Wednesday, 8 August 2012

All is Well

By Lady Lucia
Channelled through Rachel Goodwin, January 2008

Welcome all. I am Lady Lucia, Queen of light, the female face of the Archangel Melchizedek. From the Angelic realms henceforth I come, to sprinkle radiance and light upon you all.

Within the polarity of your world do you live, and so where one exists the other must be. Great light brings forth great darkness, and great darkness brings forth great light. In the midst of suffering lies the key to the gift of compassion. One brings forth the other, when the keys are used to bring forth the highest vibrational potential. Why else would you feel compassion if there were not the suffering to bring it forth?

Turn not your face away then from the darkness of the world, use it as an opportunity to bring forth light. Do not overwhelm yourself with suffering and pain, do what you can, stay in tune with your own needs, your own light; we must all work as to our own needs, our own light, listening always to the voice within. But this I would say, if all turn away from negativity, who will be there to bring the balance? It is not ‘healing’ of which I speak, although this is one way to understand the need to bring forth the highest potential, but more allowing another perspective in.

Imagine if, in each situation in the world in which there was pain or suffering involved, imagine if all that was brought forth in response was love. There would the darkness stop, balanced once again by the light. That if the suffering of an individual increased through illness and disease, they were proportionally surrounded by that much more love and assistance. Each situation then which mankind would traditionally think of as ‘bad,’ would then become an opportunity for the light.

This is what we attempt to do from the angelic plane. When mankind is in trouble, we gather all around to give our aid. And if you are never in trouble, how will you learn how to call forth that help to you, to learn that it is there? The help is there, just for you. When the darkness intrudes into you, and you feel it all around, that is because you have become sympathetically attuned to the vibrations of the dark.

At these times, it is well to remember that in each moment, all possibilities exist, the possibility for dark and the possibility for light, and that all you need do is refocus your attention on the divine reality that ‘all is well,’ and of course it is, how could it be any other way? Your true selves, your real selves, are all at one. You are all the Divine, and your lives here on earth are as a film or a video playing in which you get to choose in each and every situation how to respond. If you believe in the darkness, then that is what you will become.

So remember, the next time something is happening in your life that concerns you, breathe into your heart* and affirm ‘all is well’ with each breath in until you feel yourself lifted into a higher place.

If a wrong has been done to you and you feel perhaps hurt, angry or betrayed, breathe into your heart centre, affirm all is well until you feel the possibility that this might be so, and look at the situation afresh with new eyes and see what this opportunity may hold. Do you need to speak your truth, to be a warrior for the light? Can you use this opportunity to show yourself how much love and commitment you have for yourself that you are prepared to nurture and protect yourself by making a stand for yourself?

If a loved one is in trouble or suffering, and you feel the Divine has turned their face away to allow such troubles, such suffering, breathe into your heart and affirm ‘all is well’ with each breath in, until you feel the possibility that this might be so. You could ask and pray for support and help to be able to withstand the suffering of your loved ones, so that you may remain a beacon of light when all seems dark. You might pray for greater understanding if it is yours to be had, and understandings and illuminations may come, that this is the wish of your loved ones soul and higher self that they go through this experience for the highest good of their spiritual growth, that whilst their physical and emotional bodies are for the moment going though pain, their souls are learning beautiful gifts which will be with them for eternity. Who are you to say that this should not be so because you struggle to stay with their suffering?

If you are watching the television and you see terrible suffering there, you could throw yourself down into darkness thinking it is all wrong, or you could turn your face away. Or perhaps you could stay with the belief that the Divine’s plan for the earth and for humanity is built upon a rock, and that whilst you see out to the world from your own eyes, you do not have the entire plan presently at your fingertips, and that despite outer appearances, it is possible that all is as it should be. If you have reached a point of resilience within yourselves, and if you feel you can hold the divine truth of ‘all is well’ in your heart, when you witness great suffering taking place around the world on the television, you can simply observe the suffering and do this practice of breathing into your heart centre, breathing in ‘all is well,’ and then breathing that energy out into the suffering of the world.

There are always many ways to see a situation, and on each level, all of them are true. If you wish, your goal can be, always to see the highest possible perspective in each situation.

If you can remember to remind yourself that all around you is the Divine, that you are the Divine, and that you are a part of the Divine’s plan here on earth, then with each challenge you are confronted with in your life, you will be able to remind yourself, ‘all is well,’ and lift yourself up from any despair or whatever your own individual dynamics might be; to once again connect to the highest possible potential in that situation, and once again open to all the divine opportunities for you to express your own most beautiful light here on earth in response to this challenge.

If you can know deep in your heart that despite outer appearances, ‘all is well,’ then this allows you to respond always from your highest places, your highest selves, and is a most beautiful gift to learn and be given through divine grace. You don’t have to know how ‘all is well,’ or even entirely what it means, but simply have the intent that through breathing this into your hearts and stating that it is so, you might come to know this Divine truth, through Divine grace, with every part of your being.

All these things you have come here to learn. Do not worry that you do not know them already. Encourage yourself in each tiny step you make every day, breathe into your heart, knowing all is well.

* It is suggested that for greatest effect, you breathe into the hrit padma, (the ‘lotus of the heart’ or ‘sacred heart’), which is placed energetically in between the heart and the solar plexus.

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