to flow from divine source out into your reality. We have encouraged you to return to the sacred space of your heart and radiate love and appreciation to your reality. It is within the sacred heart that the alchemical process of transformation takes place.

It is the intelligence of the heart that will guide and uplift you in all your actions. Practice asking your heart before asking your mind. Practice bridging and connecting the heart's intelligence with the brain's intelligence. Practice radiating unconditional love, joy, gratitude, and appreciation from the heart, not from the mind. Practice sending your love and gratitude to the planet. Practice sending gratitude and appreciation to any challenge or situation you desire to transform. Allow yourself to see and experience your sacred heart space as spacious, infinite, expanded, and whole.

The important tools in healing and harmonising your heart portal are the vibrations of joy, gratitude and appreciation. It is the power of these vibrations which allows the heart centre/heart portal to heal from all the wounds carried. This is the service work you are being asked to do for the wholeness and healing of the heart centre of humanity. When human beings live from an open and healed heart they know and feel their connection with each other and the matrix of consciousness. It is your gratitude and appreciation that opens the channels, connects, empowers and transforms.

We embrace you with our gratitude, deep appreciation and honour you for the true alchemist that you are. We are available, call upon our support. Be in your joy and gratitude.

The 'Team.'

©2010 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address.

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