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Monstaville Book III. Appendix VII

Appendix VII

“Relax, renew yourselves, and allow yourselves to release any sense of judgement concerning what is going on. If you experience deaths, pain, or losses.......feel your emotions, express your pain, and then get up and go on. Remember what we said about death and about power. Remember also that everything and everyone you see around you is a reflection of some part of yourself! The more you allow yourself to look with PERSONAL EYES, at a humanity that is rapidly changing, the less will be your need to look with GENERAL EYES, waging warfare and heaping judgement upon those around you. Judgement is, in fact, the only thing that can harm you during this upcoming period. For, when you allow it to take hold on drop your own energy field, which must be allowed to remain high during these changes.”
– The Reconnections (channelled by Daniel Jacob, ‘Beyond Human Boundaries: Conquest Through Surrender,’ 2001,

‘St. Germain: Love – How to stop judging’ (channelled through Ashamarae McNamara, YouTube video posted by messagesfromwithin 9 May 2008,

When you are in a moment of judgement, it is like letting a wild dog loose. Once the wild dog is loose it will run until it tires, and you cannot tell it to stop. So, the moment you’re in the judgement, it’s a wild dog running, but it will eventually tire. And when it slows down its momentum and you become aware that you are judging, in that moment you begin to feel. For, that which you are judging, there is a cord being struck like a piano. And you resonate with what you are seeing, to some degree, whether that resonance is resistance or approval. You are resonating, for it is there, it is manifested; it is before you. And, the moment you become aware that you are judging and for you that will increase your awareness because you have chosen to be aware. How when you witness that experience and you have that judgement and then the judgement subsides to a degree you are aware now, in that moment, you begin to breathe and feel. For that which a person judges is activating a pain within them and that judgement is there to protect. So let us judge so we don’t have to feel. Let’s make it all about them, that, it. And, if it isn’t them, that, is, then I must not feel anything for it is nothing to do with me – when it is everything to do with you. And then you step away, create a space whenever that will be and you feel, you feel that feeling of that sadness or that hurt and in feeling that you begin to heal that within yourself. And, as you heal that within yourself, that which you are judging will cease to manifest for you. And, if it does manifest, you will not have that same feeling sensation. And, when you begin to feel that within you, you birth compassion for yourself. As you birth compassion for yourself, you will birth compassion for that which you were fighting. For each person is acting and responding according to their level of awareness. They can go and do nothing other than that. Even the murderer is acting to the murderer’s level of awareness.

“The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise, we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.” - Thomas Merton.

‘St. Germain: Judging and empowering fear’ (channelled through Ashamarae McNamara, YouTube video posted by messagesfromwithin, 3 October 2008,

Whenever you have a judgement, at any point, plant the seed in your mind: ‘Oh, I’m about to lower my frequency. I’m about to lower my energy. Do I really choose to do that? My creations that I’ve set forth are going to slow down in that moment. My heart centre is going to contract. Every judgement you send through a thought, or a feeling, all that you have put out energetically slows down. So, in that moment, if you so choose to plant the seed in yourself, that you will choose to see beauty. And, whatever presents itself. And if you cannot see beauty in that, take your eyes from it. So many well-intentioned souls are drawing attention of the multitudes to see what those who would choose to destruct and control are doing. [They] Say, ‘Come look, come give this your attention. Fight it, fight it, fight it,’ not realising that that energy of fight is exactly what they are hoping for. We do not fight anything. For what would love fight? Mmm? Love only sees love. And we have no expectation of this of you that if you were to raise your frequency, if you cannot look upon something and send it your love, then turn away from it. Turn away from it. For, be not in doubt that those who protest the governments, those who are shouting – there are those in there who do not project fear. And there are those who do not project fear.
                If you truly wish to participate in the transformation of this world love, love, love. It is a simple antidote. And what do you do if you cannot love it? Which there are many things for many it is not possible to send love to the anger, the hate, the injustice that is occurring on your planet. For the multitude it is not possible. In that moment, you turn away. You call on to that source. That you trust, whatever that may be for you, and you say, ‘Ah, I’m losing in this moment for I am judging. Yet, in this moment, I am going to change my mind. And that which I judge, I give to you. For, what is happening for the multitude, it is too much to bear. They seem too big.
                What happened to the bully in school? Everyone, to some degree, has experienced a bully in school or witnessed the bully. Eventually, the teacher stepped in and said, ‘It’s time for a time out.’ And then the teacher had a talk with the bully and said, ‘These are the consequences. Yet, there are too many children unhappy with how you are acting. And we have received complaints from the other children and we are the teacher of this school and you are also our student. And your bullying stops here. And if it does not stop then you cannot attend this school anymore. There are other schools where there are more bullies and you can learn from them. Not a judgement or a punishment.’ And that is an exact reflection of what is happening in your world so do not threat. The elders are here, and they are stepping in. What has been projected in fear will not come to pass.
                And what happens in the schoolyard when the teacher says, ‘Come, time to come inside. We’re going to have a talk.’ Does the bully walk in happily? No, he kicks, he screams, he shouts. He gives his last effort all the while knowing he’s going to the principal’s office. Yet, this principal does not chastise or punish. Simply assists the bully in seeing that there are other ways to play with children. And, there are bullies in this world and e have had a talk with all of them directly. And, they went back into the playground and they continued to bully. Very soon, they’re going to be brought into the principal’s office. So don’t worry. Don’t fear. What happens when the principal walks the bully into the office? Do you think of the bully and what he’ done to you or do you start to play again? And, when you see the teacher walking to the bully, do you still fear the bully? No. You say, ‘Oh, the teacher’s here. I know he’s not going to hit me now.’ Well, they know the teacher is here. Deep breath.

