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P’taah on the Ego (fear)

“The truth and enlightenment that I share with others extends solely from love, as I see that love is the fundamental energy and essence of the Creator. It is my understanding that the extreme energy of love is fear. When we embody the love of the Creator we can feel and sense it within every part of our being, akin to an overwhelming energy which brings such joy, freedom and enlightenment. The energy or quality of fear is similar, it has the ability to overwhelm and consume your entire being, to remain within every aspect of your being and to develop into additional qualities, actions and experiences within your reality. Similar to love, fear can hold an immense power but it can cause the decaying or distressing of the body, soul and being, rather than the nurturing and expansion of your energy.” - Master Kuthumi (‘Overcoming Fear. Comfort and Support in Times of Fear and Doubt,’ channelled through Natalie Glasson, 21 April 2010).

Excerpts from P'taah's Message for April 2010
Channelled through Jani King

Q: P'taah, you talked before about how the breath is the connecting point to the Mind of Creation.

P'taah: A connecting point.

Q: One of the connecting points. That using the breath is a very useful tool.

P'taah: It is very powerful. It is very, very powerful because everything in the physical reality is simply a metaphor for the greater reality, and breath is life for you. But the real life is Goddess-God, the Source, without which you cannot be alive. You cannot have form. You cannot have your universe, your planet. So indeed breath is your wondrous connection to Source.

Q: And I would think, going a little further with that, that breath is also a very effective way to go through fear.

P'taah: It is, because what occurs with fear is that you cut off your breath. You either hold your breath or you breathe in very shallowly which cuts you off from your own connectedness.

And you see, life is Goddess-God, which is love, which is the polarity of the fear. In a way, it is the stronger. As you would breathe into the fear, be in allowance of the fear, and wrap the fear up in the love, in the breath, then you are transforming the frequency of fear. As we say, it is swirled into the Goddessness of you and transformed into love.

Q: I like that idea of wrapping it up with the breath. Kind of embracing it in love.

P'taah: It is embracement. The first step to embracement is allowance, is it not? Most of the time when you feel the fear, what you instinctively do is to try to get rid of the feeling, to push it away. Of course it doesn't work. So, as you would breathe into the fear, as you would say, ‘Thank you for this opportunity to know more about love,’ breathe into it and wrap the breath in the embracement of the fear, that Goddessness of the breath lifts the fear and transforms it.

Q: That's a wonderful tool!

P'taah: Well, that has always been the tool, beloved.

Q: I know it, but I've always pictured it as the baby me and embracing the baby which is always been very effective, but this is nice, too.

P'taah: Indeed, but indeed that is how you embrace the baby, is it not? You breathe. That is the first step, to breathe, allow.


P'taah: What is the ego? Does it define what ego is?

Q: It says it's that part that isn't really separate from, but thinks it's separate from, All-That-Is.

P'taah: Do you know, beloved, that that which thinks itself separate from the All-That-Is is just another word for fear and it is not powerful.

Q: So fear did not create these bodies and this world?

P'taah: Oh, fear did not create these bodies, beloved. Do you think fear could create such a miracle?


P'taah: Beloved, it is the little portion - ego is the little portion - that has forgotten the truth. The ego is that baby-you that you have shunned, that you have put aside, that you have run from. It is this very powerful little creature inside that believes it is separate.

Q: But does God know about that ego?

P'taah: Indeed. Call the ego 'fear', beloved, it is much easier.

Q: Okay, all right, I'll do that, so...

P'taah: And it will give you a better perspective if you would call it fear.

Q: Yes, it does. So that which is Life Source is aware that we have this fear.

P'taah: Oh, but yes.

Q: I would think so, otherwise messengers and angels like you wouldn't be coming here to help us.

P'taah: You know, those that come forth to assist you, to, in a way, respond to your call, come forth simply to remind you of the misperceptions and the lies that you have been fed. To remind you of your grand truth - that you are Perfect, Eternal Expressions of Source and the fear is just such a tiny portion of you that, in the moment, has forgotten that grand truth. And it is not to be 'gotten rid of', only to be embraced to transform it.

You see, all of this business of trying to 'get rid' of the ego - you cannot get rid of it. You cannot get rid of anything. You can only embrace it and transform it into its greater truth called love.

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