Friday, 17 August 2012

Shedding the Fear of the Planet

By Archangel Metatron

Channelled through Natalie Glasson, 17 June 2010

Beloved light and love beings of the Earth I send to you my deepest respect as a greeting as we connect our energies as one. I am Archangel Metatron, I extend the most sacred angelic energies, vibration and consciousness to you now, drawing from the abundant generosity, love and devotion of the angelic kingdom. We the angelic beings are the loving heart of the Creator and we encapsulate you now in the immense purity and love that we hold. We are here as an example of the Creator's love within the mighty soul of the Creator and the love that the Creator holds for you. We are also symbols to you of the sacred wealth of love that you hold within your being, which is your essence and truth. Allow yourself to open your heart to us and the symbol of love that we exist as and know that as you do so you are awakening to the powerful love that you naturally manifest as.

There are so many energies, qualities and vibrations that extend from the Creator's soul and exist in manifestation on the Earth, these energies can cause such confusion within the minds and hearts of many resulting in a disconnection from the Creator's soul or a separation forming within your being. It is important to realise that there is in truth only one core energy within your being and reality and that is the energy of love. The Creator is present in everything you are, do and experience, the energy of the Creator is always love and so as you accept the love of the Creator you will experience the love of the Creator on the Earth and within your reality. When we allow ourselves to become unbalanced or out of alignment with the Creator we see that an additional energy or existence manifests, this is the energy of fear which brings forth a mind of or concentration on illusions and false impressions. It is almost as if we create a reality for ourselves that is a complete illusion as it does not hold the truth of the Creator. This reality feels so real and can mean that we question the existence and will of the Creator, because through fear we blame external source for any pain or misfortune we experience. The false reality that humanity creates is one that offers numerous lessons and realisations of growth that lead the individual away from their false reality born from fear to the truth of their being and the Creator.

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It can be a terrifying experience when you realise that the reality that you experience and have created for yourself through your mind and thought processes holds so many illusions and fears. This notion can cause a period of disturbance but it is an essential comprehension that allows the truth and purity of the Creator to flood into your being and reality bringing forth a mind of truth, balance and perfection. When we are aligned to and embody the light and consciousness of the Creator it is as if we are viewing a crystal clear lake; everything has a reason and a purpose in your reality and being, what lies before you and within you is the truth and nothing more. After experiencing a reality and state of mind that is crowded with fear and illusions to exist as the truth of the Creator with clear thoughts of love and clarity within your reality can be somewhat overwhelming as if you are standing naked within a reality that is bare, but once this is overcome we begin to see the immense wealth of love that is available to us and within us when we hold a clear and pure focus that is no longer cluttered by delusions or fear. In my opinions this is the greatest journey of all, the shedding of fear and the reality of illusion because it allows the truth of your being to be shown and examined, with the opportunity to gain a complete oneness with the Creator.

Through my communication today I wish to assist in the shedding of fear and illusion within your reality and from the planet Earth also. As more fears are cast aside then the wall that separates the truth of the Creator from the delusion of the mind will begin to thin allowing humanity to gain insights into the truth of the Creator, turning their devotion to manifesting and focusing upon truth rather than fear. This would create such a transformation on the Earth allowing tremendous healing light and divine consciousness to anchor onto the Earth with humanity's full awareness.

Please be aware that the delusions that I am speaking of within your reality are the delusional beliefs of the mind, it is these that need to be examined in order to manifest a reality that is born from the truth of the Creator.

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