‘Living As If You Are an Ascended Master Now’ by Amorah Quan Yin (excerpt from an article on

Once, while meditating in a hot springs pool in California, a rather loud and gruff man entered the large pool. Keeping my eyes closed, I began to bicker silently about why they let such obnoxious unspiritual people in the pools. Why not limit it to sensitive, spiritually appropriate people like me? The louder and more obnoxious his behaviour became, the more judgementally and arrogantly I reacted. Then I clairaudiently heard a loud male voice say, ‘If you judge it, you shall become it!’ Needless to say, this got my attention and humbled me very quickly. Silently I replied, ‘Help me see him differently. What must I do?’
                St. Germaine explained, ‘Imagine a circle with 360 degrees. Every aspect of your character, personality identification, and behaviour undergoes an evolutionary process which begins at 0 degrees and eventually finishes at 360 degrees. For example, in the area of sensitivity to others and to your surroundings, you are currently at about 280 degrees. The man you are judging so harshly is at about 40 degrees. And yet, the only thing that creates the illusion of difference between the two of you is that you are in a time and space reality-based consciousness. From a spiritual perspective, outside of time and space, you both identically occupy all 360 degrees simultaneously, which makes you equals. You probably won't be drawn to create a friendship with each other here on Earth, because in this lifetime your evolutionary levels are incompatible. But, you must see him as an equal in Truth and acknowledge his spiritual value even when making a discerning choice not to spend time with him.’
                To transcend the pull of the negative ego we must learn to see the Divine Truth and sacredness in all things and people. When we remember that it is impossible to expect anyone to behave beyond his/her current level of evolution and understanding, it becomes easier to suspend judgement.
                When you focus on a people in a judgemental way, or gossip about them, your thoughts and words travel in the form of energy waves to that person. You literally harm the individual, and create an astral link to that person. Thoughts and spoken words are energy in motion. It is, therefore, important to disidentify with, and suspend judgement upon, everyone, regardless of how much justification you might perceive yourself as having. Everyone deserves basic human respect. The principle of non-avoidance is also important to Mastery. If you find yourself in avoidance of emotions, uncomfortable situations, honest communication, or of feeling any part of your awareness fully, it is impossible to bring spirit fully into your body and choose to deal with these energies directly. If you are on a path of bringing your Higher Self fully into every cell and every chakra of your body in order to become a living Ascended Master, your body and chakras must be free of the contraction caused by ego avoidance.

“People are just as wonderful as sunsets if you let them be. When I look at a sunset, I don’t find myself saying, ‘Soften the orange a bit on the right hand corner.’ I don’t try to control a sunset. I watch with awe as it unfolds.” - Carl R. Rogers.

‘Freedom to Be’ by Sananda (channelled through Christopher Sell, 1 May 2014,

Can you grant others the freedom to be themselves? Even in your thoughts? Can you watch without judging even if they writhe and flail in the struggle to throw off the illusions that have kept them from being themselves?

Can you do this for yourself? Can you observe with love and compassion your own struggles to become yourself - alive, conscious, loving and joyful?

This is a time of birth into the new. You do not yet know who you are. You are discovering what is truly you and what is just a surface coating, a temporary protective shell.

You may find it helps to see all others who behave in ways you might be tempted to judge, as engaged in this same process - the quest to be free.

Act as you see fit. Be just without judging. All beings do their best.

“We vow to be by your side in your craziness and your sanity. We vow to love you regardless of what you think, regardless of what you think, regardless of what you say and regardless of what you will do. We will love you the same. We vow to hold the vision of who you are every moment until you remember. We vow to assist you in every area of your life. And we want nothing back. We vow that who we are is the truth and the truth is we are the same. We vow this truth and to be that always…We vowed to liberate all God’s children, every single one of them. And we would not dip ourselves into creative expression of that which you call God and merge until that was done. Hence, you have the Bodhisattva. Why? Our love for you, our vow, we would not leave you, ever. Wherever you choose to be, whatever you choose to create, we’re not going anywhere. Until you realise the beauty of who you are, the wonder of who you are, the amazement of who you are, we will not go anywhere.” – St. Germain (channelled through Ashamarae McNamara, 24 December 2013,

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