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‘Avatar’ gives film fans the blues

3-D spectacular is leaving moviegoers depressed that ‘it’s just a movie’

By Stephen Jones
(an article in the Epoch Times, E2, 3 February 2010).

“A luminescent, idyllic world populated by peace-loving aliens may have captivated cinema audiences across the world, but for some the ‘immersive’ experience of watching the film Avatar has threatened to overshadow their own lives.

Hundreds of fans of James Cameron’s blockbuster 3-D epic have complained that they feel despair after leaving the cinema that they can never live in a world like the mythical Pandora, in the film.

An online discussion board titled, ‘Ways to cope with the depression of the dream of Pandora being intangible,’ has received more than 2,000 posts from fans beating their breasts over their relatively more pallid life on Earth.

‘After I watched Avatar for the first time, I truly felt depressed that I was awake in this world again,’ one post reads.

Another says, ‘It’s so hard, I can’t force myself to think that it’s just a movie, and to get over it, and that living like the Na’vi will never happen.’

On a separate forum, on the website, fans have even considered more extreme action.

‘I eve contemplated suicide, thinking that if I do it, I will be reborn in a world similar to Pandora, and that everything will be the same as in Avatar,’ one post read.

It has been speculated that the reason behind the widespread depression may have been due to the release of the bright and visually stunning film during the middle of one of Europe’s bleakest winters on record.

But UK psychiatrist Dr Jacqueline Scott said it was unlikely that a film could trigger seasonal affective disorder.

‘I think that the people who are feeling depressed may have already had a predisposition toward this,’ says Dr Scott.

The film is based around the story of how humans wage war on eco-friendly aliens of an idyllic planet called Pandora, for a rare mineral substance called ‘unobtanium.’

Avatar, which took 14 years to make, has been lauded as a revolution in film-making – not least because of its presentation in 3-D.

However, some say that the effect of 3-D cinema on audiences has not been fully accounted for.

In his latest book, The Age of Absurdity: Why Modern Life Makes it Hard to be Happy, Michael Foley argues for a reappraisal of the effect of film on our emotional state.

‘With Avatar, the technology has become so highly sophisticated that it makes the screen world seem more vivid than reality can ever be,’ he told the Times Online.

‘What you’re absorbing is so stimulating, and what it offers is so frenetic, giving you a new stimulus every second, that it makes real life feel sluggish, slow and impossibly dead in comparison.’

In a bid to recapture the same emotions of the film, a group of fans in Florida have announced that they will create a commune inspired by the ecological principles of the Na’vi.

The bizarre fallout from the film has even prompted the eccentric London Mayor Boris Johnson to pen an opinion column in a newspaper titled ‘Stop pining for life on Pandora and come back to planet Earth.’

He predicts that in 10 years’ time the British census will show more adherents of Eywa, the earth goddess of the Na’vi, than there are of Jedi.

‘I can’t believe that many of these gloomy post-Avatar Westerners, when they really think about it, would want to up sticks to Pandora and take part in Na’vi society, with its obstinate illiteracy, undemocratic adherence to a monarchy based on make primogeniture and complete absence of restaurants,’ he said.

‘The final irony, of course, is that this entrancing vision of prelapsarian innocence is the product of the most ruthless and sophisticated money-machine the world has ever seen. With a budget of $237 million and with takings already $1 billion, this exquisite capitalist guilt trip represents one of the great triumphs of capitalism.”

Well, cynicism aside, this is a fine example of how to use the capitalist System in order to increase awareness, inspire vision and hope and promote progress.

 ‘Sacred Sites - Magical Realities’

By Michelle Eloff, February 2010

The Full Moon in Leo (30 Jan 2010) was marked as the activation date of the dimensional portals into the realms of the higher dimensions of nature, opening the passageway between the worlds of what we believe is reality and the worlds in which the magnificent ‘mythical creatures’ exist. According to Mary Magdalene, these creatures play a vital role in us better understanding the power that lies within resurrecting our connections to these amazing beings. The time has come for the re-connections to be made with these beings who are returning so as to fulfil their call to service by serving with and through their human counterparts.

During Atlantis these beings lived amongst us, clearly visible to our naked eye and played key roles in moving and merging the energies between worlds. They were also responsible for guarding and holding the energies for most of the sites on our planet we know today as Sacred Sites. These Sites embody very powerful energies, energies that are able to penetrate the densest of vibrations and tear through the shackles that bind human souls to karma and suffering, and transform the energy fields of people physically visiting these sites. The newly transformed energy fields are recalibrated to vibrate in perfect unison with the Sacred Sites' signature, resulting in the person becoming a light beacon emitting the code embodied within the Site's energy field and simultaneously breaking free of the wheel of karma and meeting their true destiny.

These people are initially ‘awoken’ by a deep inner need to travel to a specific site, this is often referred to as ‘a call to service.’ When this happens one is inspired to move heaven and earth to either visit the site, or move home to live close to such a site. The call has been sent out to all who are destined by soul contract to reconnect with the ‘mythical creatures’ of the other worlds, and help them return to the humans visible world so as to shatter the matrices of illusion regarding their existence. Their return to the physical world marks the final turning point in merging the worlds in preparation for what is to become our New Earth post 2012.

Although this will take time within our current linear reality, the effects of the presence of their energies will be felt more strongly resulting in further stripping away the veils between our worlds. Once their energies are reconnected through their physical human counterparts and grounded within this time-line, the overlapping of worlds will be secured. This enables the ‘Beings of the Light Worlds’ to reveal their presence and over ride the devices blocking our vision which enables us to see beyond the physical.

According to Mary Magdalene the latest release of the movie Avatar has been a magnificent gem of awakening for the collective. Every person who sees this movie experiences a very deep inner remembrance of the power of being at one with all the worlds of nature and the nature of love. I unfortunately have not as yet had the opportunity to watch this movie, and believe me I have tried to see it four times now and every time I have been blocked. Therefore, I trust that those of you who have seen it know what she means by that.


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