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Monstaville Book III. Appendix IX

Appendix IX

"Think for a moment about the vast number of people there are on this planet alone. How many pairs of eyes is God looking through? We only need to consider people because we are the highest principle of God. Each and every one of us is constantly gathering intelligence and adding to the mind of God. What does God not know?"
- Gary Bate (Becoming A Christ, Bluelight Publishing, Cardiff, U.K., 2003).

‘Jeshua Speaks About 2010’ (first part) - A message from Jesus/Jeshua (channelled by Judith Coates, 1 January 2010,

Beloved one, I would speak with you about the new year of your timing. 2010, as you will call it, is an arbitrary reckoning because, as you have seen, there are other calendars and other reckonings, but you are calling it 2010. It is going to be a most wonderful year. Many awakenings. Much of judgement. Old issues are going to come up to be judged and quickly resolved, because you now have the tools: you now have the understandings you did not have in other lifetimes because you were kept within the parameters of what had been taught to you, what your priests and rabbis and what the parents and generations of parents had told you.
But now those parameters have opened up. And yes, you are going to have old issues that are going to come up, but then, as we spoke previously about the measure of mastery, you are going to see that you can quickly surrender and let them go. And, let me say first of all, as you do judgement of any issue, there is no judgement of you. It is an experience; that is all it is.
                You can stay in that judgement as long as you want to or as short as you want to; it is just what you are experiencing. You will move on then to love, to love self, and to laugh at self and to say, ‘Oh, there's that issue again. I know it well. Okay, I'm going to wrestle with it for a few minutes, maybe even an hour, maybe even a whole day or longer. I'm going to wrestle with it until I'm really complete with it. And if it comes up again, I'll wrestle with it again, because how dare it come up again.’
                But throughout all of that, what you are really saying is, ‘I am the master. I am going to wrestle with it until I'm done with it.’ And that is the master speaking. It is not the issue speaking, but it is the master speaking, and it is okay to wrestle with old issues. There is no time limit. Just do what you want to do with the old feelings, and if they do not feel good, then you move on.
                The next year in your timing is going to give you opportunity not only to be in judgement of yourself, but to be in judgement of others. Many of your so-called leaders are not leading. They are leading from behind, allowing others to go out and do the hard work while they sit behind the desk and wonder, ‘Which choice suits my career better than another choice?’
                They also are wrestling with their issues, their own issues from this lifetime and other lifetimes. So you can cut them a bit of slack, perhaps not too much, but some. You will have opportunity to watch ones wrestle with their own inner conscience, their own divine knowing of peace and respect, and how they weigh the inner Voice against worldly acclamation and temporal power.
                You are going to see some of the leaders waking up and speaking perhaps of unpopular things to speak; to take up issues and to be brave enough to speak against the current tide of what has been.
                You are going to see some of your leaders saying things that are not putting their career forward, but yet saying what needs to be said. You have a leader in this geo-political area who came into office a year ago by speaking what the common man wanted to have said. And now you are waiting for him to get it together and start using what energy he can to put forward some of the programs that you want to see happen.
                He is a very wise person. He has been a leader in other lifetimes, as well, and he comes to this position with great knowledge. And he is biding his time. He is not being indecisive as some would portray him. He is biding his time to allow some of the pieces to fall into place, to allow some of the ones that he works with to have time to resolve in their own minds and hearts what is important and to work through some of their issues, as well.
                By appearances, it looks like he is not really doing that much, but the greatest of masters are the ones who do not tell you how to do something. They show you by being, and that is what he is doing. He is showing great patience. He is listening to everyone, which allows them some clarity as they get a chance to put forward their position and how they feel about various things; he is being as the wise parent or as the master who allows other ones to speak until finally they may come to some clarity about what their true position is and why they feel that position to be right or not right. And it takes awhile to be able to look at issues from different angles.
                In this next year you are going to see some conflicts coming up because of that allowance, and you are going to hear a lot of the same old rhetoric, and yet there is going to be a new voice that is going to start to be heard. It began some time ago, and it is going to increase in volume so that not only those of you who want to hear a new voice of respect, but other ones are going to be able to hear it, as well.
                You have built into this reality the most wonderful gift of time, and you chafe against it sometimes. There is a process that seemingly stretches on and on. There is a saying in your world that ones like the fast food; they like everything immediately if not yesterday, and so you are expecting instant results - and the expectation is based on a true Reality, capital ‘R,’ of remembering instant manifestation. You remember from other times, other realities and other times in this reality, where you would think what you wanted and with the snap of a finger or a reaching out, it would be right there.
                However, the rules of the game as they are set right now in this reality are that it is going to be a process, and that takes a little bit longer. But in this next year you are going to see an acceleration of time. Many of you have been feeling that as soon as you get up in the morning, the day is finished and you have not done all of the things you had on your list to do.
                This next year is going to be even more accelerated - just what you wanted to hear. However, there is a new twist to it, because you are learning, remembering, how to breathe and step out of reality and allow whatever has to be done in that day to manifest itself.

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