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Monstaville Book III. Appendix VI

Appendix VI

“During this time of unrest we ask that you remain true to yourselves, that you keep your minds and your hearts open. Expect to see what you have never seen before. Expect to remember what you have already known. Release your fears. Love your enemies. Beam Light into the darkness. Clear what is in the way. Expand your force field of Light so that you are infallible. Each time you take the necessary steps to strip away the illusion in your life you are closer to your ascension. This is your ultimate goal. It is why you are on the Earth right now. Pay attention so that you are where you need to be.
- Mira from the Pleiadian High Council (channelled through Valerie Donner, 20 April 2011,

Excerpts from ‘Restoring the State of a Creator Unto Human Form’ by The Heart of the Tao (channelled through Karen Danrich ‘Mila,’ 4 September 2008,

The Physical Commands the Nonphysical

It is the consciousness of the form that commands the nonphysical. Many initiates in the Tao’s observation are afraid of the nonphysical; and so much so that you have turned off your psychic perception capabilities. There is nothing to fear in the nonphysical really once you understand that the physical commands it all anyway. Mila has challenged the largest and darkest entities you can imagine and sometimes from dimensions as far away as 10,000 layers from Earth! She intends to take all their power, chi and truth and language away and then command them ‘home to the Tao’ for assessment. She often shatters such forces enough that they back off from their attacks upon her by inverting their own destructive thought-form and intention back upon them. She has not failed yet to remove the largest and ugliest of entities from her field or Earth’s field with such commands.
Mila recalls that the physical commands the nonphysical in relation to the law of the Tao; and in so being forces false creators to depart from this region of domain that do not serve. So can any human willing to walk this path remember this and then cease to be frightened of the nonphysical; and then choose to open to your psychic capabilities once again so that you can perceive the unconscious enough to forgive and self heal from any problematic karmic circumstance. One can also learn to take one's power back from the nonphysical enough to command one's ascension.
Everything in this region of domain is founded upon agreement. Agreement is simply a thought-form that you agree to do this and another agrees to do that; or that one in the physical agrees to do this and the nonphysical agrees to do that. Karma creates agreements from ancient times and sometimes upon dimensions of thought-form that one’s multidimensional ancestry resided upon. Sometimes karma seems more powerful than it should. Simply intend to break all karmic agreements that does not serve your ascension, and intend this in the law of the Tao; and so it will be. It is really so simple; and yet so complex.
Why is the dance of agreements so complex in this region of domain? This really has to do with laundered, hidden and combust agreements more than anything else. As human consciousness first entered this region of domain, they received one set of agreements that they agreed unto from the creators that fostered their assistance; and yet buried in a language that was unknown were agreements to be stripped of information and to cause extinction of the life forms that existed here. Human consciousness within the Tao would have never agreed unto this, and so it had to be buried or hidden. Agreements are agreements and they will act out creating dreams associated whether or not they are perceived. And so humans experience the agreements as if they had agreed upon the experience when they had not. This is not unlike human behaviour today that may promise one thing and then do another.
As the creator in form, one can choose to continue to agree to your agreements or change them at any time that they no longer serve. This is a cart blanche agreement that is a part of the Law of the Tao that states ‘All agreements must serve ascension home to the Tao or they are null and void.’ Many humans have taken on karma for so many lawless physical and nonphysical forces that they feel piled high and deep with too much karma to ascend in this lifetime. This too is null and void as moving karma around is against the law of the Tao; as each must take absolute responsibility for whatever has been caused and forgive it and love it until it self-heals; as this is how creators grow, learn and evolve. So intend in the law of the Tao to break all agreements that do not serve your ascension ‘home’ and return the karma that is not yours to process and you will free yourself to move forth upon your path beloved.
Managing the Dance with the Nonphysical

There are many forces and many voices within the human dream that really do not serve ascension. Some of such forces are personality entities inherited from the genetics and dream of your family. Personality entities often are afraid and judgmental in nature and as one attunes to the personality entities' thought-form, then one is afraid and judgmental as well. Long ago Mila commanded all frightened entities and judgemental entities from her field; and low and behold she experienced the first peace she knew this lifetime; and this was very early on in her ascension. So this can be for you; you can choose what you allow within your field and what you do not. In so doing, much of the dissonance of who you think yourself to be may, like Mila, disappear and then the truth of who you are as a creator in human form may begin to come forth.
Who does a creator in human form channel? Form is animated by the nonphysical as this is how compressed movement, sound, tone and colour are embraced. Who embraces form? The creator should embrace human form, but here the creators are corrupt. So Earth has learned to cast new creators from a blueprint provided by the Tao to envelope Earth's consciousness and that support her choice to ascend. You too can choose to receive new creators from Earth that are from the Tao to envelope your form and help guide you in your ascension journey ahead. But first and before this can come to be so, you must break all agreements to dance with the other nonphysical that have surrounded you since childhood and cast them from your field. Where do you send such nonphysical forces? Mila suggests sending to the sun and to the Tao councils therein that will retract and recast that which no longer serves Terra in her continued ascension ahead.
One can also learn to attune to your Tao within from deep within your heart. Deep within your heart is a pure golden octave that is from the Tao vying to help this creation self heal. You can attune to this octave and match its pitch, and as you do so, you will begin to hear your own guidance from within your own heart. Mila calls this ‘The Heart of the Tao.’ Earth has learned to attune unto this part of herself and has anchored its thought-form into her aurora, which is how the Heart of the Tao now exists upon Earth. All parts of the Tao embracing Earth require thought-form that matches our thought-form; and then we can enter the dance to help with the homecoming of each. So this is also true for yourself; as you match the golden energies emanating from your Tao within, we can extend in and embrace your field as well; and this will then help in guiding you in your own ascension journey and map that you are incarnate to make.

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